Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Andrew Update - 1/27/10

Sorry for the lag in updates...

1/13/10 ... So Yesterday in the training resource center, where we give lessons to volunteer investigators, I gave the first lesson in spanish. Sayin stuff like : Despues de la expiacion, los
After the atonement, the
apostoles de Jesucristo fue perseguido hasta muerte. I love Spanish! I can't wait to get to Chile!
apostles of Jesus Christ were persecuted until death.
Love you all! Write DearElder more!

Elder Nicholls

1/20/10 That youth theme is awesome! I read it to my companion, and I think it helped him get through some hard times too! So today we went to the temple, and he had a really good experience, and got answers to his questions. I'm so happy for him! So something my zone president said that is really awesome was: "Your main goal on your mission (for your companionship), is to make sure your companion is doing better than you are." So I'm really trying to do that! Today on the way to the temple, we had to walk all the way while it was snowing! It was so awesome! Dad, I want to hear cool stories about your mission in all your letters. I want to hear about tough times you went through, and what you did to overcome them. I actually understood your spanish! Yo quiero oir mas acerca de su mision en Republica
I want to hear more about your mission in the Dominican
Dominicana. Yo tengo miedo poquito porque yo soy no bueno cuando estoy hablando espanol.
Republic. I am a little afraid because I am not good when I am speaking Spanish.
Oh, i found out this keyboard does accents too. I will give you another sentance... El ccm is muy
The ??? is very
divertido porque los miembros de mi distrito son cómico y mi compañero es muy guapo. jaja,
fun because the members of my district are funny and my companion is very handsome, haha,
chiste! El evangelio restaurado ha bendecido nuestra familia en muchas cosas, como teniendo un
joke! The restored gospel has blessed our family in many ways, like having a
hogar siempre, muchos hermanos, padres amorosos, y muchas otras cosas. Pero yo sé que este
home always, many bro/sisters, loving parents, and many other things. But I know that this
iglesia es la iglesia verdadera de Dios. Dios nos ama, y nos quiere regresar para vivir con Él otro
church is the true church of God. God loves us and wants us to return to live with him again.
vez. Yo qiero el mejor por mi familia, y yo quiero ser el misionero regresar a hogar, y mis padres
I want the best for my family, and I want to be the missionary to return home, and my parents
ser feliz por su hijo. Mamá! Mis pantelones son más grande! Yo necesito pantelones más
be happy for their son. Mom! My pants are too big! I need smaller pants!
pequeño! Madre, Padre, yo soy muy feliz para estar aquí, serviendo el Señor, a las personas de
Mother, Father, I am very happy to be here, serving the Lord, to the people of
Chile. Por favor guarden los miembros en mi distrito, distrito 40A, en sus oraciones, mientras yo
Chile. Please keep the members in my district, district 40A, in your prayers, while I
guardo a ustedes em mios. I love you guys! Dad, I'm proud to be su hijo, and I am doing the best
keep you in mine.
I can in order to come home, and make you proud to be my Father. I can't wait to see the happiness in the families I baptize! I love you guys! Say hi to everybody in the family!

Elder Nicholls


  1. CCM = Centro de Capitacion Misional = Missionary Training Center

  2. Hmm, can't edit. That's supposed to be Centro de Capacitacion Misional. Good Luck Elder! Yo recuerdo cuando fuimos del CCM, estuvimos tan orgullados, pensado que pudimos hablar espanol. Cuando llegamos en Uruguay no pudimos entender nada! Ningun palabra. Viste "The Best Two Years"? "Elder, that's not the language they taught in the MTC!"