Sunday, July 11, 2010

Andrew Update - 11 July 2010

Re: Another Monday morning - 5 July 2010

So did Bro Seamons sing the usual song like he has sung for 10 years) Haha. I hope so. Traditions are what keep the bonds tight in the church. (As long as they are good tradition, which do not inflict harm nor make fun of anybody or anything like that..). I love the stories about the starting of America, but I can never talk about it here. I never EVER talk about the United to States to Anybody, because all it does is bring up greed, jealousy, and hatred. I get really uncomfortable when people start complimenting the United States, and how lucky I am, because I have no idea what to say. I am trying to be humble, and live like Chileans, not complain about anything, and love all the people. But lots of people talk bad about me just for being Gringo. Chile wants to be America more than any other country. They use some engligh words in their speech, all products here are American, drinks, lots of foods, all TV programs are from the States, just translated.

And like you said Dad, sometimes I get worried for our country, and the world, and how it is getting corrupt. You would not believe the evil down here. Every tv show is from the states, but the shows that are from Chile, have pornography. Yep. That is right. Up and down the streets, people sell pornography at little kiosks, and businesses, and lots of tv programs show womens chests. Ya its hard to go a full week without seeing anything. Also, women are not afraid to whip out their baby and give them chest in front of you, or during sacrament meeting. I am so tired of seeing Women feeding their babies without covering up or leaving the room! Nobody cares about personal privacy, or modesty! I saw a little girl the other day, 4 years old, in a leather miniskirt, and tight leather tank top, with high heels and lipstick. 4 YEARS OLD. Also, everybody here tries to kiss me, because it is the way to greet. Also, on the bus, it is always so crowded, and I get rubbed up against all the time. But it is just totally normal here to be packed like a can of sardines. Ugh. Sometimes I just want to run and hide in my bed from the world.

Well this week was really hard, because it rained and we had to work in it, and we did not find hardly any new investigators. Like 6 or 7. And the english class is cool.

Well we have 6 baptismal dates for now, but I imagine about 3 failing really soon, especially because there did not go to church today. What can I do to help people understand the importance of going to church? The main problem is sleeping. I pass by 10 minutes befor the meeting, at 9:50, and everybody is asleep. The usual hour that people wake up is like noon. So what can I do to help people understand that they should go to church? What can I do do give people the desire to act? How can I teach the restoration even more simply? I made a little diagram thing, that has a list of prophets, and a picture of them. You turn the page, and it says APOSTASY. and then the next page says God calls a prophet to end an apostasy. And then that repeats for 7 prophets. Then when it comes to Joseph Smith, there have ABSOLUTELY no idea what God should do to end an apostasy, even though we went through a process of 7 prophets. I cannot teach any simpler! I teach like I am teaching Liam! Seriously! I feel like a nursury working in the ward, just 24/7!

Well I am going to go now, and do stuff. Do I need to fill out this Money honey thing and send it? I am going to send it to the house next week with my camera memory card. I have like 400 pictures. Or is that false... I do not remember. So where is my email from Matthew? Did he send a dear Elder? I love you all! I hope you are going to have fun this week in Knotts Berry Farm while I work in the rain in a different language! I can not wait to be able to use this new ability in the life after the mission! I am going to talk to all the mexican people, and let them know they can not make fun of me without me knowing, because now I can understand them! HAHAHA!! Ahem... I love you all! Chao!

Elder Nicholls

Dianna Update - 11 July 2010

A rainless week! - 7 July 2010

In the last seven days it was only cloudy once and it only barely sprinkled! I can't believe how it has changed! I was actually sweaty the other day! It was 30 degrees Celcius (about 92 F) with 40% humidity. Sister Ferrell and I saw a digital thermometer outside someone's house that said HHH degrees. We joked that it stood for Hot Hot Hot! Then we started singing that song that goes Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! I'm feeling hot hot hot!

I've been in Canada WAY too long because something else was hot too: salsa. Sad day! I eat the hottest stuff I can find and it usually doesn't feel like anything but for some reason yesterday it was almost TOO hot! I was sad...I'm going to be a big wimp when I get home. Andrew, do you get a good share of spicy food there? I sure hope so. I'm betting you don't eat meat and potatoes very often, that's what I get several times a week.

Something else I get several times a week is strawberry shortcake. It's strawberry season and there are people picking them all the time. It looks like fun but I don't think we'll go because so far we've been given 3 boxes of strawberries, been served strawberry shortcake about 5 times, had rhubarb strawberry pie 3 times, strawberry pie once and someone made us rhubarb strawberry pineapple jam (YUM!). It's almost like a strawberry overload, but they're SO GOOD! I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat a store bought strawberry again.

Last week, when I was still in Wolfville we were knocking and guess who I met. Her name was Myrtle and she was 100 years old! 100!!!! She looked only 75 and she was still walking and everything. Also, I could have sworn her teeth were real! She didn't even have trouble hearing or seeing. I hope that I can age as well as her! I just wanted to sit and talk with her for hours but we decided we should keep knocking. She was telling us all about the differences in the valley since when she was a little girl. She had some cool stories.

I had a sad experience while knocking yesterday. Someone said the saddest turn down I'd ever heard. We were meeting this older lady. I said "Hi! We're coming around to get to know everybody, we're not from around here." (note: I had on a big, charming smile) Her response "I don't need to know you." End of conversation. Usually people will say they're not interested or something and I don't take it personally because I know they're not rejecting me, they're rejecting the message, but the way she said it yesterday kind of hurt. Luckily, I was only sad about it for 20 seconds or so. I just can't believe some people! Who would say that to someone?! I bet she had grandkids my age. I always wonder if anyone feels bad for their reactions sometimes.

On Thursday (Canada Day) we went to this museum that was open for free with music performers outside. We decided it would be a good opportunity to meet some people. It was, kind of. We did get to talk to someone for 30 minutes. This person was the town crier. Yes. He was dressed up and holding a bell and everything. His wife was in a dress to match the times as well. He told us that he is paid to announce things like weddings and birthdays. I've decided that I want a town crier at my wedding. That is...if there are even some in the states. He doesn't think there are. SO...He gave me his card and I'm going to come and be married in NS so he can announce it at my reception. It's all planned. Don't worry, I'll get married in the summer or fall so you don't have to deal with the snow or rain when you come. ;)

At church on sunday we sang O Canada for the opening song in sacrament meeting and we were pretty much the only people looking at the words. Luckily though I'm familiar with it already because of the Olympics. They then sang The Star-Spangled Banner for the closing song and we were the only ones without a book. I felt bad because the piano player didn't know how to play it very well. We ended up singing it rather slowly... I'm pretty sure this Branch doesn't know yet that I play the piano. Let's see how long it takes them to find out...

On monday we went to the Branches FHE at the beach. Beaches here don't have sand. We went out to a place called Port George and went a ways down the beach to find where the rocks were smaller. It was gorgeous there, I took several pictures. It was fun to walk on the beach in my skirt, a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

Oh! I almost forgot! I don't think I told you last week. I burned a tie for my 9 month mark! Sisters are supposed to burn nylons but I didn't want to. There was an Elder that was going home so he was giving out a lot of his ties at zone conference and he gave one to all the Sisters as well. Most Sisters sent them to someone at home and Sister Ferrell wears hers... but I picked the ugliest one with a big stain on it as well so that I could burn it. It was so fun, I got some pictures of that as well.

I don't know what else to tell you. I haven't heard from you guys in a while. I didn't get a letter my last 2 weeks in Wolfville and I haven't been in Kingston long enough for anything to have gotten to me from you. Sister Peaden said she'd forward to me anything I might get back in Wolfville, so don't worry about that. Well, I love you all very VERY much and hope you're enjoying the heat! Andrew, is it cooling off there? You mentioned rain. What's the temperature these days?

Love you!
Sister Nicholls

President has done it again... - 30 June 2010

That man NEVER ceases to amaze me! So, transfers are this week and we expected Sister Hamblin to be leaving, possibly going to the new area. The sisters had to open a new area because there was one more sister coming. We also were wondering who would train. We, again, figured Sister Ferrell because she has been out the longest and has never trained, but NO. This is what is happening: Sister Hamblin is going to Fredericton, NB (the new area) and is going to train the new missionary! Sister Hamblin is an AMAZING missionary so I'm not all that surprised, but she is one of the newer missionaries. That's not all though...I'm going to Kingston which is just a 45 minute drive from Wolfville and I'm going to be with Sister Ferrell...again.... Yeah, tell me about it. She is the sister I served with in Montague, PEI if anyone forgot. I am SO sad to leave Sister Peaden. She has been a great companion. Luckily, we will still be in the same zone and we can do exchanges. Speaking of exchanges, yesterday we had to go to Dartmouth because there was a trainors meeting that Sis. Hamblin had to go to. We dropped her off and went to do exchanes with Sis. Olsen and Sis. Billings. I went with Sis. Olsen and Sis. Peaden went with Sis. Billings (she trained her) and we went knocking. It was fun to be with an old companion again. It's weird also how much more you love someone after you no longer live with them....One day I'll figure that all out. So, since I won't be in Wolfville any longer, I called and got my new address for you it's another PO box.

1500 Bridge St. #B
P.O. Box 478
Kingston, NS B0P 1R0

I have a couple funny stories from this past week:

This is my favorite, we tell everyone! We were driving by this golf course and Sister Peaden says "Are those Nuns?" I look and say "YES!" Sister Hamblin didn't see them before we passed by so we turned around and pulled over to take a picture. There were these 2 nuns in their habits playing golf. No joke. We have laughed about it for days. It's so funny how they can do so much more than we can. I'm so glad that I got a picture of it. Sorry, it'll be a couple months before you get to see it.

I'd like to title this story Mosquito Pox. Ahem... We have been doing a lot of knocking and since it's wet and hot there are a lot of bugs, mainly mosquitos. And apparently they are not deterred by nylons. We took some time one night to count our bug bites. I had a total of 67 NEW bug bites. We hadn't counted the ones from a few days previous. I had 20 on my left leg, 39 on my right leg (mind you, these are all around the ankles), 3 on my arms, 1 on my finger, 2 on MY FACE, and 2 on the part on my scalp. It's been CRAZY! We decided that we want to write the Prophet and get permission to wear pants. JK. The Elders only had 1 mosquito bite each. I'm lucky I'm not Sister Peaden though, she has 80 bites! We look scary. Our legs are red and bumpy and our nylons rub them so they constantly itch! We finally got a chance to buy bug spray!

While we were knocking this weekend we came to this door that had a spider web next to it. (mind you, every door has a spider web next to it.) Anyway, a wasp flies by and gets stuck in the web. It's wings were twitching but couldn't get out. No one came to the door but we stayed a second to watch this unfold. After about 30 seconds of struggling it gives up, then out comes the spider, I guess he thought he'd go check out his food. Next thing we know, the wasp springs on the spider and eats it! Then the wasp just ups and flies away! I think the wasp was putting on an act to get some lunch!! It was the weirdest thing I think I've ever seen! Crazy Nova Scotian bugs!

So, today is my hump day. aka my 9 month mark, half way point. My companion are so sweet. They made me a poster that said Happy Hump Day It's all downhill from here. We love you and will miss you! And then they put funny quotes and experiences we've had all around it. I'm going to keep and cherish that forever. They're so perfect. I'm sad to be leaving them. To celebrate we're going to go get ice cream, I'm SO excited! It's not sunny today, that's a shame but it never really is, so I'll enjoy it anyway. :D

Tomorrow is Canada day! I'll be in Kingston and I have NO idea what is planned. Then sunday is the 4th of July. Here in Wolfville we have 2 BBQ's planned for the 4th. People are so nice to the missionaries. I'm sad that I'm going to miss them though. Hopefully Kingston has planned something.

Well family, I love you. I don't know how else to tell you that. Keep up the good work!

Sister Nicholls

Elder Pieper - 23 June 2010

I had the most amazing Sunday and Monday of my mission! Elder Paul B. Pieper from the quorum of the seventy was here with his wife. They spoke at a fireside and then at zone conference on Monday. It was all in Halifax so I got to go back and see a lot of the members from the YSA branch. Terry was there!!!!! We were the only missionaries outside of the Metro that were allowed to go on Sunday (oh and the Kingston Sisters) because the Sisters were asked to do a musical number at zone conference so we were allowed to go to the fireside and practice afterwards. Anyway, so we get there early and I'm just walking around saying hello to everyone and someone stretches out his hand and says hello. I shake his hand and he starts talking to me and it takes me a couple seconds to realize that it was Elder Pieper! I didn't even see him standing there! We only talked for 30 seconds or so and we both moved on. I really enjoyed the fireside. It was Q and A style and there were some really good questions and there were also some really lame ones. We learned that he lived in Kazakhstan for a couple years and they converted 50 people. Also he was the mission president of the St. Petersburg Russia mission. Monday was zone conference and when he came in he wanted to shake everyone's hand and have them tell him where we were from. So I got to meet him again. Something I hadn't noticed the day before was that he was missing the top 2 sections of his 3rd and 4th fingers on his right hand. Since they're in the middle, you can't tell when you're shaking his hand. He talked to us for 3 hours! It felt like 30 minutes! Time just FLIES when you're learning from the best. I learned so much about having faith in missionary work. It really is important. We've been applying so much of what we've learned and we found ourselves not wanting to quit working yesterday. We surprised ourselves at how much more we loved the work after we had that extreme spiritual boost. After he spoke we had lunch all together. I don't usually tell you what we ate but this is IMPORTANT! They made Chicken ENCHILADAS! and they were GOOD! They had some spice to it too! It made all of us Arizonans and New Mexicans so happy, then they us strawberry shortcake with fresh, local strawberries. Guys, I'm in fresh fruit heaven! They make so much here, and it's WAY better than anything I've ever had. Anyways...After lunch President Simpson comes over to the table where all the sisters were sitting and asked 4 of us (me included) to come with him. He takes us out into the hall way and tells us that Elder Pieper was going to interview us. WHAT?! So, I had about a 3-5 minute interview with a general authority. It was a great experience. He asked about my family, how long I've been on my mission, what the hardest and easiest things have been so far, etc. Then he gave me some great advice. He told me to always ask questions. He told me to never go on the down slope, never to look at the finish line and slow down (not his exact words). I just wants me to continue to learn and improve, never to plateau and think I know everything about being a missionary. I had planned on that but I now have a stronger goal to work my hardest all the way to the end. I've been told several times before that the end of the mission is just the beginning. That after we go home we are now knowledgeable about how to be a missionary to our peers for the rest of our life. I know that's good advice and I hope that I don't ever forget it. We still don't know why he chose to interview a handful of us. Some people think it's because President Simpson wants help deciding who is going to train this next transfer, there are 14 new Elders and 1 new sister coming. Others think Elder Pieper is doing some sort of survey of the mission and just interviewed people at random. I don't know if we'll ever know the real reason. I just feel so blessed to have had the experience. That is pretty much all that happened this week. It was such a big highlight that I've forgotten much else. Also since zone conference I have been developing my love for the people in this area. In Halifax I loved everybody and it has slowly been dying and I've realized that it has been making the work harder to do. At zone conference President Simpson talked alot about D and C section 4 and serving with our heart, might, mind and strength. He told us that he believes we're serving with all our might and strength but need to improve using our hearts and minds. So I'm praying more for a love for the people and it has already made a HUGE difference. Our lessons went fabulously yesterday and we were more in tune with the Spirit. I hope that we can keep that up. Also, they asked us to go through our investigators and drop anyone we didn't think was "elect" or we didn't think would be baptized any time soon. They said it would be hard but that we'd be blessed for it. So we went home, erased 3 of our 7 investigators and sure enough, it was difficult, but we were blessed with an elect investigator the very next day! She already wants to come to church, she wore a dress to the lesson to show respect like us, and she asked us how we could "convince" her husband that the gospel will bless her life. We were floored for all of these responses! We're so very excited to bring her into the church and watch her family be blessed for the choices she makes. We have a recent convert here that just moved from Vancouver. He was baptized in May and moved here right after. He's 21 and chinese. The Elders who taught him spoke Chinese so we thought this was going to be difficult, but it has been AMAZING! He understands us just fine and we pretty much understand everything he says and he knows so much about the gospel and already has an amazing testimony of it. Yesterday we talked to him about the plan of salvation and he was concerned for his parents and brother because he wants to be with them forever. We talked about him living as an example to his family and how there is still temple work that could be done for them after they die if they don't join in this life but what really got him was that I explained that because of the choices he is making now he can be sealed to his future wife and his children will be his forever and their kids, etc. I told him that he was doing a great thing for all of those spirits that were yet to come to the earth and how they were jumping for joy the day he was baptized. I pretty sure he was about to cry. He even prayed for those spirits in the closing prayer. He is so cool. I'm so proud of the YSA who join the church because it's not like it's the cool thing to do or because their parents want them too. Most of them have trouble explaining to their parents how much it means to them. They are the ones with the strongest testimonies, in my opinion.I'm grateful for the opportunities I've been so blessed to have here. I'm grateful for all of you to be such a good support to me. I know you love me and I hope you all know that I love you that much times infinity!

Sister Nicholls

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Andrew Update - 4 July 2010

Si - 28 June 2010

Ok I want to respond to the dear elders I got.

Carolyn: I used to HATE reading too. Ask Mom and Dad. But now that I am on the mission, I WANT to read, but have almost no time to do it! Weird huh? Ya big changes. And here is Chile, there are lots of people who can not even read or write. They do not know how. Sad huh? So you better practice and get really good so you can have a good job, and have a good family like ours that Mom and Dad have made for us. We are such an awesome family because Mom and Dad are really smart. I have a little flute I bought and a companion, and the B of M. Te amo mucho!

Kristen: So how many total minutes of DVDs do we have? I used to do stuff like that too. Random weird things. Like I used to make dominoes with all the VHSs that we have, and remember when I alphabetized the DVDs? Haha. I love how you started off your email to me: Hi Andrew I love you so much... That is an awesome way to start off an email. And I like your phrase "I love you like chocolate." Because it's cute and creative and I know that you LOOOOVE chocolate!! Well I love YOU like alfajors! An alfajor is a cookie thing that is packed with a caramel cream called manjar. Google search "Chilean alfajor" and learn a little about them, and make them in the house! They'e easy! Yes I love you, so don't even worry about that! And you know what? I use your name in lessons that I teach, because I love you, and am prideful of you guys, my sisters! You're awesome! Liam and Carter are so big now! I'm missing out in so much with them... That is so awesome that you are playing piano! That is also an awesome skill to know. When I get home, you're going to be so much better than me! I love you girl!

Mom: In the good bye speech from Pres. Resek, he mentioned something about Mothers that reminded me of how true this is in my life. That when a child gets home from school, the first thing they say is, Mom? You here? they might not even want to say hi, or ask her anything, they just want to know that she is in the house present. That is so true! The first thing I did, and what everybody does is come home, and say Mom!? And I am so glad to have a Mother that was always there to respond to my call growing up. Always there.

And do not be so hard on yourself Mom. You are such an awesome Mom. I have seen lotsa of Moms here, so I know the difference. Sometimes, one experience in particular, I heard a Mom literally SCREAMING at her little 10 yr old daughter, and it made me so so sick inside... I called the Mom out, and tried teaching a lesson, but got rejected, and told her to calm down and be more patient with her daughter. But when we were leaving, she was screaming and I heard things being beaten and thrown. I left that house feeling so sick, and horrible. I seriously couldn't believe what was happening in that house. I love you so much Mom! Keep being awesome and writing me!

Dianna: You are so lucky to have such a sweet experience. I love you. Keep working hard, and keep that love. It's hard for me sometimes, but when I love, the work goes faster, and pregresses better. Love you! Chao!

Dad: I have to give talks and participate a lot here in this branch. But I give cool talks. Like I had somebody turn out all the lights, and I used to flashlight to talk about "Ye are the light of the world.... Cannot be hid..." And it was awesome. I always try to make the talks not so boring, and super easy, so they can remember it. Well I am totally out of time. This week was so lame, because it rained a lot, so we didn't get accepted. People rejected us because we were wet, and didn't want to let a wet person in their home., We only found 2 news, but are super cool, who know an Hermana here. Well I love all of you, and hope to hear news soon! LOVE YOU!!!!

-Elder Nicholls

Chepica po - 21 June 2010

So my new companion is Elder Gomez and he is from Osorno Chile. He´s awesome. And knows almost no English. Our branch here has about 15 people attending, and that is WITH our 4 investigators that went. Really small. I had to play piano, bless the sacrament, says prayers, clean after the meetings, AND give a talk, all in the same meeting! Basically, in this branch, the missionaries do everything. An Elder is the branch President. There are 4 Elders living in my house, and we all work in the same sector, and it is HUGE! I forgot to tell you guys last week, but this sector has bikes! Woot! The sector is so big, you have to ride your bike 3 hours just to cross it. It is tight.
I am getting so much better at teaching. Not saying I am better than anybody, just to myself. But I have been studying a lot about how the Savior taught, and have found he always using examples, or tangible objects that are super common. The parable of the hen protecting her chicks appears like 7 times in the scriptures. So I have been using a rubiks cube I bought, to explain how the truth slowly got lost, one twist at times, but after many generations of people, the truth was so lost, and nowhere to be found. But people are born, being taught that the truth is like the messed up rubiks cube, and just do not know any better. Then I put it back together, explaining the restoration. Well that is one example, but I try and use some kind of object, or situation in every lesson. I am trying to get people to understand the great apostasy, and that there was a need for a restoration, and Joseph Smith was simply another prophet, and WE DO NOT PRAY TO HIM!!!!

You know what I really do not understand? Why do people pray to the virgen Mary? Dad probably knows what I am talking about, but everyone else in the family is probably confused. But in many lessons we extend an offer for the investigator to pray, and they pray loudly to the virgen, in a very strange prayer. I have no idea what they are thinking. So here we found 12 investigators in 2 days. It was so rad! But then we found like nobody else, but that is really because it was raining for 3 days straight and nobody wanted to open their door, or let two muddy missionaries in their house. Ya riding a bike is sweet and everything, but when you have to ride it through deep, thick mud in the pouring, and I mean, POURING rain, it sucks. Sorry for lack of better words, but this week was basically just that. 3 days straight of pouring rain, and nobody letting us in. But oh well, things happen, and I am still happy as ever. My comp says he also has a feeling that we are going to be together two changes, and then he is going to leave, and I will train here in Chepica for one or two changes. Oh that would be soooo awesome! I want to train so bad! My Spanish is getting better almost every second, and I pretty much understand every word, and a lot of times, my comp does not understand, and I do! That is so cool when that happens!

Well we have 4 baptism dates, and two for sure are going to happen. The other two would happen, but since they are younger than 18, they can not decide for themselves. And their mom is saying no. Dumb. So we are working with their Mom, and we will probably baptize her too. Well Elder Rodriguez was in Chepica like a year ago, and every single one of his converts are inactive. We found one of his converts yesterday just by knocking doors, and she is VERY uninterested in going back to church. So lame. I hope that does not happen with my converts in my last sector. Now that I am in a new sector, with totally new people, I have so many stories that I can share with lots of people! Examples of investigators, and how we solved their problems. So working is easier, and better, because I have a lot more experience.

Everything is so far away here. We have to take a bus for like 30 minutes to go to district meeting. But the chapel is right by the house, but that is because the church is good with finding good houses for the missionaries.

Sorry I could not write more for Fathers day, I really had no time. We got to internet at 5:45, and we have to be working at 6, and we were in p-day clothes. So I literally had no time. And boy do we work in this sector, or at least, my companion and I work like dogs. The rule is to be in the house at 9:30, unless you are in an important lesson, then we can be out for the latest 10:00. But every day this week, we had so many appointments, and lessons that went on forever, because they were struggling to learn, but really wanted to learn, so we stayed for a while. And everyday this week we returned at about 10:15, planned for 45 minutes, and the time to be in bed sleeping is at 11. But at 11 we finished planning, cooked some food, and got ready for bed, finally entering it at about 11:30. Plus, a lot of times we get up like half an hour early to study of plan lessons a little extra. We are working like crazy!

So you guys know that a white wash is? It is when do new people come to the sector at the same time. We basically had that here. Elder Gomez only had 2 weeks in this sector before I got here, so now he has 3, and I have one. So we basically started everything anew here. But It is awesome, it really is. People here are a lot better with fulfilling their commitments and everything, and let us into their house more. I heard Chile won a game in the Mundial today. And everybody was going crazy for a while, with cheering, tooting horns, and driving crazy. Oh speaking of that! People here are such bad drivers! I have almost gotten hit like 12 times! My brakes were not working at all hardly, so I worked on them a bit during lunch. (We eat lunch in the house about 6 times a week, because there are no members to feed us.) And about 20 minutes after leaving, I was super close to getting hit by a car, but I only avoided it because I had worked on my brakes. If they had not been working so well... Something else might have happened. It made me learn that as missionaries it is always good to be prepared, and to keep everything in order, and proper.

Well nothing much to say, but I am sure there are millions of things I can say, but just can not remember them. But that is what my missionary journal is for. I already have more than 6 months in the mission! It seems like nothing, but at the same time that is a quarter of the mission! Still a whole lot to go... Oh! Please send me in your next email a list of everybody about to leave on the mission, where they are going, and their arrival date for the MTC. I want to include something for them in my next email. Well thanks a whole lot for everything guys! I hope I am making you all proud! You guys are going to be so surprised with who I am after the mission! And it will be so awesome to have Spanish to put on Resum├ęs and find a job super fast, and live life!

I remember those old home videos EXACTLY! I love them! So classic humor. And natural, not acted. I miss american food. Like peanut butter, and pizza. The pizza here is bread with cheese and lots of tomatoes, and something a few slivers of meat. But lots of bread, rice, and noodles!!! Anything else I want to say...?? Thanks Dad for your bits of wisdom every week, and a scripture that I can apply to my arsenal of Christ like attributes. Patience is definitely the one I have the most trouble with. Or better said, the one I have to try the most at. You know what I mean? I always show patience, but inside, I am dried up. But reading these emails everyweek is like filling up my tank with gas. And sunday afternoon, my gas runs out. It is like a system in a car. My gas lasts exactly for 1 week, and I need more. They probably planned that like this, huh? One more complaint: I miss music! I do not mean just music, like Metallica, Goo Goo Dolls, or bands, but just plain old music! Nobody plays piano, and nobody has music! I need music to live! So we are keeping the piano in the house, and I am going to be getting up early, or sacrificing time during lunch, to play piano for the branch, to help people get more motivated. Oh I can not believe I almost forgot!

Saturdays I teach an English class! This week, only 3 people went, because we started notifying people 20 minutes before the class started, because a sister called me asking to do the class, so we did. But now we tell everybody about it, and like 12 people are going to go this next Saturday, and we still have a whole week to find people. It is so awesome! I love teaching! Well, got to go. Absolutely no time left. About 1 minute. Well I love you all soooooooo much! Until next week! Chao!

-Elder Nicholls