Sunday, February 13, 2011

Andrew Update - 13 February 2011

Yep - 7 February 2011

Well, since I spent so much time loading fotos, I have about 4 minutes left. Today we went to the zoo, and it was awesome! I found out that another investigator got baptized in my last sector! Awesomeness!!!!! And today, my convert Alessandro met up with us and spent the whole day in the zoo together, and he bought me tickets to see a seal and penguin show, and bought pictures and buttons and sorts of stuff for me. He also wants to take me and my comp to fantasylandia! It is like the disneyland of chile! Awesome! I hope we can go one day! Well, I heard that my son Elder Monks is now in his house in the states. Lame. Sorry, but gotts run now. I love you all sooooo much! I cannot wait to be able to write more another time! Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

Mail has arrived - 31 January 2011

Well, I got my dear elders, and my pants package. I am not going to lie, and even my comp agrees, I look WAY too good in those pants. They have such a nice feel to them, and they are so soft, smooth, and fit so nice! Oh my goodness. I was so happy to read those dear elders a bit. I have not been able to really read them, and from what I read, I cannot remember right now what it said. But I still need to go read some more. I got like 13 letters this week, along with the package, and my camera memory card. And one of the letter is from a Jill or something, and I could not read her handwriting for her last name, but oh well... I am so happy! So my comp is still in the mission as far as I know, my converts are doing super good, and we are finding LOTS of investigators here. One of them has a baptismal date, and is going to get baptized in a river, because he wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be baptized in a river. SWEET! Works for me! So my comp and I are doing SOOOOOO good. I have never gotten along so well with any companion.

So my comp got slapped in the face this week. We bought a watermelon, and as we were walking out of the cornerstore, and guy wa standing out there waiting. He lived right across the street, and always swears in english at us whenever we walk by. So he waits for us to come out, and then starts calling us imperialists, and starts cussing us out in spanish, since my comp is still kind of newer in the mission, he did not quite catch all the swear words, so he did not understand what he said. So he looked at me for a quick translation, and looks backs at him, looks back at me, and as he turns to look at me, he just reaches out and slaps him in the face! What the freak! He then just starts walking backwards away from us, but not turning his back. He was such a little woman! Takes a little baby slap, then walks straight away. My comp and I were about a half second from smaching our watermelon over his face, or I was thinking about using my bible filled handbag to give him a nice lesson on the side of his head. It was very tempting to do something to him. People are such losers here sometimes. People throw water, rocks, and always confront us in the streets. The area is called La Pintana amd it is pretty known to be a trashy area. At lunch this week, this guy talking about how God doesn´t exist, because we cannot remove any guilt from ourselves. He said that too many people put blame on God for things that happened, but he firmly announced that anything bad that happens, it is only the fault of the people in the circumstance. You know what I mean. I told him that we agree with that. That the bad things in the world do NOT come from God. Then he changed the subject to argue about how the United States is doing SOOO much better that Chile, but then gave lots of excuses. Said that La Pintana was dying because of the decisions of others. I then stopped him, and firmly told him to not contradict himself, and to stop fighting, and to think clearly. I told him La Pintana is a trashy area full of poverty, gangs, and bad education, ONLY because of the decisions that the people there make. He did not talk for a long while, and we ate there in silence. He then said another thing about how other area just "don´t seem to thrive", and I responded telling him that if a place does not strive, it is because of lazy people, pride, disobedience, unfaithfulness, and lack of importance on the parents part. Many parents just let their children run around naked all the time, and don´t even care about putting underwear or diapers on them! What the heck! Then the guy looked down at him food for a long time, and I asked him to please correct me if I was wrong. He told me, "No, what you say is really the truth". We then testified how God DOES exist, and the blessings he gave us. We then invited him to read, pray, etc., and he left quickly to go to work.

We have been waking up early every day to go do exercises with our investigators, because they want to lose lots of weight because they are obese, and they want to stop smoking. So we have been leaving early every morning to go run, and do exercises. She has progressed a lot, and so has her Mom. We had three investigators in church this Sunday, two being a Mom and Dad. SWEET! Well, I need to write my president now. I love you all and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you more than a Chilean loves manjar! Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

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