Sunday, July 11, 2010

Andrew Update - 11 July 2010

Re: Another Monday morning - 5 July 2010

So did Bro Seamons sing the usual song like he has sung for 10 years) Haha. I hope so. Traditions are what keep the bonds tight in the church. (As long as they are good tradition, which do not inflict harm nor make fun of anybody or anything like that..). I love the stories about the starting of America, but I can never talk about it here. I never EVER talk about the United to States to Anybody, because all it does is bring up greed, jealousy, and hatred. I get really uncomfortable when people start complimenting the United States, and how lucky I am, because I have no idea what to say. I am trying to be humble, and live like Chileans, not complain about anything, and love all the people. But lots of people talk bad about me just for being Gringo. Chile wants to be America more than any other country. They use some engligh words in their speech, all products here are American, drinks, lots of foods, all TV programs are from the States, just translated.

And like you said Dad, sometimes I get worried for our country, and the world, and how it is getting corrupt. You would not believe the evil down here. Every tv show is from the states, but the shows that are from Chile, have pornography. Yep. That is right. Up and down the streets, people sell pornography at little kiosks, and businesses, and lots of tv programs show womens chests. Ya its hard to go a full week without seeing anything. Also, women are not afraid to whip out their baby and give them chest in front of you, or during sacrament meeting. I am so tired of seeing Women feeding their babies without covering up or leaving the room! Nobody cares about personal privacy, or modesty! I saw a little girl the other day, 4 years old, in a leather miniskirt, and tight leather tank top, with high heels and lipstick. 4 YEARS OLD. Also, everybody here tries to kiss me, because it is the way to greet. Also, on the bus, it is always so crowded, and I get rubbed up against all the time. But it is just totally normal here to be packed like a can of sardines. Ugh. Sometimes I just want to run and hide in my bed from the world.

Well this week was really hard, because it rained and we had to work in it, and we did not find hardly any new investigators. Like 6 or 7. And the english class is cool.

Well we have 6 baptismal dates for now, but I imagine about 3 failing really soon, especially because there did not go to church today. What can I do to help people understand the importance of going to church? The main problem is sleeping. I pass by 10 minutes befor the meeting, at 9:50, and everybody is asleep. The usual hour that people wake up is like noon. So what can I do to help people understand that they should go to church? What can I do do give people the desire to act? How can I teach the restoration even more simply? I made a little diagram thing, that has a list of prophets, and a picture of them. You turn the page, and it says APOSTASY. and then the next page says God calls a prophet to end an apostasy. And then that repeats for 7 prophets. Then when it comes to Joseph Smith, there have ABSOLUTELY no idea what God should do to end an apostasy, even though we went through a process of 7 prophets. I cannot teach any simpler! I teach like I am teaching Liam! Seriously! I feel like a nursury working in the ward, just 24/7!

Well I am going to go now, and do stuff. Do I need to fill out this Money honey thing and send it? I am going to send it to the house next week with my camera memory card. I have like 400 pictures. Or is that false... I do not remember. So where is my email from Matthew? Did he send a dear Elder? I love you all! I hope you are going to have fun this week in Knotts Berry Farm while I work in the rain in a different language! I can not wait to be able to use this new ability in the life after the mission! I am going to talk to all the mexican people, and let them know they can not make fun of me without me knowing, because now I can understand them! HAHAHA!! Ahem... I love you all! Chao!

Elder Nicholls

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