Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dianna Update - 29 January 2011

I'm gonna have a baby!! - 24 January 2011

Well family, it has happened. I'm pregnant. She's due on thursday. I'm going to be a mother! In my old age too. What a surprise!

I sure hope I didn't give anybody a heart attack, I'm just trying to tell you that I'm training. Andrew, I'm sorry for what happened to your son, that's so sad. I'm scared now though, I hope my baby is nice and healthy, ready to embrace the world! Everybody, I'm just still in shock because this is my last transfer and I didn't even think of the possibility of training. I just felt like President would rather have someone who would be staying longer, but I guess he thinks I'm meant for the job. There are actually 3 new sisters coming out and one of them doesn't come until a couple days later (I don't have a clue why) so I'll be in a trio for a couple days. Whatever, I'm born to be in a trio. There is also going to be an odd number of sisters so there will be a trio somewhere and it's going to be in Fredericton, NB where Sis. Crofts is going! She is terrified out of her mind. I'm trying to convince her that it isn't that bad, that she won't die like she thinks she is. She's going to be with Sis. Hamblin and Sis. Brandley, 2 awesome missionaries. I just can't believe that she is actually leaving Halifax.. Everyone is shocked actually. Sis. Brandley is finally leaving Kingston too. She was there for over a year, minus the short time she was in Wolfville, but you all know what happened there...

Hey mom! I think it would be WONDERFUL if you set up an appointment for me with Jackie! My hair is already ready for a cut, but I'll just wait I guess, that is, if she's free to see me soon after I get home. Also, I was thinking, you should have the Sister missionaries in your ward go get their hair cut there! Give them a referral, they would love that. Jackie would love talking to them too. Genius!

Carolyn has braces?! What?! Did she go to the same place I did? I think I'll be needing an appointment with them as well, but I think before I left they put it in their computer to contact me in march or April, so that may already be taken care of. How is Carolyn handling it? Those rods or whatever don't sound very comfortable.

My time is short with you today because of a lot of different reasons, but before I go I want to make a list of countries that my investigators have been from. Canada of course, Turkey, Lebanon, China, Bangladesh, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India, Bahamas, Caribbean, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Korea, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and I'm sure a few more. It's crazy to think that I hardly teach any Canadians.

Well Family. I still love you with all my heart. Keep up the love and don't miss me too much please, I'll be home in due time. :)

Sister Nicholls

Once there was a snowman.... - 17 January 2011

What a week! Sis. Crofts' birthday was on Wednesday. Since it was SUPPOSED to be on our preparation day we had made lots of fun plans, but the change threw us for a loop. So, on Monday we went out to eat. She treated us (me and Hari) to the Taj Mahal. YUM YUM YUMMY!!!!! Then on Wednesday, her actual birthday, when we met to teach Hari he gave her a little birthday cake. It was so cute. He also included a card a present. Now, I'm super jealous of this present. I can't remember if I told you about this or not. It was a shirt that said "on a mission". We had tried them on at the store one day but they were too expensive but she told him about them and he got one for her! What?! Whatever. Her mom is awesome too! She called up a bakery in Halifax and had them deliver fresh muffins, cupcakes, cookies and a loaf of bread to us. Oh my goodness gracious! They were the tastiest muffins I have EVER eaten in my entire life! We were so spoiled! She's great for sharing too. Now, the afternoon and evening was the best. There was a snowstorm happening so the buses were on crazy schedules. We had an appointment across town but our bus never came. We waited for 30-49 minutes and then called and cancelled the appointment. By this time we were COVERED in snow. The wind had been blowing really hard so it was sticking to us. We looked just like snowmen. We thought about taking a picture but it was too cold and wet to think about getting our cameras out. Since no buses were coming we had to walk home. We decided to call it an early night (it was about 7:30 and we go in at 9), besides they had told missionaries not to drive again so I'm sure not many missionaries were out. On the way home though I remembered that I promised Sis. Crofts I'd buy her ice cream for her birthday, so we went over to Cold Stone. We were laughing really hard picturing us walking in to buy ice cream looking like snowmen. What was REALLY funny was that we were NOT the only ones there. It actually was fairly busy. Geez it was a fun day. I could go on forever about it, but I'm not. Oh! BUT the next day President Moses took us out to Supper with 2 YSA and they brought out a cake with candles after we had finished eating. The funniest part was that when they came out Sis. Crofts was across the room on the phone so I had to wave for her to come over. We sang and everything.

The other exciting thing that happened this week is that we went on exchanges. I stayed in Halifax with Sis. Billings (she goes home in 2 weeks). It was fun because I have NEVER been the only one who knew what was going on. I've always been the newer one. It was nice to have that opportunity. We did all sorts of things that day. She loved riding the bus. She got excited and wanted to pull the cord to get off every time. I loved her enthusiasm. During the day I had worries of what some people were going to think when I showed up without Sis. Crofts. But they all handled it really well. I had imagined way worse things than what really happened. The funniest part of the day was when we went to teach this person for the first time. He's from India. When we got there he told us to sit on the little chair/couch he had, so we did. Then he just stood there, there wasn't any more furniture. I told him he could sit down, so he did. He had his friend join us too. It was so funny, I felt like we were teaching elementary school and we should read them a story. They listened really well and committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and are even going to come to church next week! Something that Indians do differently than North Americans is the say they shake their head. They kind of bobble it around so when you ask a yes or no question, they bobble their head and I have NO idea what they mean so I try to get them to verbalize their answer. It's funny.

Church was AWESOME yesterday, We had 2 investigators and 3 inactive members there! I had a smile ear to ear the whole time. One of our investigators fasted on their own free will yesterday. I was proud of them for applying the gospel to their own life. I feel like these are my little kids and I just feel so proud when I see them growing up.

Family, I LOVE YOU! Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week!
Sister Nicholls

Andrew Update - 29 January 2011

Well, that did not last very long - 24 January 2011

So, first off, I am already no longer a Father. My comp started having problems, and was scared or something, wanted to go home for a little while, had thoughts of suicide a bit, and other things like that, so we went to the psycologist in Santiago, and he also had an interview with the president, and they sent him to a sector in the south, where it is way calmer, and not as dangerous whatsoever. He went to my last zone, but in a different sector. My last sector is going to have a missionary branch president (highly probable), and with my new companion Elder Lind, we are tearing this sector up.

Dianna, I understand how you feel. I am on my tenth companion, and only in my ninth change (transfer). I have also done divisions at least 20 times, so I really have been able to teach the message of the restoration with 30+ other missionaries. Learning this new sector together in the whitewash has been awesome, and a lot of hard work. I received news that Alessandro got baptized! ALL the missionaries from my last zone talk about how awesome he is. He also talks a lot about my comp and I, and how we were such good examples for hard work and teaching with the spirit. He is so excited to go on a mission. I was thinking, if we really do come back to do that tour in my sectors like you guys have been telling me, we might be able to go to some kind of farewell party for Alessandro if we time it right! That would be sooooooo awesome! Also I talked with an Elder who was in Chepica, and that family I left there talks about me ALL the time apparantly. They say "Elder Nicholls is the coolest missionary that exists!" And they always ask where I am, and announce that there are going to visit me wherever I am. awesome.

Well I still have not received any package or dearelders, but everything is fine with me. I am just quite upset for losing this chance to be a Father, and hope I have another one. SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER lame what happened this week with losing Elder Monks. SIGH................................................... But Elder Lind and I are getting along so well, and we get lots of work done, and teach a lot, and find a lot of people. People are just so irresponsible, and are almost NEVER there for their appointments. No sense of committment here. That is one of the things I will NOT miss from Chile. So how is Matt doing? Has he found a job yet? And Jennifer with their new house and two boys? Is Carter walking or talking yet? And Carolyn played some more soccer? How is Kristen doing? Lauren getting excited to date? I hope she is excited to have rides every morning to seminary on the back of her big brothers Suzuki GSX-750 of Honda CBR-RR 600... Because I DEFINITELY AM! Sooo awesome. And how is Pops and Mom doing? Dad is just working like normal? How is his back, and other operated parts of his body? How is Mom and her little sunburn? Well, I need to get back to the house, because I am making PEANUT BUTTER CHEWIES TODAY!!!!! The members are going to LOVE us. Well, until next week. Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

My o button is broken - 17 January 2011

Just s0 y0u kn0w, since my 0 butt0n is br0ken 0n this keyb0ard, I am g0ing t0 use the zer0 fr0m n0w 0n in this letter. W0w, I use a wh0le l0t m0re 0´s than I th0ught! Why s0 many!!!! This is s0 embarrassing! Well, I am sad that I g0t n0 resp0nse t0 my excited letter ab0ut how I n0w have a s0n.... Oh well... S0 n0w that Dianna has pday 0n m0nday, I am n0t guaranteed t0 see a letter fr0m her... Sad day... :(

S0 h0w is everyb0sy in the h0use? I have n0t received any mail f0r a while, n0r the package... Mail is s0 sl0w... Being in a whitewash is really fun, because you do not know anything, nor anyone, and you get lost a lot. So, our sector is this place called Las Araucarias, and the area is called La Pintana. This is a very famous place for drug dealing, shooting, and killings. In the night, we often here gunshots, and there are a few streets that we cannot enter after 7pm. Fun huh? I cannot wait to be mugged and robbed! My comp is totally chill about it all, no fear. Elder Monks is his name, and is from St. George Utah. Tall, brown hair, big, basically a lot like me, just brown hair. He is having a nice struggle with the language, just like I did when I first arrived here... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Well, that is about all I have to say, because I do not have any info to run on. I hope to receive some mail soon, and some gringo candy :) Dianna, I hope everything is awesome with your comp still, and that your investigators are still incredible. I love you all a lot, and look forward to seeing you all again in less than a year :) HAHAHA!!!!! I can finally say stuff like that now! I am getting so old here! I love you! Sorry i am n0t writing m0re, this keyb0ard is just terrible. Cha0! Wena wena!

-Elder Nicholls

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dianna Update - 16 Januray 2011

What happened?! - 10 January 2011

What happened there in Tucson?! It's all over the news in Canada! The TV I saw didn't have the sound on so all I could see was the headline "Mass Shooting Five Dead" and then something about US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Then someone told me that she is going to recover eventually. Where did this happen? I think you should tell me more.

Anywoot, How was Kristen and Carolyn's birthday and their party at Pump It Up? I hope it was all fun and no fighting. How was Young Women's?! I still can't believe how old you are! This isn't cool. I won't know anyone in the Primary Program anymore, at least until Liam is in one.

So, I don't know if Matthew ever gets to read this, but Happy Birthday! (on saturday) Also, I heard, via Andrew, that you past your test. Congratulations! That's awesome! Now you just have to find a job? Good luck! (someone pass this on if he doesn't read this, thanks mucho!)

SNOW DAY!!! Yesterday was awesome! We have an investigator that is 34 so he has to go to the family ward and he wanted to go to church yesterday. Yes, HE wanted to go. We couldn't get him a ride so we rode the bus with him. This week was ward conference so it started at 9 instead of 10 and the YSA Branch started at 1 instead of 12:30 so there was no overlap. Then there was also a CES fireside at 9 pm. So, we had a whole day planned at church, meeting with members and stuff. Okay? Well, we woke up, called our investigator to make sure he got up and then got ready. We caught our bus at 8:10, met up with Kuol (the investigator) and then got on another bus with him. We got to church by 8:40. At this point there was NO snow! Just after the sacrament ended however Sis. Crofts told me to look out the window and I couldn't! There was SO much snow coming down, and so fast too! By the time sacrament meeting was over, the cars were buried. During Sunday School someone came and plowed the driveway leading to the church and they cancelled RS and Priesthood meeting so people could get home safely. Also, the YSA branch was cancelled because most people took the bus to get there and the buses were unreliable. (Thank goodness our investigator went to the family ward.) They also decided to cancel the fireside. So, this left our day COMPLETELY BLANK and it was only 11:30!!! We didn't have any backups because church never falls through! We hitched a ride home with the Elders, ate lunch, made new plans and decided to have our study hours because we missed them that morning. Our plan was to hike our way to people's houses that we were having trouble getting a hold of because we knew they'd be inside, no one wants to go out in that weather! On our way out the door (literally) our District Leader called and told us that no one was allowed to drive anywhere. That's fine, we don't have a car. Let me just say, we went out regardless and pretty much the rest of the mission stayed inside. It was good to go though because we got a hold of a couple people and were able to teach 2 lessons, both of which called us! We know the Lord was blessing us because we chose to act. I know he saw that we wanted to work, not just take the day off, so He gave us something to do. We even got a member to come with us to one of the lessons. I love Halifax! I love being a missionary! I love my life!

So yeah, we just got really wet yesterday, but it was an adventure. We also learned that we walk twice as slow in the snow, so that's good to know. We'll have to plan better when we're catching buses though...

Well family, I don't think I have anything else to say besides I love you! Have a good week!

Sister Nicholls

Andrew Update - 16 January 2011

Not Linderos - 10 January 2011

Well, some nice news.

I am no longer in Linderos. My last Sunday there, basically nobody talked to me, nor said good bye. This Thursday, the some members from the Branch called our zone leaders, and they set up an appointment behind the Branch Presidents back. They all talked smack about me and my companion the entire meeting, and asked the zone leaders to do something about it. When they zone leaders talked to me about it, they ignored everything they had said, and asked me to keep working the same way I already was. Because they work with me every once in a while, and know everything that is going on. But the members there were really getting on my nerves, with causing all that contention and bad spirit. Some other news- my companion is no longer with me!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, that last change was harder than week old bread. I did not write anything bad, because he would screen watch me every minute or so, to make sure I was not "breaking rules"... Whatever he was thinking... I do not know.

Well Dianna, do not be jealous, but I am going to be a Father! I am going to have a son! Meaning- I am going to train! And since I am moving sectors, I am training in a whitewash! For those of you who do not understand this, it means that two new missionaries arrive to the same place at the same time, and have to start from nothing. We have no baptismal dates, and not many investigators really. My son arrives tomorrow afternoon, so I am with another missionary who is also going to train until tomorrow. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, my week has been normal. The coolest thing is that Alessandro is going to be baptized next week, and wanted me to baptize him, but I will not be there, so he is super sad. But to say good bye, he came out to work with us every day for 3 days straight. 6 hours a day. This guy is so awesome, and helps so much. He is not even baptized yet, but he gives such a powerful testimony, and really helps a lot of people listen, gather faith, and have desires to learn more. He is so awesome. Well, not much other news. OH! I am now in Santiago! I am in a place called Las Araucarias. It is part of a place called La Pintana, which is one of the most dangerous places in the mission. SWEET! This zone is known for having many muggings, robberies, theft, and shooting. SWEET! There was actually a missionary that was my zone leader who was shot around here, but "amazingly enough" the bullet went through his shirt, but not through his undershirt. Weird... Faithfulness to sacred covenants? Well I am so excited to train a little kid in one of the most dangerous sectors in the mission.

Dianna, I compliment you for going out to work on a snow day, even though the rest of the mission did not. Oh I just remembered, Friday morning, I heard something that sounded like rain, but it was a bright summer day. I remembered what Dianna said about her neighbors house catching on fire, and how it sounded like rain. I got suspicious, opened our bathroom window, and stood in the windowsill, so I could see over the wall of our backyard. And there I was greeted by GIANT flames from a wildfire just 30 feet from our house. AAAAGGGHHH!!! So we throw some shoes on, and I grab my camera, and we take a few pictures as the firemen arrive, and put out this huge fire. Our neighbors FIELD for some reason was on fire, and it was a fire of at least 2 acres with FLAMES. I do not know how many acres were burned. Intense.

Wait so what happened in Tucson with the shooting? Please give more info by next week for sure... BTW, I have not gotten packages or letters yet. Just so you know. Well I love all of you guys so much! Since I have to move into a new house, I do not have so much time to write.. But you guys are so awesome! Happy Birthday Kristen, Carolyn and Matthew! You guys are all so awesome, and only 11 more months until I can see all of you again! Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dianna Updat - 8 January 2011

No snow in the new year - 5 January 2011

It's not cold here. It has been sunny. I'm not even wearing the coat that I wore in October and November of last year. This time last year there was snow everywhere and I was wearing my big black down coat! I am SO blessed!

Want to know something cool? There is this place called the commons right in the middle of Halifax (just a block from me) that is just a bunch of open fields and stuff, and they built an ice rink on it! It's just an oval but people can go skating on it. it's like in the movies. It's too bad that we aren't allowed to go, that would be totally awesome! Halifax is hosting the 2011 Canada Games so they're getting ready and tourism is going to go up because it starts next month. I remember that they started advertising for these games before I left Halifax the first time and I thought "bummer, I'll miss that for sure." but hey! I'm here!

Okay, news time. So, all the missions in the ENTIRE WORLD have preparation day on monday. Our mission is one of the very few who have gone against church headquarters and had it on a different day but President Simpson is encouraging us all to be more exactly obedient and he decided that he needs to as well so we are changing our preparation day to monday, starting next week. So you'll start hearing from me on mondays, along with Andrew. You'll get a missionary double dose! I'm just guessing that some weeks I'll miss Andrew's email and some weeks get 2, depending on when we email. My time varies. Also, the temple is closed on mondays so I won't be going there ever again (actually we go there the night before we go home so I'll get one more time there.) So yeah, that's the news.

Last week we went on an adventure as undercover detectives. I know what you're thinking "how can two girls where NAME TAGS be undercover?" well, this is how. We met a lady on the bus who gave us her phone number. We called her, she wasn't home but we left a message with her husband. She called us back that night (That like NEVER happens) and she told us that her husband is an alcoholic and she thinks we have a way with helping people so she wanted us to help him but she didn't want him to know. So she told us what he looked like and that he sells art work at the Farmer's market. So we were sent to meet this guy. It wasn't hard because there were only 3 booths there! And only 2 customers, me and Sis. Crofts...We didn't want to be suspicious so we started on the opposite side of his booth which was an older Indian couple selling food. We chatted with them for awhile and got free food from them :) Then we skipped the next one because they were taking down and went and talked to this guy. He's cool. We're going to go back and talk to him again sometime. What was really funny was that while we were talking to him, the Indian couple came back and gave us MORE food. There was apparantly no one there all day so they were trying to get rid of their food before it went bad. We were happy to help:)

Side note: We are teaching THE COOLEST less active family EVER! I just thought you'd like to know.

Hey! Kristen and Carolyn! Happy birthday in 2 days! You're going to be 12! No more kids in our house! Kristen said you both read the Book of Mormon, how cool! What was your favorite part? Are you going to read it again? It gets better every time, I promise! Have fun at Pump It Up, I've never been there.

Funny Story: We went to meet with this investigator and as we walked in he said that a friend was over and we said we didn't mind. As we walked into the house he told his friend "The Mormons are here." His friend just gave a laugh but then we came through and I'll never forget his face! He didn't realize he was serious. Sis. Crofts said "No really, the Mormons are here." That was probably the funniest moment of my life. He stuck around for a few minutes but he only stared at the beer in his hands, then he got up apologized and left. I'll never forget that. I LOVE being a missionary!

Well family, I love you all. Have a great week! Talk to you on monday!

Sister Nicholls

Andrew Update - 8 January 2011

The Hottest Christmas of my life - 3 January 2011

Well hello there family!

These last two Sundays, we had 3 investigators in each one. Alessandro, and two teenage girls name Danitza and Liset. They are all really good, but Alessandro`s baptismal adte got moved, because he drank a little bit of champagne for the new years... I really hope I am here for the next change, so I can see his baptism, because it got postponed, and now he will be baptized the 16th, and not the 9th. Lame huh? I hope I stay here after killing my companion... Whitewashes aren`t too common, but I really hope I do not leave... I have not had a baptism here yet, and I want to see my investigators finally getting baptized... Sigh.... Oh yeah, that earthquake barely even reached up to Buin, and it was just a super light tremor.. Don`t even worry. This Saturday was p-day, because of the new year, and we were all gringos in the house, (because other missionaries came to stay the night) so we did gringo things, and banged two pans together at midnight to celebrate. People here in Chile give each other hugs to welcome the new year. This last week was just a tough week, because virtually nobody had time, or was even in town to listen to our message. A car almost killed 2 people crossing the street, because it was passing another car that was going "too slow" so it swerved around, and these two people were walking, and the car noticed them at the last second, and the two cars almost crashed, and the two people jumped out of the road, and both the cars just continued forward, and did not stop, but these two people were probably scared to death. We were in a contact, and they had already left, so we did not get a chance to talk to them. But goodness-how many deaths and near deaths am I going to see on my mission???? A missionary made a funny comment the other day saying that I am the only one that can see thestrals from Harry Potter, because only those that have witnessed deaths can see them. Which is really weird, because the other night I heard lots of horses galloping down the road at like 2 am, and my comp said he heard nothing, 2 seconds after they passed by. Funny. Creepy...

So I am glad to hear that Matthew passed his EMT test, and is going to work in ambulances! How awesome and cool is that! But he still has not found a place to work? I hope he finds one soon... And Brinkley is doing better? Awesome... I want to see that dog ALIVE before it dies. I made a promise one day that I would be the one that had to pick up her dead body and bring it to a vet, or somewhere that deals with dead animals, so that none of the girls, including Mom would have to do it. So I am glad that that personal promise is still coming through. I would not like to make Kristen, Carolyn, Lauren, or Mom have to do that... Sadness. And Jenn and Sam are just partying it up there in their house? I knew it.. Those party animals... Well, my comp and I are doing well, and we are almost done with this change. I am killing my FIFTH COMPANION, and he is dying with style. We are working to the end, if not working harder every day.

Well, that really is the sum of my week. Not very much. Just been doing lots of contacts, and have those three good investigators. Yicel is kind of really dying, because she is ALWAYS in Santiago, so it is really hard to catch her at home, and she does not follow through with her commitments very often. But, maybe in a month or so... We are doing all we can to help those that are already investigating.

Ok, me cansè de hablar en inglès. A mì me gusta hablar en español màs que el inglès. Quisiera poder communicarme con los mexicanos un dìa allì en Tucson, entonces no voy a hablar inglès a menudo, porque destruirè mi habilidad de hablar español si hablo inglès siempre. Si estuviera allì en Tucson ahorita, estarìa acompañando a los misioneros 24/7, porque esto es mi pasiòn. No hay nada màs en el mundo que quisiese hacer en vex de compartir este maravilloso mensaje de la divinidad, y realidad de nuestro señor, y Salvador viviente. Espero que ustedes tambien estèn bien, y estèn aprovechando de compartir el evangelio en cada oportunidad que se les encuentre. Especialmente mi papà. Hay una dicho entre nosotros, los misioneros. Es como la phrase de la pelicula "The Sandlot". Es: "Elderes se recuerdan, pero misioneros jamàs se mueren." Los amo a todos. Sigan escribiendome, porque me encanta escuchar las historias de mis hermano y hermanas. De nuevo, los amo a todos.

-Elder Nicholls

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Andrew Update - 1 January 2011

Feliz Navidad! - 27 December 2010

I forgot to tell you guys on the phone, but at the Mission Christmas party, they asked me and two other guys to play "away in a manger" from the childrens hymnbook. One guy did not sing at all, so the other Elder, Elder Mathews and I sang a voice duet, playing guitar at the same time, and the third Elder played rythmn on his guitar. I was SCARED! Because there are 170 Elders in this mission, and they were ALL THERE watching. SCARY. But it was super good, and everyone was complimenting us later. I felt so good :) Because I had had a cheap week...

Plus at the party I got to see a family of converts from my first sector! They were talking about how they cannot wait to go to the temple in another 9 months, and the mission allows missionaries to go to sealings of converts, if it is convenient. I hope that does not change, because they just announced that we cannot go back to old sectors to baptize, nor can we visit one sector at the end of the mission. SUPER LAME. I personally hope that changes soon. We have a golden investigator that comes out with us to do contacts, and teach for 6 hours at a time. He has only gone to church once, yesterday, but is soooo awesome. He is going to serve a mission for sure. Not much happened this week.. I borrowed a guitar from a Sister here, and have been playing Childrens Primary songs every spare second, to follow what Mom suggested, about singing primary songs for investigators. You are so right Mom, the simplicity of the songs help people understand how to act and be.

My comp and I are getting along well, and I am sad to think I will not see Aaron Cope for another 2 years more. Lame. But whatever. I would rather that he be in the mission, than at home goofing off with me. I had to write a lots of stuff to lots of people today, and did not have so much time for the main email...But we did get to talk over the phone the other day. I cannot believe Dad fell into paying for Brinkleys leg, and sincerly hope the surgery worked, so that it wasn't done in vain... Because that would be a nasty waste of money.. But I AM thinkful to be able to see my dog once more. :) But more excited to be able to see my MOMMY and DADDY again one day! Man, right here in the middle of the mission is hardest, because you are farthest away from both points. But I am having more fun teaching and baptizing that sitting on a couch watching movies. I hope everyone is well, and I am doing way better, because my President dealt with all the back talking, and talking behind each others backs, and gossiping. So we are all good. He even personally complimented me, and so did his wife, just to clear up the junk. I am happy to be working here, helping others to achieve salvation with their families. I love you all, each one of you, I love you Mom, Dad, Sam, Jennifer, Matthew, Dianna, Lauren, Carolyn, and KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I only said you last, because of the order of ages...) Nos vemos un dia! Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

Sigh.. - 20 December 2010

Well, a companion of mine that I killed shared some sad news. He had talked with the assistants before dying, and they basically hate me. Awesome. They were complaining about my "interest for deep doctrine", because the president let me explore his library of books while I was stuck there, so I read this theory book about the creation of the earth. That doesn't mean I have interest in it! I just was reading to pass time, and it was interesting to see the ideas! Goodness... People just assume like crazy... Plus they had said a lot of other stuff, but I do not really care, because I just want people to STOP talking about EVERYONE behind their backs. Not just me, but everybody. Sigh... I just want to crawl into bed and stay there. So any suggestions? Plus, I really hope they do not have to kill Brinkley... Can't you guys just cut off the leg? Dogs are happy with 3 legs! I see them all the time!

Man, these last few months just get worse and worse... Why is that? The heat does not bug me so much, nor does my companion, but the leaders of the mission, yes. Plus, reading my patriarchal blessing, I do not see much coming through... Maybe I just need to be more obedient with something, or give more for the Lord... I do not know. I just want to be a happier person, and have joy, instead of irritation, fear, annoyance, and pestered. I just want to be able to work without problem. But I do not see that, or at least in the near future. But I am going to keep working anyways, and see what happens.

Well, I am going to call home on Friday, at 7 oclock, Rancagua time. I do not know what time that will be at home, or if you are going to be there. Christmas eve you should be there right? I do not know if you are going to be talking at Dianna at that time, or how that will work, of if that will be efficient. But I will be calling home at 7 pm. I love you all, and hope you have a merry merry merry merry Christmas.

-Elder Nicholls

Oh ya - 13 December 2010

Well I have about 5 minutes to do this.

This morning I hosted a breakfast here in the restaurant, for all the missionaries in the zone (14), and it was awesome. Afterward, we went to the chapel and played soccer and got all burned up by the sun. Then we went shopping, and now we have absolutely no time to do internet. This next week we should have a baptism, but I have a feeling that we are not going to be able to teach her enough before her baptism... We pray she is able to learn enough this week. My comp and I are getting along really well, and we are excited to keep working toward the baptismal goal with our investigators. Kristen scared me with that whole Brinkley thing, because I have NO IDEA what is going on with that. Laurens story about her birthday is just TOOOOO FUNNY!!!! With the whole OJ thing... Lauren, I am sorry, but I KNOW that you are laughing about it now.. Right? I got your emails about thanksgiving, and danish rounders, and the girls hanging out with matthew playing games with him. I have to go. It is super late, and I still need to write something to the president.

Chao!-Elder Nicholls

ps Dad (Santa), was the sleigh you sat in the sleigh that we made as a priests quorum a long time ago?

Woooow... - 6 December 2010

Well, something happened, and it kind of stinks.

So we FINALLY have a baptismal date for the 19th of December, and it is sure. She lives the word of wisdom, law of chastity, and everything. Plus, the members have done an AMAZING job at helping us. But the dumb thing is, that our baptismal date, Yicel, (Giselle) brings a friend to EVERYTHING, and she loves the Gospel, told her Mom about church, and now her and her Mom have baptismal dates for the 3rd of January. The members have helped them so much too, that they are for sure baptisms, because they really know it is true. The lame thing is, that they are JUST out of our sector. There is a street called Villaseca, and the south side is ours, and the north side is from a sector called Buin. Our baptismal date lives on Villaseca south side, and her friend and friends mom that are getting baptised in January, live directly in front of Yicels house, on the north side, so they have to go to Buin. That is terrible! Because they have already gone to our ward, and all the friends they have in church go here, and they do not know ANYBODY in Buin. So I have to talk to the mission president about maybe changes the limits of the sectors a little. Lame. Other than that, that is pretty much my whole week.

I cannot believe that Christmas is really just coming around the corner! I do not have a time to call yet, nor do I know the differences in time between Chile, Arizona, and Halifax.. Help me please... The work is progressing a bit more here, as I am killing my fifth companion... We have a lot of differences, but either way, we work as hard as we can. I always think about Dad's example of the tube of toothpaste... Is it worth fighting over? Or can you just go and buy a second tube of toothpaste? Dad, you have no idea how many times I have used that example in my mission. Let's see... what else happened... Nothing much. Just the members are starting to trust me more again, and they are working really hard to help fellowship people into the church, as they make these changes. I love you all more than Dianna loves you!

Chao!-Elder Nicholls

Almost at a year! - 29 November 2010

Well, you guys will never guess who my companion is.... There were some changes in the mission boundaries, and Elder Garret McGee is my companion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that! That is soooooo awesome! We just talk all day about Philmont, and the canoe trip, and all the dumb things we did as kids, and you know what else? If you actually believed this, you must, must, MUST stand up and use two fingers to give yourself indian feathers behind your head, and howl like an indian, doing that hand bopping thing over your mouth.

Ok, let me help you remember all my changes, so you can better understand the position I am in...

Change 1: Villa el Sol, with Elder Ollerton, I killed him.
Change 2: Villa el Sol, with Elder Rodriguez.
Change 3: Villa el Sol, with Elder Rodriguez, he had one change left when I left.
Change 4: Chepica, with Elder Gomez, who is now my Zone Leader.
Change 5: Chepica, with Elder Abrams, I killed him.
Change 6: Linderos, with Elder Mejia, I killed him.
Change 7: Linderos, with Elder Romo, I killed him. (Yes, he came from another sector, just to die.)
Change 8: Linderos, with Elder Robinson, I will kill him. (Yes, he came from another sector, just to die.)

Why is this happening to me???? This is my fifth companion to kill!!!! Most missionaries do not kill more than 1!!!! Sigh.... I wonder what the Lord is preparing me for...???

So Dianna, I had a similar experience with church this week. We had 6 investigators, and they were all WOMEN, so all the MEN were excited. :) Incredible... And every single investigator had a "perfect friend". Someone of the same age, and same hobbies, tastes, and interests. Unbelieveable. Seriously. I do not believe what happened. Other than that, nothing much happened. I just want to know WHAT TO DO WITH MY PANTS THAT ARE AWESOME BUT ARE TOO SMALL!!!!! Do you want me to return them in a box, and you guys send me other? Because LISTEN TO ME. The pants you sent are AMAZING!!!!! They are comfy, and perfect length, and awesome! But the waist needs to be a 38, not a 36. Please and thank you?

Well, I am looking forward to being able to call in a few weeks, and be able to talk, so you can hear my deep strong missionary voice that I have attained... Haha.

Well, I love you all, but it has been an hour. (Time goes so fast when the office makes you read like 7 emails a week, and respond to them EVERY WEEK, it certainly is time consuming, week after week....) Well I love all of you THIS MUCH!!!!! {---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------}(Pretend like they are hands) I look forward to reading more emails and dearelders abuot your lives. Even though I may not be able to always respond to dearelders, I REALLY APPRECIATE them, and LOVE reading about stories from your lives. Like Lauren and her nastified bruised legs and FACE! Gross... And Lauren, I have NOT been on facebook. If anything has changed, somebody ELSE is doing it. I do not even have an idea of what my old email or password are... So do not think I am being disobedient like that! I love you all so much! Be safe! And Dad, do not sell the bikes, because I really want to work on them and ride them more when I get home! Chao chao!-

Elder Nicholls

Dianna Update - 1 January 2011

Last email of 2010!!! - 29 December 2010

Well, Christmas was GREAT! I have another story to add onto the story I told you on Christmas. For Andrew's sake, I'll repeat the story. One morning last week Sis. Crofts and I were in a hurry to get out the door and catch our bus. We still needed to pack a lunch but there wasn't really time and we didn't really have much food. As we were bundling up though a man called and told us that he was from Cedar City, UT, that he served in this mission 24 years ago and was here visiting with his 2 teenage daughters and they wanted to talk to Sister missionaries so he invited us to lunch! This was a miracle! He took us to a nice restaurant on the waterfront and we had a really good time. His girls were so fun! When we were saying goodbye they slipped us each a $20 bill and said Merry Christmas. This was miraculous because we had no more money to buy food this month. So, to continue with this miracle, Pres. and Sis. Moses, for Christmas, gave Sis. Crofts and I EACH a ginormous basket OVERFLOWING with food! The baskets were so heavy we couldn't even lift them. We have been greatly blessed. My Christmas was wonderful.

Church on sunday was rather interesting. Our branch was more like a twig because there were only about 15 people there. Sis. Crofts and I were the speakers as well. The spirit was there though and we were able to have the sacrament so all is well. We only had a 20 minute sunday school lesson taught by Pres. Moses and then we went home. Unfortunately we just missed our bus and they only run every hour on sunday, so we hung out at the church for a while. We even had an investigator with us, Hari. He tried to teach us Tamil...

President Simpson informed us of some changes that are going to be occuring soon. Each missionary is going to make a profile on and then we're going to show members how to make their own. This is coming from Salt Lake and they're saying we need to use time other than our preparation day to do it and that we should go on the site frequently. How cool is that?! I'm excited! We give out cards for the website all the time, I'm excited to be more familiar with it. Have any of you created a profile yet?

Want to hear something weird that has happened to us the past couple of days? We've been encountering a lot of affectionate people. On sunday while we were street contacting (we weren't allowed to knock because it was boxing day) an old man in a jogging suit approached US, pulled Sis Crofts in hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. I'm pretty sure it was a wet one too. He put his hand on my shoulder about to do the same thing and I casually put my hand on his shoulder and locked my elbow so he couldn't even come any closer. He was a funny guy, super nice, just...weird. Then on Monday we were street contacting we met these 2 really cool people, I'm not sure if they were brother and sister or a couple. Anyway, we talked to them for quite awhile and when we went to leave the lady gave us each a hug and it was the tightest hug I think I've EVER had. Then not even 2 minutes later we were approached by an older lady who liked my rain boots (thanks mom!) and she bore her whole soul to us how her husbands in a nursing home and she's so lonely. We ended up hugging her too... THEN last night, while street contacting we ran into an investigator who we haven't seen in ages, (he just got back from the Bahamas) and when he saw us he hugged each of us. That one was awkward because he was a guy our age...anyway, he didn't know any better and we didn't have time to tell him. Whatever, it won't happen again.

Family! You're awesome! Enjoy the rest of your winter break! (Or for Andrew, enjoy your summer!)

Sister Nicholls

Happy winter! - 22 December 2010

Want to hear a crazy story from this week?! We have been knocking apartment buildings. Here, they're secure buildings, so we have to sneak in by tailgating someone (following someone else in). This has been convenient because it is getting colder outside so it's nice to be inside knocking. BUT the thing is, we get caught... there was one street that we got kicked out of 3 apartment buildings IN A ROW!!! The first one we were escorted out by the superintendent and the other 2 they just weren't happy and told us we couldn't be there "bothering" their tenants. Each time we innocently smiled, apologized, and left, just to begin terrorizing the next building. This has made me kind of jittery when we knock apartments because I don't like making people unhappy and getting in trouble. So, now when we get to apartments Sis. Crofts has to do most of the work because I'm frozen in fear. I would much rather be freezing outside. You would think that's I'd get used to knocking on doors. I mean, I've been doing this for over a year now and it still makes me want to pee my "pants" sometimes. The only thing that gets me to do it is knowing that finding is the only way we get people to teach and I LOVE teaching! Everytime we get a new investigator I feel like jumping for joy. Since I'm around the Universities and teach a lot of students, everyone is home for the holidays so all we have to do these days is find new people and we got a new investigator yesterday who is AWESOME! He told us he's Christian but not sure which church to join and he's excited to read the Book of Mormon and stuff. It's so exhilarating!

I LOVE the people here in Halifax! I hate to admit it, but this is my favorite area in my mission. It rocks here! I'm sad that I'll have to eventually leave this place. Sis. Crofts always talks about how she's going to move here and go to school and stuff. I told her that I want to join her, but I know that's just a fantasy because it is super expensive to live here. I'm excited to one day be able to bring some of you here and you can see why I love it so much.

I went to the temple today and it was awesome! There was a couple there from Kingston that I got to see AND there was a couple from...wait for it...MONTAGUE!!!! They came all the way from PEI to attend the temple and they just so happened to be there the same time as us. I got to sit next to the wife. It just made me so happy! You can tell I've been around this mission.... To add to that, Sister Tanner called me yesterday and asked me which airport I want to fly into. I wasn't expecting to be asked that question for at least another month. I told her Tucson. She told me I'll for sure be flying in on March 11th. This is all just really weird to me. I feel so much a part of this mission that I can't imagine being back in AZ. I know you all miss me and I of course miss you, but it's going to be really hard to have to leave this place. I HATE talking about the end! Everytime I forget about it, something else happens that makes me think about it. So, hopefully I'm done talking about it for awhile.

Well, I'm SO excited to talk to you all soon. Enjoy Christmas Eve talking to Andrew and I'll talk to you on Christmas!

Sister Nicholls

Potpourri - 15 December 2010

Well family, this has been a great week. So much good has happened.

Saturday was Andrew's baptism. Everything went as it should, but nothing went as planned. It was the most interesting baptism I've ever attended. There were 2 musical numbers and I accompanied both, without any warning. It's a good thing that I have more than just hymn experience with the piano. It turned out pretty good. Right after the baptism was our Branch Christmas Party. Andrew felt like it was a party for him. How many people have Santa at their baptism? It was fun. We even had a bunch of less actives and non members come to the party and some to the baptism. Oh, and we had 2 investigators there. They really enjoyed it. One of them said that they could see themselves being baptized one day too. How exciting!

Monday was pretty much the most perfect day of my mission. Everything went as planned! Our lessons were fantastic, our buses were on time and we didn't have to run for them, we got to eat all 3 meals that day, and our recent convert is taking his covenant very seriously and is trying his hardest not to make himself "dirty" again. I love my life!

Tuesday was transfer calls! Sister Crofts and I ran like maniacs (In a missionary sense) around the church when we were told we were staying together in Halifax! This will make 11 months in Halifax for Sis. Crofts. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen! We are super excited though, neither of us were ready to say goodbye. Her mother also sent her a huge package that we got yesterday. It had a tiny Christmas tree, a nativity scene, TONS of food and candy, and wrapped Christmas presents. She even sent me a stocking full of stuff that I can't wait to open on Christmas. Someone else has given us a gift too, so we have a little table with all of our Christmas stuff on it. We're so excited to know that we'll be here together for Christmas, it's going to be wonderful!

Okay, a little bit of business. Last week I got my hair cut and it ended up being $32!!! We know someone who works there so we went, but we didn't think it would be that expensive (Sis. Crofts was actually $45, so I'm lucky) but get this, neither of our mission cards worked!! It was really weird because they said they took that card too. So we both ended up using our cards from home, so just so you know, I used my card. Also, I send home a little Christmas package for the family. I sent it yesterday and they said it usually takes 2 weeks so you may not get it before Christmas, but you'll still love it. I used my mission card for that though to make up for my haircut (but it was only $10, so no big deal). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you.

Last week we had our Christmas Zone Conference and it was really fun. There was a talent show and the Sisters sang a song about the Restoration to the tune of Revolution by the Beatles, it was pretty good. I helped write most of it. FYI, we did it to an Elder playing the guitar so it's a bit different. Here are the words:

We're talking 'bout the Restoration
We want to change the world
He wants to give you exaltation
He loves you don't you know

We knock on your door and we talk to you
We come to tell you what we know it true
There's a Prophet on the Earth! Today!
He wants you to heed, and obey


We have a book and it's covers blue
Will you pray to know if it's true?
And then be baptized!
We have a suit that's over sized!


Trust me, it was really funny, especially because none of us are good singers. We have little visual aids too. I couldn't believe ourselves, but it was fun. Also, Santa and his elf came and brought presents like last year and I got a letter from both Mom and Dad. Actually, I got 2 copies of Dad's letter, I don't know how that happened because they were in 2 different envelopes...whatever. I really enjoyed and appreciated them both.

One last thing. I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago and I remembered it this morning. What kind of deal must I have made with Heavenly Father to be born into my life? I mean, I was born in the covenant to a faithful and loving family. It's even mentioned in my patriarchal blessing. I was spoon-fed the gospel. I understand that I did have to gain my own personal testimony and I'm grateful for the people in my life who helped me on the journey to get it, but really, what did I promise to do so that I could be so lucky? I feel that serving a mission is helping me fulfill that promise. At least to some degree. I owe Him at least that much. I'm happy to do it for Him too.

Family, I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas! I really don't know what's going to be happening yet. I just know I'll be free for most of the day. Just let me know what works best for you and I'll let you know next week what works best for me and hopefully they'll coincide. Also, I'll give you the number to reach me at. Andrew, I'm sad that we most likely won't talk to each other, but I'll be able to talk to you on Mother's day!!!!

Love you!
Sister Nicholls

P.S. There's no snow. It snowed like twice but it melted. It's just rainy. Thanks again for the rain boots!

Whoa! - 8 December 2010

Crazy week alert!

Scary story: So, we have an investigator, Isaiah that lives in a scetchy part of the city and we've been told by several people not to go to that part of the city at night. Well, we set up an evening appointment anyway because that was what was going to work for both of us. As we were waiting on the corner outside of his house (Creighton and Buddy Daye) for our member to show up all of these cop cars kept coming up the street and congregating right in front of us. They kept looking at us and we just smiled and waved. I was standing there holding a bright green umbrella, we are so funny looking sometimes. Anyway, we get a phone call from the member and she said, "Did you hear those gun shots?" We said "no" she said she was walking along Creighton and heard 2 shots in front of her. She quickly turned around and went down to the next street, to Gottingen street (referred to as got-a-gun street, how ironic). We walked down to Gottingen too to meet her, told her to walk with a purpose. When she got there we called Isaiah and he came to our rescue. I was completely freaked out. I was shaking on the inside because I knew we shouldn't be in that part of town at night and I felt really badly for making our member go down there alone. After the appointment we walked her to her bus stop because we were NOT going to let her be alone again. We're doing better at planning so we're not there at night, so that's good.

We went on exchanges this past week. I went over to Eastern Passage which is just over the bridge, near the temple. I was with Sis. Billings. She's from New Mexico and goes home one transfer before me. We plan on being friends for a long time because she's just 3 hours from Tucson. I see myself going to the Gila Valley temple a lot so that we can meet up. While I was there we taught this woman, April, for the 1st time. SHE'S AWESOME! They met with her on monday and she is on date to be baptized in January!!! I love that woman! She has a lot of changes to make because she is living a different lifestyle but she is going to accept it all really fast, I'm excited for her and for the Sisters teaching her!
I have more exciting baptism news! During Gospel Principles on sunday, Pres. Moses came and pulled Sis. Crofts and I out. He told us Andrew and Cat (Andrew is an investigator dating Cat who is a member) wanted to talk to us. We sat down in his office and they said they had some news. They told us they were pregnant but we didn't believe them for a SECOND! Andrew said that he was thinking and he really wants to get baptized, this saturday! He was originally supposed to be on date for Dec. 4th but he said no, so he hasn't had a baptism date but he said that when we had asked him to be baptized then he knew 100% that he should but he was too afraid. So on the 4th he thought about it all day, regretting his decision, so on the 5th is when he told us he can't take it anymore and he wants to be baptized. We're SO excited! He is having trouble with his family accepting this decision, but that seems to be the case with practically every YSA convert. He really is ready. It just is happening so fast!

Sis. Crofts had a couple funny experiences this week and with her permission I am sharing this story. Last night, it was cold and wet (like usual). When we came in for supper we took off our skirts and tights so that they could dry off. When we got dressed to go back out however, I was bending down to put on my boots and I noticed that Sis. Crofts was standing there with her coat, scarf, gloves and rainboots on, but she was missing her skirt!!!! That was SO funny. Being the kind hearted person that I am, I told her and she fixed it before we left. Aren't I a gem?

While we were knocking this week we got to an apartment complex that had a bunch of doorbells and glass door that they all came to. We just had to laugh the whole time because as we rang and they came, we could see their face as they realized it wasn't who they were expecting. We started saying things like "Let's see who's behind doorbell number 3!" There was one time too that we were talking to one guy and a food delivery person showed up and it was actually for him! He had originally came to the door thinking it was his food. Sorry to disappoint buddy!

I'm not too big of a fan of this next story.... A member told us that there was an article in the Dalhousie paper about us and it was not good. That freaked me out, so we went and picked up a copy. Sure enough, there was an opinion article about how annoying it is to be stopped by people of the "Church of Latter-day Saints" while walking around campus. He went on to state his unthoughtful opinion of how we should keep our religious opinion to ourselves. Let's just say that the spirit was not in that article. But for some reason, after reading it, we felt better. We knew this was one man's opinion and that it shouldn't put us down and stop us from sharing the good news with God's children. My hope is that not very many people read the opinion section of that paper.

Did you all enjoy the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional? I sure did! I love that Pres. Uchtdorf referenced the Grinch! I just love those inspired men! I always feel so good when I hear them speak.

I went to the temple this morning and I love it there! I missed it so much while I was serving elsewhere, but I'm grateful that we have one nearby at home so that it's never too far. Everytime I hear a story about someone who had to make a trip that was a couple days by bus to go, I just feel such gratitude that I live where I do. I'm so blessed.

Love you all WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY MORE than Andrew does!!! (stick out tongue at Andrew here. Perhaps add a nana-nana-boo-boo).

Your favorite, Sister Nicholls

P.S. Is that Kaitlyn Whitaker in the fuzzy part of the picture on page 8 on the conference Ensign?

It's DECEMBER!!! - 1 December 2010

I can't believe that it is actually December, the last month of 2010!!!! It's SO weird to think about. Also, it's so cool that you're almost to your year mark Andrew. You're SO OLD! It's crazy that you have killed 5 of your companions! I'm glad you laid out your changes, that was helpful. It's hard to keep up sometimes. You're such a jokester, you had me going there for a second about Garrett. How cool would that be?! I'm so gullible sometimes. I wonder who your next companion WILL be and where you'll be. I'm excited as well to talk to you all on Christmas. Are we going to work it out so that Andrew and I can talk to each other? I'd like to here his cool new "missionary voice" ;) The only thing is that Andrew and I could each talk ALOT so that could end up being a REALLY long conversation. So far President Simpson hasn't said anything about calls home so I'm going to guess it will be the same as usual. We just need to pick a convenient time.

So, since Sister Crofts and I have been here forever we have knocked all the streets and we know practically everyone and it actually is getting pretty obnoxious. SO, we talked to President about changing our area boundaries and he said we could if we got permission from our zone leaders. AND...they helped us out! We traded a chunk of our area which is mostly families with a chunk of their area which surrounds one of the Universities. It makes WAY more sense since they're in the family ward and we're in the YSA branch. We have been enjoying our new area immensely!

Story time! Last night, it was cold and dark as usual. We were knocking one of our new streets and when we knock on this one door this ferocious bark comes from the back of the house. We stop and look at each other and our eyes grow wider as we hear the sound approaching. On the inside we were both hoping no one would answer the door, but our hopes were smashed when the sweetest little woman answered the door. When she opened it though this gigantic fluffy white beast came lunging at us! Luckily, she was holding it's collar, but it was almost twice the size she was! After only a couple seconds she closed the door to just a crack and tried to talk to us through that. We didn't say much on our end but what we heard from the other side of the door was quite amusing "Sparky! They're FRIENDS!" and "Oh, he just wants to come and give you a hug." After that one, we almost ran screaming from the door, we thought she might have been serious! We offered to come back at a different time and she agreed, I'm sure she was tired of holding Sparky back. As we walked away we talked about how it would be if he had come to give us a "hug". I'm pretty sure Sparky would be bigger than us and could put his front paws on our shoulders. It was rather scary, I'm not gonna lie.

That's pretty much the only exciting thing that happened this week I think. I did have to speak on sunday. We call someone in the branch presidency every friday or saturday to see who is speaking and what the topics are so that we can let the speakers know if we're going to have investigators there and to let our investigators know what the topics will be so we can prep them for it. Well, we called friday night and they told us that I was one of the speakers. I was like "what?!" They said that someone had said no to a speaking assignment so they were just going to have me do it. I was fine with it, speaking doesn't bother me much anymore. I think it comes with the name tag. They just didn't give me a topic and that drives me nuts because I have so many thoughts, I need someone to direct them for me. It all worked out though.

Well family, I love your stinkin' guts!
Sister Nicholls