Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dianna Update - 12/30/09

Another thing I learned this week is that Halifax didn't qualify for a temple. They didn't have enough members, but after awhile they found out that they have the highest percentage of full tithe payers than practically anywhere else in the world, so they built one. They celebrated the 10th anniversary this year. Cool story, huh?
I have a good story to tell you! A couple days ago we knocked into this old woman who let us in before we even said anything. It was quite the experience and I know I'm not going to be able to do it justice but here are a few of the things that happened:
~ She let us in and when we asked her name she proudly said "Doris Elizabeth Swicker"
~ She had us sit down and at 4 separate times she insisted that I was uncomfortable in the chair I was in and had me move.
~ She wanted to take my coat and I said I was fine, I gave in the second time she asked because I'd already moved 4 times and knew she wouldn't quit asking.
~ Asked if we'd met her cat about 10 times.
~ Asked if we liked her Christmas tree 3 or 4 times
~ Told us she was just sitting there reading her book because her "dad" was gone for a little while when we got there. (We're pretty sure she means her husband)
~ We sang I am a Child of God and she counted something on her fingers while we sang.
~ She said "I'm glad you're here!" close to a million times, no joke.
~ Sister Moss asked to use the washroom and Doris took her. When they got there Doris pointed and said, "You can sit there and use that paper." LOL!!!
~ My personal favorite: Since she kept talking about her book we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was excited to have it. Just before we left we told her again the read it and her response was hilarious, I'll never forget it. "I love this book it's one of my favorite's. See these tabs here? Those are the best parts, I put them there." Bless her soul!!!!!

The list could go on and we were there for a little less than 15 minutes. She was so happy and giggly. We're guessing her short term memory loss is part of Alzheimer's but she was really sweet.

This weekend is we went to Amherst for 2 baptisms. Sister Olsen had knocked into Logan and started teaching him and she was also teaching Wendy, a member referral. President and Sister Simpson wanted to go and said they'd take Sister Olsen because she had taught them and was just going to leave Sister Moss and I here. Then they decided to let Sister Moss go because she was going home soon and they wanted to give her a chance to say goodbye. I only went because I couldn't stay alone in Halifax.
We stayed with the Sisters there, Sister Billings has been her a transfer longer than me and I love her! The trip was wonderful though. It was great to see more of Nova Scotia. Amherst is a cute little town with it's own little quirks.
Monday there was another baptism, but in Halifax. We didn't know about it until that morning. It was a members husband. It was the most attended baptism I'd ever been to and it was for 1 person!
They were able to have that many people come because it was a national holiday, boxing day. It's funny though because Boxing day is December 26th but since it was a weekend, they still got a business day off. I wish things worked like that in the States.
Yesterday was a "sick day" both of my companions were sick, with different things even. They slept ALL day! It's hard to entertain yourself in a missionary apartment. I found a 1000 piece puzzle and did the whole thing, read most of 2 New Era's and 2 Ensigns, wrote 2 letters, colored in a "Cars" coloring book I found (I have no idea why we had one of those), and wrote in my journal. I couldn't believe how long they slept and how bored I was. I wish I was able to just sleep too, but I couldn't.
Well that's about all the excitement that's happened since I last talked to you. Thanks.

Sister Nicholls

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