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Dianna Update - 27 September 2010

Transfer week, are you ready for this? - 22 September 2010

Transfers: Not a single Sister in the entire mission moved. I know. This transfer will be 6 months that I'll be with Sis. Ferrell. After this she only has 6 more weeks until she goes home, so I'll probably stay with her those too. That will be 7 1/2 months with her! My life did a huge flipperoo. I went from changing every 6 weeks to staying stagnant.

The Wolfville Sisters are still living with us though, that keeps us busy. Sister Johnson has started working part of the day. She is doing loads better, which is good because she isn't someone who likes to be babied and stay inside. She is a Get 'er done kind of person and it's been hard for all of us to see her have to stay in and not even be able to physically handle the entire situation. They're still looking for an apartment for them but there hasn't been anything yet. We don't know how long they'll be here but we'll enjoy it while it lasts. It's great because we can breathe, we're not attached at the hip to our companions anymore. President has told us to just keep doing exchanges. So, we'll switch every couple of hours, it's fun.

Andrew, congrats on the converts who are staying active. That's a great feeling. I was just informed of some sad news. Terry, the convert in Halifax, has decided to stop going to church for awhile. This is a decision he has made and informed the missionaries of. I'll just keep him in my prayers and hopefully he'll realize what he's missing. I was also informed though of some great news. Daylen, the investigator in Wolfville with a baptismal date that fell off the face of the planet. Well, Bro. Flanagan (Daylen's fellowshipper) called the Wolfville Sisters and told them that he bumped into Daylen on the street and got his new address and phone number and he's looking forward to meeting with them again. This made Sis. Brandley and I go ecstatic! I hope that goes well, they still have to wait until they have an apartment though...

I'm just rambling, I don't really have anything important to say except that we had an investigator come to our Book of Mormon read last night and it sounds like he's going to come every week. OH! AND There is a new family in the Branch, the Gionet's. They're 24 years old and they have a 22 month old named.....LIAM!!!! It's CRAZY! I'm sad that I'm missing Liam and Carter start growing up. I'm going to have to put in some extra babysitting hours when I get back to catch up with all this lost time.

I just reread my email and I realized that I sound very homesick and trunky. Don't worry, I'm not. I just don't have anything else occupying my mind right now. Hopefully a hymn or something will get stuck there soon. LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Nicholls

So you think I've seen it all...? - 15 September 2010

So, I may have mentioned earlier that there is a Sister Missionary (Sister Johnson) who is serving in Wolfville right now who is extremely sick because of the mold in the apartment there. (I'm glad that it didn't affect me at all). Well, she has been sick for about a month now and within the last week, chaos has ensued. We (Sis. Ferrell and I) got out of a lesson on friday afternoon and discovered we had 3 voicemail messages. That NEVER happens. One was from an investigator, that was good. But the other 2 have flipped our world upside down. One was from the zone leaders telling us that the Wolfville Sisters were moving in with us. The other was Sis. Johnson herself singing a message to us about how their apartment is killing her and she's being dramatic. (She's hilarious!) Anyway, Sis. Johnson had gone to the Doctor friday morning and they told her that her body had reached a toxic level from being exposed to mold and that she had to get out of her apt. ASAP! So, they packed a couple suitcases and headed over, we only had a couple hours notice. That was friday, they're still here! It's been fun. Sis. Johnson can't work, she's not very functional right now. So we take turns "babysitting" her and the other 2 go out and work. It's been exciting. I like working with Sis. Brandley. So, we don't know how long they'll be here. Transfers are next week and they'll most likely transfer them both and possibly close the area, at least to Sisters. I know, I can't believe this either. Don't worry, no one is in real danger. Our Zone leaders and Elder Tanner are taking care of it and we're fine being a foursome here, it's actually really fun!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! Mom, I love that skirt you sent. The sweater is too big though. What do you want me to do? I can send it back to you if you'd like. So, I woke up this morning and on the washroom door were a bunch of different pieces of construction paper. At the top was "Happy Birthday" and then in half sheets they had a word starting with each letter of Dianna and a picture to go with it. They had used some creativity. This is what they said: Duvet (because you're comforting, Intinerent (about every 6 weeks), Arizona, Nucleus, Natty ((I had to look that up)), Ardent (about the gospel) and then another paper saying "We love you". I live with the 3 best Sister missionaries there are!!! Today, we went to Pizza Delight for lunch because I could eat free!!! AND THEN we went to the ZOOOOOO!!!! I saw a Zonkey! And a bunch of other cool things. I wish I had more time, but the computer is going to push me off in about 30 seconds, AH! I love you, love you, love you!!!!!

Sister Nicholls

Another crazy week! - 8 September

So, we finally got back to our beds and everything last Wednesday night after all the fun of Sister's conference. I fell asleep faster than ever that night. Unfortunately the night didn't go as planned. Here is how it actually went:

There I was at 4:15 am, asleep. I heard the gentle sound of rain hitting the roof. My initial thought was "Man, and I didn't even get my rain boots yet." I just rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. The noise got louder. Since it was keeping me up I decided to take a look out the window and watch it for a little while. When I got to the window I didn't see any rain, I saw something completely different. I didn't want to believe my eyes so I went and put my glasses on. Sure enough, what I saw was our next door neighbor's porch on fire! I smacked Sis. Ferrell (under the covers) on her leg and exclaimed "Sis. Ferrell, the neighbor's house is on fire!!!" We both jump up and get our shoes on and she grabs the keys and the phone (smart girl) and we head outside. By this time people were shouting WAKE UP! to get the people out of the house. (Every one's fine) Someone told us to move our car because we were parked between our house and the one on fire and they were afraid something might happen to it. So we moved it down the side street to a parking lot. We started walking back to our house (We live above a business in a 100 year old Victorian house) and there was smoke, embers, and ash flying in the air and the house was just engulfed in flames. It was just like in the movies, but worse because it was so real. A fire truck had pulled in between our houses and were laying out fire hoses when an electrical wire exploded and sent sparks flying everywhere and someone yelled "Live wire! Live wire!" I stopped Sis. Ferrell in her tracks and told her we couldn't go back to the house, it wasn't safe. I was terrified that our house was going to catch fire and burn as well. Since it was really hot the day before we were sleeping with all the windows open so we were afraid of all the stuff in the air going into our house but we decided there was nothing inside more important than ourselves so we stayed away. People on the street had come outside and were watching this unfold. What really got me was that there was an older couple who was standing outside in their bathrobes SMOKING! Seriously?! My heart was pounding because I was so startled and my body was still VERY tired. We didn't know what to do because we couldn't go home! We decided to call our Branch President. We told him the situation and he allowed us to come wait at his house. So we drove over there but we had to take the extremely long way because we live on the main street that goes to his house and it was blocked by firetrucks. On our way over we had to pull over for 5 trucks to pass us. So, there we were, in our pajamas, driving to our Branch President's house super early in the morning with nothing to our name. Sis. Ferrell worried because she didn't even have her license with her. We got to President Muise's house and we sat on the couch and chatted with him and his wife for awhile. In the background they had the weather channel on and this didn't NOT help!! All the channel was talking about was hurricane Earl that was supposed to hit us Friday night and Saturday! This just added to our worry and stress. Around 6:30 we decided to try and head home. We had to take the long way again and still had to park down the street because of all the trucks. I felt so weird walking back to the house because we had to walk in between a bunch of firetrucks and, literally, over fire hoses. I was waiting for someone to ask us what we were doing, but they didn't. We finally get back to the house and what do you think was the first thing we did? Grab our cameras and run back out of course! We're sad we didn't get to take any pictures of the actually fire but we got quite a few pictures of the damage and the DOZEN firetrucks that were there!!! Now our next door neighbor's house is black and there is caution tape everywhere and they still don't know what caused the fire. What's especially sad about this is that the house was a salon downstairs and the owners lived above so they truly lost everything.

Sorry that was long, but I wanted to share all the details. We were so tired we ended up sleeping through our studies. I felt bad but not at the same time.

Later that morning we had District meeting and guess what mom!? I got my boots! The Zone leaders had picked up the mail before we had sis. conference but we hadn't seen them so they were practically holding them hostage. But I was SOOOO grateful because I got them just in time for the "Hurricane". Hurricane Earl turned into a Tropical storm before it reached us but it still was SUPER windy and SUPER wet. I put those boots to good use! We were lucky though, we didn't lose our power, but ALOT of Nova Scotia did. We prepared for it though. We made sure we had food and flashlights and that was all easy. The hard part was water. We had already been drinking the food storage water because the water at our apartment was BLACK! We get our water from a well and when the fire department sucked out all that water for the fire it stirred up all the sediment so we had the nastiest looking water for about 4 days. I didn't dare shower and just washed my face in the sink, but even then, I had to watch for a clear break to get a handful. The same went for brushing my teeth. It was an adventure!

Family, I love you. I'm so grateful for the prayers and letters of support. I hope that all is going well with school and work and friends and family and everything. Make sure that you ALWAYS remember that I love you. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Sister Nicholls

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