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Andrew Update - 29 August 2010

Another week - 16 August 2010

Well, we had an emergency transfer today.

Nothing because someone got hurt, but a missionary went home a few weeks early to start with school, and my comp took his spot in another sector. So now me and the other two missionaries are in a trio. I am in a TRIO. Weird. And one of my companions is ending his mission in three weeks, and I think after he dies, the sector is going to go from 4 missionaries, to two. Elder Carpio and I. And my other comp is called Elder Abrams. So Elder Gomez is gone, and does not live with me anymore. So no more worries about arguing with him! Sweet! But this next change, if I am with Elder Carpio, he will be my third comp straight, of latinos. At the end of this next change, that would mean 7 and a half months of living with a latin companion. Wow.

Well this sunday, we had more investigators in church that ever in my mission. 9. Not counting the two that got confirmed, because technically that would be 11. And we had an investigator that was going to go, but got called to work, and she has a baptismal date, so there´s another, plus a few other investigators that usually go, didn`t. But what was sweet, is that we had an ENTIRE FAMILY THERE. An atheist Dad, Alez, (who is changing lots, and is beginning to progress actually) the Mom, Maria, (Who was hardcore catholic who prayed to the virgen, and did weird stuff, and constantly reminded us she is never going to change, but she has changed her mind on a lot) two daughters, Angeles and Katy, and the nine year old son, Felipe. Plus The friend of Angeles, Kena. This whole family is going to get baptized within a few weeks.

So I loved your Hallmark Cards! I was laughing here alone, because nobody around me understands English, So I was here cracking up and the rest just stared at the dumb gringo. Ha. Speaking of english, my english class is still going strong! I love teaching, and I am getting better at teaching it! We play games, do stuff on the board, and always bring treats.

Dianna, you always have some kind of story to share. I wish I could do more knocking. That is the only thing I do not like about this sector, is that we can never hardly do knocking, because we have knocked everywhere thousnds of times, and nobody wants to talk to us, and pretty much have horrible thoughts about the missionaries, and do not want anything to do with us. But that`s alright. I am glad I am not having to deal with bees and bugs like you, or humidity. I just worry about the dogs chasing my bike, and making sure my bike works. Speaking of...

Bikes are amazing here. Ok Dad, Mom, Dianna. Think. If you needed to replace the axel on a bike, and the ball bearings inside, how much do you think it would cost to have a person:
1: Take the bike, and dismantle it.
2: Find the replacement part, and instal it for you.
3: Put the bike back together.
4: Fix up the brakes, and grease up the chain, and joints.

How much do you think that would all cost? Hm? Any ideas? I will tell you how much it costs here. Are you ready? Three dollars. For ALL of that. THAT IS NOTHING!! If you have a BIG problem, like missing parts, and really broken pieces, the most you would spend is about 10 dollars. SO CHEAP!

Well I hope everything is going well at home. I heard that Mom needs to take 4 trips a day just to get the girls to school.. Where is this school at? Ya I sure you can get some kind of carpool set up, or maybe they will get busses, or I am sure something is going to happen, to make life easier for you guys. I hope members do something for my birthday, since there are a few with birthdays this week too, even one on the SAME day as me. Maybe I will finally make that coffee cake Mom sent me to make! I cannot believe I still haven`t made it! I just never have the recipe when I am shopping, because we have to shop out of town. Sad huh? We have to take a bus for 40 minutes just to go shopping. We live in nowheresville.

To end, Mom, did you get my suggestion about how you can read the Book of Mormon? About how every time, get a new paperback copy, and highlight everything you find in of one topic, for example, all the prophesies(?) and quotes from Jesus, next time, Faith... Dad! You should totally buy a regular paperback copy of El Libro de Mormón! Because in the back, there is something that doesn´t exist in english! It´s like the bible dictionary, with the topical guide put together! In every subject, there´s a definition, the churches view on the topic, and other useful information, followed by referencias from all 4 books of scripture. It is amazing! Well my time is up, gonna watch my hallmark cards again, and head out. Love you all, Chao chao!

-Elder Nicholls

Wow - 9 August 2010

We have misters??? WHAT!?!? What other rich people things do we have? We have a word for that here in Chile, cuico. It means that we have fancy looking things, kind of like bling bling in English. What other additions have been made to the house? How are my things? Mainly my guitar... Where did it get put? Who is using my speakers? Haha. Just curious. My english class is doing well, and I have regulars, and they really enjoy coming and playing games, and learning REAL english. Because I can actually PRONOUNCE the words correctly.

So this week has been really cool, because we found a lot of investigators. Way more than usual, because we are applying other methods into our work. We teach a lot in the doorway, and at the gate, because people are too stubborn to let us in. We have had a lot of progress with one family in particular. Maria the Mom, her husband Luis I think (He doesn´t listen much, just eats with us sometimes, and goes to activities, but doesn´t learn the gospel) The daughters Katy and Angeles, the son Felipe, and the friend of Angeles, Kena (Maria Eugenia). Katy is 18 years old, Angeles 14, Felipe 9, and Kena 15. We have to be REALLY careful with these people, because the girls are snakes sometimes. That means they do not care about the message, just want to flirt and be around the gringo missionary. It started off like that, but now they are beginning to understand the difference of this church, and that it really blesses their lives. But since they come to church, participate, and always receive us into their house, we can´t just drop them. But we are working on helping them understand the difference between members and missionaries. We tell them ALLL the time, they just don´t get it. Patience, love, and prayer. But do not worry about me, my focus is all on the work. But this family is incredible, because they always invite us to eat, or have family home evening, come to church, and read the Book of Mormon. I can see all 5 getting baptized, leaving the Dad out, because he is very stubborn, and we have to let him be, or he gets mad. Que porfiado! But whatever.

My comp and I are getting better, because that p-day, he just ignored me ALL day, even when working, only talking to me in the lesson. Then after 2 days of that, I finally got fed up and called the zone leaders to talk to him and set him straight. They told us to do comp inventory on this specific problem, and he just yelled at me, and told me to recognize my errors, and change. But he always complains about my personality. About my sense of humor, or how I talk, or how I think, or things that have nothing to do with him whatsoever. Always tells me to change things, because it bugs him that I do something a certain way. But to be honest, I do not want to change, or can´t change, because it has to do with my personality. He tells me "If you don´t change on the mission, you will never ever ever change to be better in all your life!" But, it doesn´t matter! I am going to have friends that LIKE my personality, and going to marry a woman who LIKES who I am. But he really doesn´t understand it. So the zone leaders had us go on divisions with the other elders in the house. I went with another gringo, and he went with another latino. That way we could talk in our own languages and figure things out. Hey! Felipe, the son of that family, just came up from behind me and scared me! I just talked with him a few minutes, and we are going to pass by in like 20 minutes now. Because their cat peed on my backpack, so the mom is cleaning it, and I am using a briefcase they lent me. So ya. So me and Elder Abrams talked and talked, and figured out some ways to solve the problem. We returned, and me and my comp talked a lot, and decided to erase everything, forget it all, and start over again with love. And now we are a way better compañarismo. Then afterwards, Elder Abrams told me that him and his comp were listening the whole time while we solved our last problems. He said I had handled it in the best way he thought was possible, and that skills like that are what´s going to carry me into leadership positions, and in solving future problems. All in all, we all agreed, except for Elder Gomez my comp, that Elder Gomez is the source of the problem. Because it really is like that. He gets mad because he doesn´t listen to me when I talk, and when we leave to do something and he has no idea what´s going on, He says "Why didn´t you tell me before!" And I say that I did, and he says no, yes, no, yes.... And he gets mad and doesn´t talk, or says bad stuff about gringos. Whatever. I love him anyways.

Well I got like 10 dear Elders this week, but haven´t had much time to read, because we have been getting home at like 10:20 this week, super late. Too late, but our lessons have been making us do that. But next week I will respond. I love you all, and Dianna, have fun with those dogs! Keep up the hard work, and buy yourself a sweater! Or maybe I´ll knit you one, because I learned how, and am making scarves for my investigators and members... Love you all! Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

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