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Andrew Update - 7 November 2010

Bedridden - 1 November 2010

Well it was really nice to hear about how Dianna was able to work and have fun and success this week. It is so lame how I cannot tell you these things earlier, and that you have to wait a whole week before finally hearing this... But I have been stuck at home since Last Monday. After writing last week, we went to work, and had to come home early, because my leg was killing me. We stayed at home, and I took pain pills, and other things, and Friday, after things were not getting much better, my Mission President told me to go to the Hospital.
So we go, and they take a look at my leg. The lady is poking around my leg, and says "look at this" I freak out, and watch as she pushed with her finger on my leg in a certain area, and it squishes into my leg almost an inch deep, and removes her finger. Then, where she pushed, there was a hole pretty much, a deep indentation of her finger, that did not go away for more than 10 seconds. She said I had lots of water in my leg, and so they had to perform emergency surgery.
I hope you guys are not freaking out right now, because that last sentance was a complete lie. Instead, they give me a special shot, and some special pills, and I cannot work for another 3 days. They say this is probable that it came from cholesterol clots, or something like that, meaning I eat too much food with cholesterol. But that is NOT MY FAULT! Everyone here cooks with pure oil, and this butter stuff called manteca, and they are just FULL of Cholesterol. So, change in diet plan. Now I eat no more bread, and I am going to eat more soy meat (That is actually really good compared to the oily meats) rice, beans, and natural things like that. But that is just fine with me, because a companion and I ate like that when I was in Chepica for 3 months, so I am already used to it, and it is way healthier anyways. So that is my big story for the week. We have been sitting around playing card games, chess, watching finding faith in Christ, and other church videos, and hanging out with the Sister next door, helping her a little in her business. But mostly, I just lay in bed, and sleep. SOOO BORING!!!
Well, I got a few more DearElders from Sam, and from Mom, and the new crazy school, and how the girls are doing. I cannot believe Carter and Liam are getting so big and walky and talky! Man, I really am missing out on so much of their lives...
Well, that is all that happened this week. Super boring, because I have been sitting at home. My Zone went to the zoo today, because it is normally closed on Mondays, but is open today for the "Day of the Dead" so this might be the only chance of me going to the zoo here, but oh well. I am stuck in the house, doctors orders. Maybe another day it will be open. We will see. Well I love you all so much, and love hearing from you often! I am always praying you are doing well in your activities, studies, moves, and in the family. Until next week! And I will have way better stories! Chao!-Elder Nicholls

Linderos death - 25 October 2010

Well, like you guys know, I am killing yet ANOTHER companion, and we are doing really well. We talk a LOT. about EVERYTHING. Sometimes we talk until like 2 in the morning, and wake up groggy and with an attitude. But we are working on improving that part.
So yesterday we invitited the branch to put themselves a goal. Since my comp is leaving in 5 weeks, we challenged everyone in the branch to read the Book of Mormon in these last 5 weeks before my comp leaves for home. And we as missionaries are participating too. But, we have to get up an hour earlier in the morning to be able to do it. And since there are 642 pages in the spanish BOM, we have to read 18 pages a day. WHEW!
So this week I have been feeling a little better with loving the people.
Wow Dianna. I cannot believe it. A whole year. I am creeping up on my 11 months, and after that, a year. In my next change I will complete a year. And hopefully it will be with a SON! WOO HOO!!!! But nobody knows... So our only 2 baptismal dates just died, because they did not go to church, AGAIN, so we have to find something to do with them.Well I am hoping to get some emails, or more dearelders soon from you guys. I hope you are actully actively reading all my emails I send too... What do you do with all my emails? Throw them out? Save them? It would be cool to print them all out one day, and put them in a binder, and keep it as my mission book or something..
Well I love all you guys, and am running out of time. I pray for you all daily, and keep you in my thoughts.-Elder Nicholls

Helloooooooo....! - 18 October 2010

Yes Dianna, I am still sending you emails, just this last week I did not get a chance to write, because we were busy busy busy. Sorry.
Dad, I really like the talk you sent me. I cannot remember too many parts of it in this moment, but I loved it, and plan on reading it again today, and to take a few notes from it too. I also received Moms letter this morning, about Womens conference. I relly enjoy you guys sending me things you learn , and nice experiences you have, and blessing you recognize in life. I really want you to know that I really do appreciate that.
Well this week was really terrible, because I had a trunky comp, but he was really sad, and not satisfied with his missionary efforts. But he ended in a really good mood, and I did all I could to help him end with honor and dignity. I hope he feels good.
Oh Dad I was thinking this week about a thing that happened many years ago, when you were ironing Dianna's prom dress for her senior year. I remember you were about to iron it, when you decided for some reason to "test" the iron, even though it's not the kind of thing that needs "testing" before using it. But as you started playing with it, rusty nasty water poured out, and stained the ironing table. You stated that if you had not tested that beforehand, the dress would have been ruined, and would have had to buy another dress, or another sort of plan B. I know that those are the kind of blessings you have Dad, because you are a faithful servant of the Lord. I have recognized so many blessing we have as a family, that others do not, because we have a Mother and a Father who are faithful to their covenants, and we, as children, get to enjoy those blessings. I really get to apply hymn 301 in my life, "has given me an Earthly Home, with Parents kind and dear." I sometimes feel spoiled with the Gospel, because it has guided my life and work here in the mission, and see it in our family. I am so grateful for having a perfect example of how to raise a family correctly.We have two baptismal dates for the 7th of November, and hopefully they stay on this path. They did not go to church, which is what impedes every single chilean. But we are working hard, and with my new companion, Elder Romo, who is a gringo too, we are going to "tear up" the sector. Oh guess what? This is Elder Romo's last change too, so I will be killing him as well. This will be my 4th companion that I am killing. I hope I train this next change. Well I gotta get going. I love you all and hope to get more letters from you! Chao!-Elder Nicholls

Blah - 4 October 2010

Well this week was so dang long and slow and boring, unlike Dianna's crazy week. We taught a total of 9 lessons, and only one of those was with a member. We did have a really nice activity though, where we had a "movie night" with these big hot dogs called completos, and 50 people went. 30 were not members. So we got some references and appointment from that, but the members did not help us too much....
We found some really good investigators this week. Ones that really want to listen to us, and FOLLOW what we teach. So we will see how far this will go. My comp and I are doing really well with working together with the spirit, and being diligent with time, and contacting people.The conference was really cool, I hope you guys all got to see it. None of my investigators went, so it was kind of a let down. But ]I really liked a few of the speakers, especially that Elder Kearon that cried a lot in his talk. That guy really has love for the children of God. People were making fun of him for it, but I respect it. Because those tears come from the love he has, and that is what I need.
Not going to lie, because I am having a hard time in the mission right now. I am losing my patience really quickly sometimes, because sometimes I have no love for the people. I get really annoyed, and bothered by a lot of people sometimes. What can I do so that I have more love for the people? Any suggestions on what I can do, so that I can teach with love, rather than "because I am called to do it"? I will do anything.
Well That is all I have this week. Nothing happened. Just wandered around all day looking for people to contact. I love you all so much! Chao!Elder Nicholls

Dead - 27 September 2010

This last week was so dead. SOOO dead. We taught a total of 11 lessons, 5 being with less active members. So boring this week. But, last night when we had our companionship prayer to end the day, for some reason, our weekly planning page in my agenda floated into mind, and inside of the goal of 17 lessons being there, 40 was written. So after the prayer ended, I opened my planner, and presented the idea to my comp. He said he thinks it is completely impossible, and that we will not be able to do it, but if I wanted to, he will follow my lead. So we changed the goal for the week to 40 other lessons, and 7 with member. We are also going to try and have the highest number in every category in our zone. Contacts, lessons, references... Everything. We are going to do it. I am so happy that you guys got my memory card. Now I am going to respond to the dear elders I have gotten. So about the whole school thing-basically they want the children to become robots, like in the book 1984. My sisters are going to friendless geeks in another year and 3 months! NOOO!!! But just so you know, I want to be the chauffer when I get home. I want to spend more time with my Sisters. I love them, and I did not spend enough time with them before the mission. That sounds so cool with that whole scripture talking about the generations of Hyrum Smith! I want to know where that is now! I looked in D&C for like 20 minutes, and could not find anything either. Wow. AND AARON IS GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!! I leaped for Joy when I read that phrase in the DearElder, and I was on a train, and everybody looked at me weird. But I was so happy I could not help it. Tell Aaron that Elder Kimballs brother (Elder Kimball was my comp in the MTC) that he went to Tacoma Washington, and is a really good mission, with lots of country areas, and lots of success in that mission. And Ben Turley is going on a mission soon too? Sweet! And Enoch Butler will be coming home in just a few months too. Geez, time just flies...So who's the seminary teacher? Do I know who it is?I laughed so hard when I read that story with Matthew and the waitress! That is so totally awesome! That's the kind of thing I saw in movies, and it happened to Matthew! So how are they now? Did he go on the date? Are they going out again? Has he found any other girls? I got a letter from Jordan Abrams, and he has been going on 11 dates a week! Insane! Mom want to know something? In the scriptures, it never says the words "free agency" but only "moral agency". Because we were not given the power to choose to be able to do whatever we want, but rather to learn how to use the power of the Holy Ghost, in determining what is good and what is evil. I think that is neat, because everybody refers to it as being "free". And what you said about "It is a lot easier to trust someone who can follow the dumb rules with the ones that are a lot more important." I totally used that phrase in a lesson the other day, and I said "My Mom always used to tell me..." So weird! Scary story with the pileup of cars! I am so glad nothing happened to you! It is scary how so many things can happen in the blink of an eye! Just 10 seconds later and it is true, you could have really been in trouble... But, you are MY Mom, and are way cooler, so you are loved more, and that is why nothing happened to you. :)
Yes, it is VERY surprising that Dad allowed that ATV trip. Ouch. I bet that was quite an experience for that girl. I remember when I got cholla stuck in my leg once in 7th or 8th grade, and it is nasty stuff. I remember the same exact thing happening, that one spine was in my leg almost a whole inch too! Tell Dad not to sell the bikes, because I want to ride them lots more when I get home, so do not destroy them all! :(
Well do not worry about a Christmas present Mom, because I already have more than enough stuff. Well, I gotta go now. I love you all so much, and look forward to getting more DearElders that you sent. I love you! Chao!-Elder Nicholls

Wow - 20 September 2010

Well, like nothing happened all week, because it was really slow, and only taught like 14 lessons. But something INCREDIBLE happened!!!!! Do you remember a few months ago, I talked a lot about a family of Maxi and Marlen, and their little son, Bastian? How they gave us lunch one day, we talked to them a lot, and taught and fasted for them and everything....?? Check back in my emails, on the day after the last general conference, because we found them on general conference... Well In a big mission activity on Wednesday, I talked to the missionaries that were in my first zone, to see how my converts are doing. Turns out, my first convert ever, Benjamin, moved back to his house, and still goes to church, and did baptisms for the dead! He is totally active and uses his priesthood too! WHOOOOO HOOOO!!! My second convert, Angelica, is dead basically. So I am not too disappointed in what happened. Third and fourth, Scarlet and Jonaton still go to church, but do not participate too much, but are diligent in going to church. Sweet! And I had heard that he had had two baptisms recently, and when I asked for their names he said.... MAXI AND MARLEN!!!! I almost screamed and cried I was SOOOO happy! I DID run around and hug everybody I could in that moment. I cannot believe it still! And he is getting the priesthood this Sunday! And he had to stop smoking and drinking too, and he reads the Book of Mormon all the time now they say. He actually wanted ME to come and baptize them, and the Elders did not even ask me to come! Because in this mission, we can do that , if the investigator wants us to. But for some reason, this Elder did not even ask! Lame... But whatever. Just knowing that he wanted me there makes me happy. SWEET!! And in like 2 months, I want to hear all about baptisms in Chepica, because I left an entire family there investigating, and want to hear good news about them. Wow I am totally loving the mission. I can totally see "The fruits of my labors" like it says in Alma. I cannot wait to get some more baptisms, and have even more joy! Well that is about the main part of my week, apart from playing organ in sacrament meeting, having huge parties at church for the chilean independance day, and teaching some of the best lessons I have had in my mission. I hope everything is well at home. I love you all so much, and look forward to calling you guys in 3 months, and getting some more mail. LOVE YOU! Chao.-Elder Nicholls

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