Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dianna Update - 29 January 2011

I'm gonna have a baby!! - 24 January 2011

Well family, it has happened. I'm pregnant. She's due on thursday. I'm going to be a mother! In my old age too. What a surprise!

I sure hope I didn't give anybody a heart attack, I'm just trying to tell you that I'm training. Andrew, I'm sorry for what happened to your son, that's so sad. I'm scared now though, I hope my baby is nice and healthy, ready to embrace the world! Everybody, I'm just still in shock because this is my last transfer and I didn't even think of the possibility of training. I just felt like President would rather have someone who would be staying longer, but I guess he thinks I'm meant for the job. There are actually 3 new sisters coming out and one of them doesn't come until a couple days later (I don't have a clue why) so I'll be in a trio for a couple days. Whatever, I'm born to be in a trio. There is also going to be an odd number of sisters so there will be a trio somewhere and it's going to be in Fredericton, NB where Sis. Crofts is going! She is terrified out of her mind. I'm trying to convince her that it isn't that bad, that she won't die like she thinks she is. She's going to be with Sis. Hamblin and Sis. Brandley, 2 awesome missionaries. I just can't believe that she is actually leaving Halifax.. Everyone is shocked actually. Sis. Brandley is finally leaving Kingston too. She was there for over a year, minus the short time she was in Wolfville, but you all know what happened there...

Hey mom! I think it would be WONDERFUL if you set up an appointment for me with Jackie! My hair is already ready for a cut, but I'll just wait I guess, that is, if she's free to see me soon after I get home. Also, I was thinking, you should have the Sister missionaries in your ward go get their hair cut there! Give them a referral, they would love that. Jackie would love talking to them too. Genius!

Carolyn has braces?! What?! Did she go to the same place I did? I think I'll be needing an appointment with them as well, but I think before I left they put it in their computer to contact me in march or April, so that may already be taken care of. How is Carolyn handling it? Those rods or whatever don't sound very comfortable.

My time is short with you today because of a lot of different reasons, but before I go I want to make a list of countries that my investigators have been from. Canada of course, Turkey, Lebanon, China, Bangladesh, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India, Bahamas, Caribbean, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Korea, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and I'm sure a few more. It's crazy to think that I hardly teach any Canadians.

Well Family. I still love you with all my heart. Keep up the love and don't miss me too much please, I'll be home in due time. :)

Sister Nicholls

Once there was a snowman.... - 17 January 2011

What a week! Sis. Crofts' birthday was on Wednesday. Since it was SUPPOSED to be on our preparation day we had made lots of fun plans, but the change threw us for a loop. So, on Monday we went out to eat. She treated us (me and Hari) to the Taj Mahal. YUM YUM YUMMY!!!!! Then on Wednesday, her actual birthday, when we met to teach Hari he gave her a little birthday cake. It was so cute. He also included a card a present. Now, I'm super jealous of this present. I can't remember if I told you about this or not. It was a shirt that said "on a mission". We had tried them on at the store one day but they were too expensive but she told him about them and he got one for her! What?! Whatever. Her mom is awesome too! She called up a bakery in Halifax and had them deliver fresh muffins, cupcakes, cookies and a loaf of bread to us. Oh my goodness gracious! They were the tastiest muffins I have EVER eaten in my entire life! We were so spoiled! She's great for sharing too. Now, the afternoon and evening was the best. There was a snowstorm happening so the buses were on crazy schedules. We had an appointment across town but our bus never came. We waited for 30-49 minutes and then called and cancelled the appointment. By this time we were COVERED in snow. The wind had been blowing really hard so it was sticking to us. We looked just like snowmen. We thought about taking a picture but it was too cold and wet to think about getting our cameras out. Since no buses were coming we had to walk home. We decided to call it an early night (it was about 7:30 and we go in at 9), besides they had told missionaries not to drive again so I'm sure not many missionaries were out. On the way home though I remembered that I promised Sis. Crofts I'd buy her ice cream for her birthday, so we went over to Cold Stone. We were laughing really hard picturing us walking in to buy ice cream looking like snowmen. What was REALLY funny was that we were NOT the only ones there. It actually was fairly busy. Geez it was a fun day. I could go on forever about it, but I'm not. Oh! BUT the next day President Moses took us out to Supper with 2 YSA and they brought out a cake with candles after we had finished eating. The funniest part was that when they came out Sis. Crofts was across the room on the phone so I had to wave for her to come over. We sang and everything.

The other exciting thing that happened this week is that we went on exchanges. I stayed in Halifax with Sis. Billings (she goes home in 2 weeks). It was fun because I have NEVER been the only one who knew what was going on. I've always been the newer one. It was nice to have that opportunity. We did all sorts of things that day. She loved riding the bus. She got excited and wanted to pull the cord to get off every time. I loved her enthusiasm. During the day I had worries of what some people were going to think when I showed up without Sis. Crofts. But they all handled it really well. I had imagined way worse things than what really happened. The funniest part of the day was when we went to teach this person for the first time. He's from India. When we got there he told us to sit on the little chair/couch he had, so we did. Then he just stood there, there wasn't any more furniture. I told him he could sit down, so he did. He had his friend join us too. It was so funny, I felt like we were teaching elementary school and we should read them a story. They listened really well and committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and are even going to come to church next week! Something that Indians do differently than North Americans is the say they shake their head. They kind of bobble it around so when you ask a yes or no question, they bobble their head and I have NO idea what they mean so I try to get them to verbalize their answer. It's funny.

Church was AWESOME yesterday, We had 2 investigators and 3 inactive members there! I had a smile ear to ear the whole time. One of our investigators fasted on their own free will yesterday. I was proud of them for applying the gospel to their own life. I feel like these are my little kids and I just feel so proud when I see them growing up.

Family, I LOVE YOU! Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week!
Sister Nicholls

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