Monday, May 16, 2011

Andrew Update - 16 May 2011

Way to go, Idaho! - 16 May 2011

Hey y`all!!!!

So how have you guys all been? I have been GREAT. We just got changes on Friday, and my comp and I are staying together, and the other companionship in the house is staying too! Awesome! We are all staying together! We got a dart board, and we pass every night after planning eating sopaipillas, and playing darts. Awesome. Yesterday was a miracle day! We decided to skip executive comittee, and we went looking for our investigators that lived FAR AWAY. We get there, nobody comes out. We open the gate to come in, and immediately an older man comes out, pretty much FURIOUS. We told me we only to talk to Marlen and Yohan, and he said that they were sleeping. We said "we know. That is why we came, to wake them UP." And he told us to get lost, leave them alone, and come back later, I said "No. They made a committment with us, and they are going to follow it through." He got mad and told me to leave. We sat there and waited for a few minutes to try and figure out what to do. Just as we were leaving, Yohan came out, and said he had just woken up, and ran out to see if we were still there, and we told him to try and get his Mom out and hurry to church. Then, we went to a less active family, and they all said they were too tired, and did not want to go. I thought "stupid idiots. We have done so much for you, and you are sooo LAZY!!!!!" I THOUGHT this ok? Then we went on the OTHER side of the sector, to talk to another investigator, and he said he did not want to go to church at all, and we said that if he didn`t go, that we weren`t going to pass by his house anymore, and he seemed cool with that, so we left. Then, at church, Marlen and Yohan were there, and the less active family was there too! They apparently were playing a cruel, cruel, CRUEL prank on me, and I fell for it. Plus, after sacrament meeting, we were greeted by a different investigador, who participated in our principles of the Gospel class, and we have an appointment with him later this week. Incredible!

We have been working so hard these last few weeks, with VERY little success. But this last week has been a payoff for our efforts. We has a zone conference this week, and we had a HUGE taco salad with lots of Chili. It was awesome. I have truly been able to see how God wants his work to go forward, not backward, and that like it says in D&C 58 2-3 that after much tribulation, we can see our blessing, but not with out natural eyes. We have to be able to look as God looks at people, see their progress, their personal troubles and conflicts, and see the kinds of difficulties that they have overcome. It does not matter what they look like when they are compared with the missionaries, or the bishop, or anybody else, but compared to who they were last week, last year, and yesterday, we should truly be looking for these changes in people. I have been able to see lots of changes in people, and their desires to do good. I love this work, and hope to be able to do it faithfully until the end. And like Jeffrey R. Holland says: We are the hope of Israel.

I love you all, and hope you have as great of a day as I will have. Take care, send me pictures, especially one of the whole family, and maybe my priesthood authority line? Chao chao!

-Elder Nicholls

Hey Family - 9 May 2011

Hey Family!

Wow, it has been a long time since we have talked! Right now it is like 7:30 right? Everyone is already getting ready for school, and work, and what nah. I have already been up, studied a bit, cleaned the house, talked a lot, and went to the cyber, and it is already 10:30. So I do not have very much to say, but last night the phone just stopped working for some reason, and I was in the middle of my story :( The phone would not work, so we just went home. But I was saying how a Jehovahs witness tried to show me that the Book of Mormon was false, using a "contradiction" between it and the Bible, talking about spiritual death. It says in the Bible, that a soul that sins, shall surely die. And in Alma 42 it says that the soul can never die, but if it sins, it is seperated from the presence of the Lord, being spiritually dead. So I tried convincing him that the Bible was talking about spiritual death, because if our souls literally DIED if we sin, we would ALL BE DEAD, because we ALL SIN. But he just closed up like a little clam, and hid inside his house. Not my problem. I did all my part. He needs to be a little more humble, and accept these GOOD NEWS. It`s not like I am forcing some kind of monarchy, or antagonist, or pessimist, or idol worshipping organization. We talk about Jesus Christ, families, happiness, eternal life, serving others, singing, and people just shut us down so fast. It is pretty ridiculous how closed the world is. Oh well.

So it was pretty awesome to talk to all you guys last night. Especially being able to hear Dianna, because it has been a little while... Did you hear about Aaron Cope? He in his fourth transfer of his mission, and he is in his fourth sector. Wow. Every six weeks he has been changed. That is pretty lame. I feel bad for him. People in this mission stay sometimes for 5 transfers! WHAT! And then Dianna`s comp, for like 7 changes... what the heck... So Mom, I am going to buy a motorcycle when I get home, I am sorry to tell you that. I am going to get straight to work and studying, and buy myself a bike, and move out. Haha! And there ain`t nuthin` you can do about it! (5 dollars to whoever can quote that movie). Well, gotta write my mission president, and get off before the hour hits. I love you guys a whole lot, and can`t wait to be able to see you guys again in 7 months. Chao chao.

-Elder Nicholls

Hey Fam! - 2 May 2011

Hi Mom! So, I sent you a package last monday, they said you should get it withing 10 days, so if you get it before Sunday, you CANNOT open it until I call on Sunday, so I can be there when you get it all. Ok? Promise? Good. I pulled out 25 thousand pesos, ($50) and I used 25,300 pesos on the package. Perfect, huh? I hope you like the stuff I sent. I tried to get some culture sent to you, and I tried to give you things you can use daily, so other people will see it, then they ask you were you got it, you tell them your amazing son in Chile sent them to you, they ask you why I am there, you teach them the Gospel, you set up an appointment with them and the missionaries, they get baptized, and you send me pictures. Ok? Easy huh? Hey, you guys want a challenge?

I challenge you guys to get with the missionaries for the ward, or stake, or however it is, and offer the house for a Family home evening, or to just have a lesson in the house. I invite you guys to go to the Sister missionaries, and ask them who their investigators are, and tell them that you want to help, and tell them to set up an appointment with their investigators. I think that would be so much fun! When I get home, I hope you guys don`t mind, but I am going to be with the missionaries every second that I am not working, dating, studying, or riding the motorcycle I am going to buy. But I want to help the missionaries so bad in our ward, so I can be a good part in their missions, and so they will remember me, and I want to be helpful. I always want the members here to be helpful to me, but they are often times not. So, I am going to do all I can as a member in the states, to be the kind of member that a missionary wants. Because missionaries have a clear mind, and know how things should be. So I am going to be a good return missionary, and not like ALL the ones that come home, and never do ANYTHING to help ANYBODY, because they "already served their time". Bah! My time ends when I DIE!!! Except, that is not true, because I hope I get to help preach the Gospel among the dead, that would be SO COOL!

Well my comp and I are getting along fantabulously, and when just concluded our french toast week. All this last week, I got up half an hour early, just to make french toast for the 4 of us, so they could wake up to cinnamon and vanilla smell in the house, and be able to just get up, and have breakfast all laid out ready. Plus last week, it was pasta week, and we ate pasta for dinner every night. It was awesome. I do not know what we are going to do for this week...

So I am very excited to talk to you guys on Mothers Day. This is the LAST time I am going to be calling home. Did you know that? Because I am going to be HOME for Christmas. Sweeeeet. Well, I need to go, and write an email to the president, and shop. I love you guys so much. I am going to be calling between 4-4:30. Thank you for having that pre-planned out for me. I just barely remembered yesterday that we can call home next Sunday. Well, take care of yourselves. talk to you next week. This is the first time I can talk to Dianna in about 18 MONTHS. WOW. And Matthew will be there too? Awesomeness. Take care. Don`t die. Be strong. Pray. Read. Do Family Home Evening. Love each other. Don`t yell. Be nice. Obey Mom. Dad-that goes for you too.

-Elder Nicholls

Nooo time - 25 April 2011

So, I had a trilion emails today, and I am already over an hour. Ok, super quick-

Well, I got an email from a family in Buin, and they said another one of my investigators got baptized! So that is the third one from that sector that got baptized that I taught! No way!!!! Me and Elder Romo put a MARRIAGE date on him, and when I left, she was still going to get married that day, but in the back of my mind, I thought it was going to fall through, but she got baptized yesterday on Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO GIDDY AND HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!! And in the internet place I am at, it is playing ``You`ve had a bad day`` and it is making me PUMPED.

Lauren- So what did your knee look like after the long long long hike the other week? So are you going to Philmont or not? I wonder if I laugh too much too....

Well, super sorry, but I gotta go. I am way late. I love you all, and think of you constantly. Take care of yourselves, and the ATV`s. I look forward to riding those the week I get back. Chao chao.

-Elder Nicholls

Fun, Fun, Fun - 18 April 2011

Hey!!! Hey!!!!! Get out here quick!!!! Turn on the alarm!!!! Bring me the pistol!!!! BRING ME THE PISTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what a lady was screaming yesterday when we contacted her while sweeping her patio. Ya, people are SOOOO retarded here. All I had said was, Hi. She said hi, then WHAT DO YOU WANT! And I said, we just want to share something that is so very important to us with you. She said NO!!! I said, seriously, this message is important to me. She said, NO!!!! So I said, ok, ok, it`s ok. Maybe we can help you sweep your patio? Or paint, or help clean? That`s when she yelled the first thing I wrote, then the alarm turned on, and her son came running outside the house. Ya, interesting experience.

Well, things are going just peachy, and we had another baptism yesterday (Woot.). We are slowly finding new investigators, and slowly being able to find people that want to listen for 5 minutes.

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW; I TOOK OUT 25,500 PESOS TODAY. That is about $50 American money. I did this because Since we had to pay that dude $320 cash, we still have not received reimbursements, and I want to do some shopping for Mom and Dad`s birthdays. Plus since I had no money, I could not do internet, nor get a haircut. So I pulled out some money. I am sorry if it is too much, but I am pretty sure the package itself is going to take about $20-$25 alone. I am sorry if you are mad. I honestly do not plan on taking out any more money the entire mission. I am set with clothes, stuff, study gear, and everything. Ok? I love you all. This much (---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------) P.s. one (-) = 4 miles

So Lauren was born with cartilage missing? I say we should go back to the hospital, and get our money back, or maybe trade her in for a new one, since this one was defected. I hope she can go on the trek, she was so excited to do it... But if her knee does not let her, tell her that when I get home, we can go do a three day trek on the atv`s, and go camping, and hike, and ride. Sound good? I think that would be TIGHT!!!!! Don`t you think so Lauren? Would you want to spend a few days like that, riding around and trekking and hiking and swimming and NOT GETTING LOST and having fun? Let`s do it.

So this week we had a lot of fun, playing in the house, soccer, doing contacts... I have found a new love for contacts. I hated doing contacts for a long while, but about a month ago, I suddenly started loving contacts a whole lot. Well, I have hit my hour mark. I need to get off the computer, shop, go home, and shower. I stink. We played soccer all morning, and I smell. Watch out Lauren, Kristen, and Carolyn. Your older brother is going to OWN you guys in soccer when he gets home. He has been playing in chile for over a YEAR, with latins who play REALLY good, and who are TEACHING me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I love you all, and hope you are all having a good of time as I am. I am really hungry. See you next week! I Get to call home in another month!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Nicholls