Monday, April 11, 2011

Andrew Update - 11 April 2011

Mall - 11 April 2011 Hey Fam! First off, I want to announce that my keyboard is a piece of junk, and is hard to use. second, i read your dearelders and wrote down answers. ready? First of all, I wan to wish MOM A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that the most important thing is done, I think DAD NEEDS A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!! Sorry that it is after your birthday, and not before. I kinda realized on Thursday that it was Mom`s birthday, actually, Wednesday night, as we were planning for Thursday, that`s when I realized it was Mom`s birthday, when I saw the date written out in my agenda. Whoops. My bad. But I am sending a package home real soon, and you guys are going to have some cool presents. I just need to wait to have more time and money to send them. This last week, we moved out of one apartment into another, and we had to pay 320 dollars cash to this dude, so I have noooooo money until like this wednesday when i get my special payment. Lame huh? So mom, when do you need those chilean recipes by? I have a few, and I can get more. I just need to due date, ok? So how was Joey`s return speech?` Matthew, I cannot be a stunt double for Jack Black, because my heart is already set on being a maid for Justin Beiber. That`s where the money`s at, Jack is yesterdays news.... So who is the newest beehive that just got kidnapped? Mom, how much did the water bill cost after filling the pool? be honest... our water bill a month is normally about 20 dollars. pretty low, huh? Did Kristen and Carolyn write their christmas notes? Or did someone write for them? Because the handwriting was REALLY GOOD AND NICE. Impressive. So is Mom and Dad planning on serving a mission one day? The Krauss` have theirs planned for like 2018 or something... LAUREN!!! TELL ME THIS FUNNY FRENCH CLASS STORY THAT YOU NEER TOLD ME!!!!!! Has Dad sent me my line of authority? Plus, I have zero pictures of Dad. Why? Hey is Mom was wanting to send anything more to me, I only want one thing. A Calendar with pictures of the family, and pictures of everyone on their birthday days. Everybody has these calendars. But, it is getting pretty close to the end of the mission... Well, I have like 5 minutes to write my mission president. Things are going great with Elder Brooks. He is from Arizona, and we have a LOT in common, plus he looks a LOT like... what is his name!!!!! Matthews friend from the Maxwell family... what is his name??? Not Brian, that`s the Dad.... Wow. I feel like an idiot for not remembering. But you know who I am talking about. Kevin, Steve, tanner, i have no idea. Well, see you later. I love you all, and hope all is well. Chao! -Elder Nicholls New area! - 4 April 2011 Hey Family! So I just got transferred to a new area.... I already miss Elder Lind. We were TIGHT together. Things were just starting to get AWESOME, with our BAPTISM that we had on Saturday, where I FINALLY baptized for the first time ever!!! SWEET!!!! This guy is HUGE! I have to send you guys pictures next week, (With all the changes, nothing is unpacked yet. I still need to shave) because this guy was big, and we look like little angels with all our white clothes :) So I am in a stake that is more South in Santiago, called San Bernardo, and the Ward is called Chena. The conference was really nice, and the prophet was nice and direct like always. I would have to say that my favorite talk was the one from President Monson at the very end of Priesthood session of conference. Do you know what time we watched conference here? The priesthood session went from 9pm to 11 pm. WOW. LATE. And last night, I procrastinated packing WAY too much, and was talking with the Elders in the house until 2:30 am, and then started packing, finishing just before 6, and we were picked up by our convert and he drove us in his car at 8. I am pretty tired. I hope to get a nap in before work at 6. Because I am going to collapse at about 9 tonight if I can`t rest a few hours. Whatever. No importa. So my convert Alessandro is going to come up here to Chena and work with us for a week straight, to help the members and our investigators. Thing is, that I do not know ANYBODY yet. Oh well. I have a week to get this all organized. So I heard that Matthew moved to New Jersey, or is taking a vacation there, or what??? I got confused... Is he already back? How is he doing? Why does he not write me? I heard we bought a Toyota Sienna! Tightness! So what happened to Dad`s car? Did it get totaled or something? Because from what I am reading, it seems like the only cars at home were the van, the truck, and Dianna`s car. What happened to Dad`s car? Ok, I want to try something new with you guys. when I send an email, please just send an email straight back, answering questions that I ask, and then send me a weekly letter by DearElder. Please? Can you guys do that? That way you guys can answer questions that I might have, and quickly. vale? I love you guys. Well, I am excited to be with Elder Brooks, who is from Mesa, Arizona!! We are gonna get lots of work done, and we are gonna do it RIGHT! Well, I look forward to getting more mail, and stuff in another month or so. I hope I can send you guys a package this change, to lighten some of my luggage, got some stuff home safe and sound, and give you guys some fun chilean stuff to play with. Ok? So please make sure there is some money on my gold visa card from the states, so I can pay. It shouldn`t be any more than a $20 box to send. It is nice and cheap to send stuff here, plus I am not going to be sending too much weight. Well, I love you all so much, and hope everyone is doing alright. I cannot believe Jennifer is going to be a Mother of 3 before I get home! Wow... Well, until next week-chao chao! -Elder Nicholls Changes coming this week... - 28 March 2011 Interesting story- So my convert from Linderos calls me sometimes, and he called me last night, and wants to move up here and work with me for a week or two. This guy is legit. He just wants to fill every little space with the Gospel in his life. So probably in a week or two, he is going to be staying with a member, and is going to leave with us daily to help our investigators. Wow. This guy is incredible. He also has the best testimony I have ever heard. He loves the Book of Mormon, sees through the bad things of the members of the church, and sees the true heart of the church, and sees how the gospel has the capability to change even the worst of men into the greatest of all. He is basically the highlight of my mission, and if he is the last convert I ever have, I will be happy. Ya, so changes are coming this week, so this Friday I am going to find out who is leaving, and who is staying. Exciting. Wow, in like another week, I will only have 8 months left. Did you guys know that Enoch Butler comes home in just THREE WEEKS??? When does Andrew Young get home? Joey is going to back very soon too, right? Wow. Everything is coming to an end. The mission goes by way too fast. AGH! I do not want to go home yet! I am just beginning to really love the mission! Oh well... If I was a girl, my mission would be over in just another change! I would be going home in just 7 more weeks! Let´s see, I have 5 more changes left, meaning 30 more weeks, plus one. This Saturday we are having a baptism before conference!!!!!!! And we are completing a family by baptizing the Father, and now this family can go to the temple in another year! SWEET!!! Plus we have a few baptisms planned for April, and they have gone to church many times, and only have to stop smoking to be baptized. Awesomeness!!!! Well, not much else happened this week... Nothing that mentionable... Well, I hope Dianna is having fun being at home, and is finding friends again, and jobs and all that. So how were all your travels? Didn´t you guys say that the day Dianna got home, you were going to have to do lots of travelling? How did that all go? Well, more next week, maybe I will be in another area, you never know...... Chao chao! -Elder Nicholls anything else? - 21 March 2011 Sooo, has Dianna been anywhere yet? Has she gone on any dates yet? Has she signed up for classes yet, has she been out with friends yet? A few questions... What are the cars that we have right now in the house? Do we still have all the atv`s working? How is Brinkley recovering? Does Carolyn`s arm still hurt randomly? How are everybody`s teeth doing? Has there been any other exiting events going on? Easter is almost here, and we have a baptism planned for this week in between general conference sessions, I hope he can be able to make it... With him, we will be completing a family, which means they can go to the temple and get sealed in a year!!!!! WENA!!!!!! Well this week was not so good, because basically nobody went to church, when we were expecting like 15. All cancelled, or said they had too many things to do, or said they cannot follow the church anymore, because we "ask too much", and dumb things. Yesterday was a VERY STRESSFUL DAY for me, and I almost lost my cool many time. I was on the point of a heart attack/killing spree. People were just being dumb, and not thinking. Whatever. Lind and I are doing great though. Absolutely no problems there. So it is really weird to know that Dianna is at home, and not accompaning me on the mission anymore. Just like the whole mind set difference is weirding me out... I wonder what you guys are going to do all day with her... I wonder if there are enough hours in the day to enjoy her presence, and to ask all the questions that you want to. Well, not much to write. We had a special fast this last sunday to find truly chosen families, and as a result, only 2 investigators came to church, so we took that as our sign, and we are going to focus on those people this week, and we gave one of them a baptismal date last night. Well, I hope to get some mail soon. Just so you all know, there will be changes in two weeks from today, so I may move, or my comp may move. We will see. I love you all, and hope you are all well. Chao chao! -Elder Nicholls

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