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Dianna Update - 6 March 2010

Leftovers - 3 March 2010

Oh boy do I have a lot to say this week...

Last Wednesday- We went to the temple and the 3 new sisters were there and we were trying to figure out who would end up with who and it turns out the new sisters were doing the same thing. Then the 4 of us went to email and then home so I could pack. We didn't stay long so I didn't pack much, we had decided that we wanted to walk up Citadel hill. It's a huge hill in Halifax that is also an old army fort. It's underground, inside the hill and you have to pay to get in so we didn't do that part. We just parked at the bottom, walked up, around, and down. It was SUPER windy that day and of course, cold, but it was a pretty view up there. I believe I took some pictures. After that we headed off back to the mission home for dinner with the new sisters. On our way we stopped by the smoke stacks and took perspective pictures of us licking them. They're red and white striped, like candy canes. It's pretty funny. After dinner everyone went back to their own area and I was in a trio again for a little while. It was funny because what we had planned that night was a baptismal committment! So, this new sister went straight from the MTC to committing someone to baptism, we still had her luggage in the car even. Luckily for us it all went well, no date but he's getting there. I'm sad though because it was Terry, someone Sis. Moss and I met my first saturday on my mission. He and I were both very sad to see me go. Anyway, after that we headed home and I quickly threw everything I owned into my suitcases, it's a good thing they just had to zip, not be weighed or anything.

Thursday- We got up and 4:45 am, got dressed and drove to the mission office to drop me off. I said I quick goodbye to Sis. Olsen and Sis. Crofts and got on the transfer van. The transfer van is a 12 seater exactly like our van and it pulls a trailer for all of our luggage. There weren't too many people being transfered this time. There were only 6 of us in the van and 5 of us were from Arizona!! The last Elder is actually from Halifax. He's pretending to be a missionary here while he waits for his Visa to go on his real mission in North Carolina. So, yeah, me and a bunch of frozen Arizonans. Someone who understands! So, we drive to Truro, NS(Nova Scotia and drop off 1 Elder and pick up another, and then head to Moncton, NB (New Brunswick). This is where the van turns around and heads back. It was a 2 and a half hour drive. Here is where I met Sis. Ferrell. It was a beautiful meeting because she and Sis. McEwan (Her old companion who was going back on the van) had been arguing the entire drive over. So she was NOT happy. We awkwardly get my stuff in the car and head off. After 5 minutes, we're lost. Luckily, I kept calling it an adventure and laughing it off so that Sis. Ferrell didn't think I was judging her or anything. We finally make it to the right freeway and I ask "So, about how far is Montague from here?" She chuckled, "2 and a half hours." WHAT?! It turns out they'd been up and driving just as long and we had. So, yeah, lots of driving, but we did get to cross the Confederation Bridge. It's the Bridge that connects New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. It's one of the longest bridges in the world, if not the longest. It takes about 10 minutes to cross and it cost $45. Luckily, it's a round trip cost so you only pay when you leave the Island. We had to make a stop in Charlotte town for some supplies at Wal-Mart. (It turns out, there isn't ANYWHERE to shop in Montague or any of the surrounding towns). Then when we finally reach Montague Sis. Ferrell realizes that it's time to be at service so we head straight to an old folks home and help them play Bingo, sweet! Then we had an appointment, which fell through. Then finally we headed to the apartment! Home Sweet Home is a tiny duplex with a yappy dog on the other side. Also, the neighbor not in our duplex but the other side, has a dog that she leaves outside so she greets us everytime we come home. I don't really remember what else we did that night, oh well, probably just met someone.

Friday- We had a really cool lesson with Jayde, a 15 year old. That night we met THE coolest old people IN THE WORLD! It's Jean and Cathy Schumate, They're members. Jean is 82 and Cathy is her daughter. The moment we walk in Jean is scolding Sis. Ferrell because she forgot to call and tell them that she was staying in Montague. She is this tiny old cute woman and she'll be scolding Sis. Ferrell then turn to me and ask "Would you like a cookie, dear?" Haha. We stayed for awhile and had some cookies and got to know them, I still don't think Sis. Ferrell has earned her way back into Jean's heart.

Saturday- We went knocking. It takes about 5 minutes to walk between each house so we got to know each other as we talked between each one. Sis. Ferrell is very...interesting. She is from Louisiana. She has a different kind of sense of humor, but she's fun to be around. We are polar opposites though because she's tiny and I'm, well, not. I'll have to send you a picture sometime soon I guess. Also, while we were knocking, I told Sis. Ferrell that I had a brother in Chile, and I found out she has a brother on a mission too, in Salt Lake. A couple houses after telling her this we were making small talk with this old guy and he asked if we had heard about the massive eathquake in Chile. My heart sank. I told him my brother was there. We all got really quiet. He went and turned on the news. We all watched silently for a good 5 minutes. I didn't know what to do. All I wanted to do was leave and call someone who knew if Andrew was okay. Neither Sis. Ferrell or this man knew what to do or say either so we stood there awkwardly for a while. I just bore my testimony about eternal families and my eyes watered. We said good bye and as we walked to the next house I called the Tanners and asked them to find out for me if the missionaries were safe. They kept their eye out all day and called me that night saying that 8 of the 9 mission president's had reported that all missionaries were safe. I forgot which one they said hadn't reported yet, but it wasn't Rancagua. Andrew, I didn't realize that I loved you as much as I do. I'm grateful that you are alright.

Sunday- I met the Branch here. Only 3 or 4 members are actually from Montague, everyone else has to travel. The building here is TINY. I think they call it a phase 1 chapel. The chapel is also the cultural hall, but it's small. Also the steeple is on the ground, detached from the building. I should take a picture. The people here are THE NICEST on the planet though. That night we had dinner with the De Vries family, but it turns out that they have the missionaries over EVERY sunday, so I'll get used to them quick.

Monday- We helped some members move, fun, fun. We had an AMAZING appointment with this single mom of 3 kids. She's a golden investigator. Her name is Janette and she WANTS to come to church and she WANTS to read the Book of Mormon and she asks the coolest questions. I'm SO excited to keep teaching her. We then had dinner with Pat Harvey and her 2 Granddaughters, one of which isn't baptized yet and is 11 so is technically an investigator. She sent us home with A LOT of leftover.

Tuesday- We knocked for 4 hours. Brrrr! We had ANOTHER Dinner Appointment. This time with the James', an old couple in the ward. They also have the missionaries over every week. They're really funny because the man is going deaf so Sis. James is constantly shouting, even when she's not talking to him. They tried to send us home with leftovers as well but there just isn't room in the fridge, it's still full of leftovers from before I got here. Seriously, there's no need to buy food here, just eat leftovers. We also have a dinner appointment tonight.

Did that give you a good idea of what's going on with me right now? I hope so. Of course, I left some things out, but I'm pretty sure I gave you the most important parts. I love you all and hope all is well.

Sis. Nicholls

Goodbye Halifax, Hello Montague! - 24 Feb 2010

That's right, I'm being transferred to Montague, PEI (Prince Edward Island) I leave 5 am tomorrow. I'm going from the biggest city in my mission to the smallest (at least for the Sister's). My companion will be Sister Ferrell (spelling?) She's the only Sister in the mission that I haven't met! I will meet her tomorrow when I'm dropped off. I hear that she's from Lousiana and very funny. I'm excited. Some people start laughing when they try to picture us together. They think we'll have a hard time being serious. That's okay, I'm ready for some hard core laughter. I also hear that PEI is colder and WAY windier than Halifax, I'M SO EXCITED! not. It'll be an adventure. I don't know how long I will be there either because practically every sister moved this transfer because there are 3 new sisters and President said not to get too comfortable because it will all be changing next transfer. I'm really hoping that I can be there during some of the spring and summer though because that's when it's supposed to be beautiful! Right now everything is a dreary waste land. And mom, if you said it's going to snow for the next 8 days, then it could be even more interesting.

Andrew, you're hilarious. Why? AND I'm jealous that you're getting so skinny. I've lost about 15 pounds but you can't tell at all and I have a feeling that I'll gain it back because I'll actually have dinner appointments in Montague. There are 2 sisters visiting Halifax today to pick up their new missionaries and they both have lost 5 sizes since they've come on their mission! What's with all of this weight loss?! I thought people gained weight on their mission?! Whatever, not important. Really, I don't care, it just happens.

Jennifer, thanks for sending some pictures. I still can't believe how big Liam is. He has the CUTEST face. Carter is simply adorable as well. I'm jealous of your beautiful family. Becky AND Killen are getting married on June 4th! Holly is a cute girl. She served in the RS Presidency with me for a bit. Why does everyone have to get married while I'm away? I'll have no single friends when I get home. I'll have to start ALL over! Maybe I'll move to Utah and be friends with all the Sisters from my mission. NOT! I'll be DONE with the snow.

My brain is SO scattered, is it obvious? I've had a good week but I'm getting nervous about leaving Halifax. I'm going to miss everyone so much. One of our investigators, Terry was SO upset that I'll leaving. We scheduled 1 last appt. before I left (tonight) and we're going to commit him to baptism! He's SO cool. He has committed himself to live the WoW and other commandments and has come to church 5 times, 3 of them in a row, AND this past sunday in Priesthood they asked who would like to attend the temple trip on thursday and he raised his hand! So someone explained to him how that all works and he has agreed to go and meet the temple president in the little room in the lobby. I'm sad that I won't be there, I'll just barely miss it. I'm almost positive that he'll accept the baptism commitment and I'm sad that I'll miss his baptism. I'm sad to miss all of the baptisms that are going to come from our current investigators. The new missionary joining is going to be so lucky to come into such an awesome area!

Andrew, the temperature here is in Celcius as well, so I'll totally understand. It's weird though that it's summer there because I'm FREEZING! Where is your companion from? What weird foods have you eaten? Tell me more!

I love you all and I hope that all is going well.
Sister Nicholls

Snow Day! - 17 Feb 2010

Today is a snow day! The Universities are closed and everything! The library was closed for a while as well, that's why I'm emailing a little later than usual.

It took us 20 minutes to shovel out our car this morning. It actually took 30 minutes because we took pictures. :) This was even after a plow had been through our parking lot! I was smiling and laughing the whole time because I had NO idea what I was doing! Did you know that you use a broom to get the snow off of your car???!!! Well, you do. Sis. Olsen did that part while I worked with a shovel on the ground. It took me a while to get used to holding the shovel and then we had to pick a place to put it all! This is nuts! What's nice though is that when it snows it warms up. It's only 0 degrees today! :D Andrew, what's the temperature there this time of year? Is it in Farenheit or Celcius? Also, what's the time difference??! Your mission sounds SOOOO different from mine. It sounds so cool there though. It is fun to see how people talk. Accents are funny. I actually was told that I have a weird accent the other day! What?! I'm glad that you are teaching a lot. Our President has told us to go tracting 2 hours everyday and have 2 lessons, and if we have extra time, go tracting. It's nuts! We are outside at least 14 hours a week meeting new people and his goal is for each companionship to be up to 21 hours a week. This is proof that the acceptance here isn't intense. People are REALLY nice though, and that helps because rejection can eat at you after a while. Luckily, I move on pretty quick. It's just when we run into the occasional person who likes to curse that we get upset. People have their agency.

I'm learning to love Sis. Olsen. We've found ways to work together better. We've come up with a fun game to pass the time while we're traveling. We will sing a hymn or primary song but we will take turns saying every other word. We laugh until we cry almost everytime because she's a good singer and I'm not so the tune isn't very pretty, and it's funny when we forget the words. We also try to do something fun every Peve (P-day eve). We made a cake once, and I can't remember the other times, oh well, I'm sure it's in my journal. Andrew, when is your P-Day?

I don't know why, but I can't think of anything else to say right now. Mom, thanks for the letters and Dad thanks for the email. I probably don't say it enough but hearing from you is the crowning moment of my day/week. They seem to come at the right time too.

Love you all!
Sister Nicholls

Sun! Snow. Sun! Snow. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! - 10 Feb 2010

Hey family!
The weather here is so funky. There are days where I'm freezing my buns off and then days where I'm almost sweating (with my coat on.) I'm going to show a little pride here now: I'm less freezing than Sister Olsen! Or at least I've told myself to stop complaining, it definitely doesn't make the day go faster...

Guess what?! We had an investigator, Terry, come to church for the 3rd time! He even wore a suit! And he fasted and joined us for Break the Fast! I can't believe it! He is really enjoying the gospel. He told us at our last lesson that he definitely thinks it's a sign that Sister Moss and I approached him on the street because he says that he has been told several times that he is a very unapproachable person, so the fact that we met him is a sign that it must be important! I just love him! He is making friends in the Branch and is starting to come to activities and parties that members are throwing. Get this! Our branch has a goal to give out 100 copies of the Book of Mormon this year and Terry said that he wants one to give to his room mate! He's already a missionary!!!!!! I can't wait to baptize him!

Also, Dad, we met a girl on the street this week named Vera and she's from the Dominican Republic and after talking to her for awhile she said that she's seen the temple there and has also seen missionaries! I couldn't help but think of you and what you had the opportunity to be a part of. It's amazing, because the mission opened and you were sent there, this young woman, in Canada, can relate to us.

I don't have much else to say but please don't send any more mail to my apartment because I'm pretty sure I'm being transfered in 2 weeks and would rather have it at the office so it can get to me. I'll let you know of my new address, if and when, I'm transferred. Spread the word too, please.

Also, I have an idea. Could you all share with me your favorite scripture and tell me why it's your favorite? I'll go first, it's Alma 38:5. I don't have my scriptures with me and I don't have it memorized but it's Alma talking with his son Shiblon about how if you trust in God then he will help you through your trial, troubles and afflictions. This is my current favorite because I've realized how true it is. Now and in the past, when things look like they might be the end or that things will never look up, I realize my eternal potential and allow God to help me. He will always be there for us, no matter who we are or what situation we are in. I love him for that.

I love you all!
Sister Nicholls

Adventures in knocking - 3 Feb 2010

Okay, knocking has become a new experience altogether. I started wearing the mittens you sent mom, so I don't have access to my fingers. So getting cards out of my pocket is REALLY funny! Luckily, they have tiny little grips on them so I can still get something out, just not being able to choose what I want, so I don't tell people what I'm giving them until it's out of my pocket, LOL. Is that bad?? Also, I went to put a card in someone's mail slot because no one came to the door and it spit back out at me! And then, I couldn't pick it up off the ground. We were laughing so hard and laughing made it harder to be bent over, so it took us at least 3 minutes just to pick up the card! Also, because it's so cold, practically every doorbell is broken so we have to knock. We can't knock with our gloves on because it will be too soft and it's gotten too cold to take off out glove so we bring a golf ball with us to knock with. It's a genius idea (I didn't think of it, it's been around for ages) but once I DROPPED IT! It made quite the racket as it bounced down the wooden, icy steps on someone's porch, oops. We have gotten so many doors closed in our faces these days. Where did all of the interested people go? Maybe it's because we don't have Sis. Moss anymore. She was the one who knew what to say when they weren't interested.
Thanks for the pictures. Kristen and Lauren, it looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun with Young Americans. I remember when they'd come to town, it was fun to watch. I was admiring the pictures from the family reunion. It's weird to look at. I don't know why. We're missing the 2 boys and Samantha is in the picture, I'm having a hard time imagining what life is like for you guys right now. I want to be there, I can't be physically but my prayers are sure there.
I have some sad news of my own, my scripture case ripped!! Gasp! Since I carry it everywhere practically, it wore out at a seam and ripped. I'm going to try and stitch it back together but I don't know how well that will work. It's not as bad as a make it sound, it's only about an inch and a half long, but it will get worse. I'm going to miss my bright orange case.
Well, I'll end on a happy note, JOE, an investigator, HAS A BAPTISM DATE! Feb. 13th!! He's a little hesitant, but we'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted (and by that I mean I'll tell you next week if it's still a go.)

I love you all and I have a million more things I would love to tell you about but time is ridiculously short.

Sister Dianna Nicholls

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