Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dianna Update - 1/27/10

1/6/10 - "The sun will come out....who knows?"
Hola mi familia!
Just kidding, this is your English speaking missionary!! This has been another interesting week. New Year's Eve was kind of a let down. My companions wanted to go to the Stake Center because all of the Elders were going to be playing basketball there. I tried to tell them that we would just end up sitting and talking to ourselves but they wouldn't believe me, and guess what...WE DID! We were home by 9:15 and in bed by 10:30 just like every night. I can't even remember the last time I slept through New Year's. Whatever.

Guess what?! I had a hair massacre!! My bangs were martyred! We all went just to get a trim but my bangs came out even worse than I could EVER imagine!! So I bobby pin them up EVERYDAY! I'm NEVER letting anyone besides my companions see that mess. It's so upsetting. Sister Moss says that she likes them pinned up but I don't know if she really does or if she's saying that just to make me feel better. Either way, it's working.

Snow + car with bad tires = pushing, shoveling, and walking. We get stuck everywhere! When there is a cm of snow on the ground we get stuck or are moving 5 miles an hour, if that. I'm not even joking. We were determined to meet with the Sellars, an inactive mom and her kids, that we braved the snow and went to her house. When we got there we forgot she lived on a big hill. We got almost half way up when we dug ourselves into a hole. So we decided to stop and trek the rest of the way up. It's a steep hill and there was at least half a foot of snow on the ground. It was okay, pretty adventurous. There is a set of stairs we took though that could have been deadly, but we all made it out alive. What's even funnier is that we ran into the family we were meeting with on our way. They had seen us get stuck and everything. When we got to their house they were locked out so we just sat and took pictures while the mom, Dawn, went to get a spare from the neighbor :) What makes this story even better is that when we were finished with the lesson and we made our way back to our car, we could not, for the life of us, get our car out of the snow. Sis Moss and I were clearing around the tires (we didn't have a shovel) and pushing. Lucky for us a man walked by and helped push. We finally got out and down the street. When we pulled out of the neighborhood we realized we didn't remember what we had set up for next, so we pulled over in a rather dry place to look at our planner. It turns out we were planning on stopping by a potential investigators house who lives on the same hill as the Sellars!! How annoying! We weighed our decisions, we could try to go back and most likely get stuck, visit someone else, go home because we are a hazard on the road, or go "finding" in a clearer area. We prayed about it and felt we were really supposed to visit this other family on the hill. So we went back, parked on the bottom of the hill in a relatively good spot and walked up the hill. Mind you, this woman and family live at the TOP of the hill. Fun, fun. Anyway, it turned out to really be the right decision because she is interested and we have an appointment set up. They seem cool.

Just some food for thought. The sun sets while we're in church.

Just some food for the tummy. Quinoa. It's SO good. Sis. Moss introduced it to me. It's like rice, but healthier, and in my opinion, tastes better. We don't even know if you can get it in the states. It's really cool because you use it just like you would rice. You can even cook it in the rice cooker. You all should try it!!

I've been spending a lot of my study time reading the Ensigns. I never really appreciated them before but I just soak them up. The other day I read an article in this last conference issue during the Priesthood session. I forgot the title but it was about relationships between father and son. I was wondering, Dad, if you remember it and if you've read it recently. I think it could help ANY relationship. I've been trying to apply it to my companionship because we keep getting on each others nerves. I know that if we do what it teaches that our relationships can be better. :)

My mission has set forth a challenge and I'm REALLY excited about it. Any of you are welcome to join in it with me, that would be cool. We each got a hardback copy of the Book of Mormon and we are to read it from Jan 1 - Apr 4 (Easter) and we are to highlight anything and everything that has to do with the atonement. I've started and it's putting it in a whole new light, it's cool. I challenge you to join me, even just in your own set of scriptures. I'm still in 1 Nephi and I've already learned a lot.

I love you all!

Sister Nicholls

1/13/10 - I hate goodbyes!!

I can't believe that Sister Moss is going home!! She leaves me tomorrow. We drop her off at noon, I don't want to do it! It's going to be me and Sister Olsen in Halifax still so it won't be all that different. Who am I kidding, it's going to be REALLY different without her! She is the life of the party. She has the most distinct laugh in the world, you can hear it ANYWHERE. Even President Simpson said "What are we going to do without her laugh?" Also her singing voice. She's not the greatest singer but she belts it out there. It's going to be weird not having it there. We got a new Sister today we were invited to the mission home for lunch because President and Sister Simpson wanted her to meet some of the Sisters, so I'm actually emailing from the mission home today.

Have I got a story for you! I was going to tell you the start of it last week but decided to wait and see how it played out before I did. Anywho, last tuesday this guy Nick called President Moses and said he wanted to be baptized. Nick is 29 and has been an investigator for 8 years but I've never met him because he's been in Texas with family ever since I've been here. When he got back he kept calling people telling them he wanted to be baptized and the word got around to us last tuesday that it would be our job because he's in the YSA. So on wednesday night we went with President and Sister Simpson over to his apt for a baptismal interview. President had to do it because Nick has schizophrenia and needed his extra permission. Nick is a cool guy, when President was going through the commandments he looked at us and asked what we he was missing and Nick chimed in "The Word of Wisdom." This guy knows EVERYTHING about the church. He could teach us! So President approved it, we met with him again on thursday and planned the details of the baptism, speakers, music, etc. Then he was baptized on sunday. It was extra special because it was YSA conference this weekend and all the YSA from New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia were there! It was a good turn out. What's funny is that we forgot to fill the font so we had to wait for that LOL, and the suit was too big for him, AND he had to be baptized 3 times. It was never ended mistakes, but he was really cool about it. My favorite was that he requested a musical number from the missionaries. We agreed and asked what he'd like us to sing and he said "Families can be together forever". It was hilarious, us missionaries singing this song at a baptism! He just cracks me up! Good story, eh?

That reminds me, we were in a shopping centre (yes that's how they spell it) the other day and they had a place called "Fresh squeezed juice and Smooth eh!s". I'm totally being serious! I wanted to take a picture but we were in a hurry.

I'm trying to think of anything else exciting that happened this week but my mind is drawing a blank. I guess we've been extra busy because Sister Moss is leaving. Everyone wants to see her before we go. We haven't eaten a meal, besides breakfast, at home since saturday! And one day we were gone for breakfast too. We are booked tonight too. It'll die down by tomorrow though. President and Sister Moses even took us out to Montana's which is a REALLY nice restaurant. I couldn't believe it! I'm telling you, everyone loves Sister Moss, ALOT! I'm so blessed to have known her.

Thanks for everything, love you all!

Sister Nicholls

1/20/10 - And then there were two...

I'm not going to lie, I miss Sister Moss. It was really rough coming back to the apartment after dropping her off. She left a lot of stuff at the apartment and there were tears shed as we sorted through her stuff. It really felt like she had died and we had to get rid of her stuff. It ended up being really funny too because we decided to keep what we could fit into and of course it wasn't much because she is tiny, but it was fun trying them on. After the first 2 days were over we finally had a grip of ourselves. It was nerve racking actually going out and teaching without her because we are both still really new and it was unsettling knowing that our "fall to" was gone. We are doing great though. We have been overbooked with appointments. Since we both aren't going home any time soon we can focus better.

Love you!

Sister Nicholls

Andrew Update - 1/27/10

Sorry for the lag in updates...

1/13/10 ... So Yesterday in the training resource center, where we give lessons to volunteer investigators, I gave the first lesson in spanish. Sayin stuff like : Despues de la expiacion, los
After the atonement, the
apostoles de Jesucristo fue perseguido hasta muerte. I love Spanish! I can't wait to get to Chile!
apostles of Jesus Christ were persecuted until death.
Love you all! Write DearElder more!

Elder Nicholls

1/20/10 That youth theme is awesome! I read it to my companion, and I think it helped him get through some hard times too! So today we went to the temple, and he had a really good experience, and got answers to his questions. I'm so happy for him! So something my zone president said that is really awesome was: "Your main goal on your mission (for your companionship), is to make sure your companion is doing better than you are." So I'm really trying to do that! Today on the way to the temple, we had to walk all the way while it was snowing! It was so awesome! Dad, I want to hear cool stories about your mission in all your letters. I want to hear about tough times you went through, and what you did to overcome them. I actually understood your spanish! Yo quiero oir mas acerca de su mision en Republica
I want to hear more about your mission in the Dominican
Dominicana. Yo tengo miedo poquito porque yo soy no bueno cuando estoy hablando espanol.
Republic. I am a little afraid because I am not good when I am speaking Spanish.
Oh, i found out this keyboard does accents too. I will give you another sentance... El ccm is muy
The ??? is very
divertido porque los miembros de mi distrito son cómico y mi compañero es muy guapo. jaja,
fun because the members of my district are funny and my companion is very handsome, haha,
chiste! El evangelio restaurado ha bendecido nuestra familia en muchas cosas, como teniendo un
joke! The restored gospel has blessed our family in many ways, like having a
hogar siempre, muchos hermanos, padres amorosos, y muchas otras cosas. Pero yo sé que este
home always, many bro/sisters, loving parents, and many other things. But I know that this
iglesia es la iglesia verdadera de Dios. Dios nos ama, y nos quiere regresar para vivir con Él otro
church is the true church of God. God loves us and wants us to return to live with him again.
vez. Yo qiero el mejor por mi familia, y yo quiero ser el misionero regresar a hogar, y mis padres
I want the best for my family, and I want to be the missionary to return home, and my parents
ser feliz por su hijo. Mamá! Mis pantelones son más grande! Yo necesito pantelones más
be happy for their son. Mom! My pants are too big! I need smaller pants!
pequeño! Madre, Padre, yo soy muy feliz para estar aquí, serviendo el Señor, a las personas de
Mother, Father, I am very happy to be here, serving the Lord, to the people of
Chile. Por favor guarden los miembros en mi distrito, distrito 40A, en sus oraciones, mientras yo
Chile. Please keep the members in my district, district 40A, in your prayers, while I
guardo a ustedes em mios. I love you guys! Dad, I'm proud to be su hijo, and I am doing the best
keep you in mine.
I can in order to come home, and make you proud to be my Father. I can't wait to see the happiness in the families I baptize! I love you guys! Say hi to everybody in the family!

Elder Nicholls

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dianna Update - 12/30/09

Another thing I learned this week is that Halifax didn't qualify for a temple. They didn't have enough members, but after awhile they found out that they have the highest percentage of full tithe payers than practically anywhere else in the world, so they built one. They celebrated the 10th anniversary this year. Cool story, huh?
I have a good story to tell you! A couple days ago we knocked into this old woman who let us in before we even said anything. It was quite the experience and I know I'm not going to be able to do it justice but here are a few of the things that happened:
~ She let us in and when we asked her name she proudly said "Doris Elizabeth Swicker"
~ She had us sit down and at 4 separate times she insisted that I was uncomfortable in the chair I was in and had me move.
~ She wanted to take my coat and I said I was fine, I gave in the second time she asked because I'd already moved 4 times and knew she wouldn't quit asking.
~ Asked if we'd met her cat about 10 times.
~ Asked if we liked her Christmas tree 3 or 4 times
~ Told us she was just sitting there reading her book because her "dad" was gone for a little while when we got there. (We're pretty sure she means her husband)
~ We sang I am a Child of God and she counted something on her fingers while we sang.
~ She said "I'm glad you're here!" close to a million times, no joke.
~ Sister Moss asked to use the washroom and Doris took her. When they got there Doris pointed and said, "You can sit there and use that paper." LOL!!!
~ My personal favorite: Since she kept talking about her book we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was excited to have it. Just before we left we told her again the read it and her response was hilarious, I'll never forget it. "I love this book it's one of my favorite's. See these tabs here? Those are the best parts, I put them there." Bless her soul!!!!!

The list could go on and we were there for a little less than 15 minutes. She was so happy and giggly. We're guessing her short term memory loss is part of Alzheimer's but she was really sweet.

This weekend is we went to Amherst for 2 baptisms. Sister Olsen had knocked into Logan and started teaching him and she was also teaching Wendy, a member referral. President and Sister Simpson wanted to go and said they'd take Sister Olsen because she had taught them and was just going to leave Sister Moss and I here. Then they decided to let Sister Moss go because she was going home soon and they wanted to give her a chance to say goodbye. I only went because I couldn't stay alone in Halifax.
We stayed with the Sisters there, Sister Billings has been her a transfer longer than me and I love her! The trip was wonderful though. It was great to see more of Nova Scotia. Amherst is a cute little town with it's own little quirks.
Monday there was another baptism, but in Halifax. We didn't know about it until that morning. It was a members husband. It was the most attended baptism I'd ever been to and it was for 1 person!
They were able to have that many people come because it was a national holiday, boxing day. It's funny though because Boxing day is December 26th but since it was a weekend, they still got a business day off. I wish things worked like that in the States.
Yesterday was a "sick day" both of my companions were sick, with different things even. They slept ALL day! It's hard to entertain yourself in a missionary apartment. I found a 1000 piece puzzle and did the whole thing, read most of 2 New Era's and 2 Ensigns, wrote 2 letters, colored in a "Cars" coloring book I found (I have no idea why we had one of those), and wrote in my journal. I couldn't believe how long they slept and how bored I was. I wish I was able to just sleep too, but I couldn't.
Well that's about all the excitement that's happened since I last talked to you. Thanks.

Sister Nicholls

Friday, January 1, 2010

Andrew Update - 12/30/09 - FUN FUN FUN

So I'm trying to take a lot of pictures, but there's not much here... I can't wait until I get to Chile!!!! We practice lessons all the time, and are constantly speaking in Spanish. But I want to get out into the field and teach REAL people!!! I LOVE getting letters from home, with everybody saying their own little things, I love being updated with all the things! So Guess who all I have seen? Neil L. Anderson, and L. Tom Perry. And I got to meet Elizabeth Smart! No way! She plays the harp so good! Well Write back soon please. I love you all and you are in my Spanish prayers. I think of you daily, and love you and am glad to be spending eternity with all of you.

Elder Nicholls.

Christmas Card from Sister Nicholls