Sunday, March 20, 2011

Andrew Update - 20 March 2011

Well, I am confused - 14 March

Soooo... is Dianna home yet?????? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh.... Well we just came from an activity of soccer, where we totally pwned the other zone. Dianna knows what I mean... I am so sad that I cannot say that my Sister is on the mission anymore! I had some members come up to me yesterday to ask how Dianna was doing in Canada, and it pained me to tell them that she was probably at home having a nice breakfast with the family in that moment, or giving testimony in our home ward. SO LAME!!!! It is so weird just to think that Dianna is no longer on the mission... DIANNA!!!! Tell me tell me tell me.... So when you were being relieved, did the Stake President ask you to take off your plaque, or what did he do? Did you cry when you had to take off your plaque for the last time? I know I will... It is my little buddy, my faithful friend, that has seen it all! So sad... So when are you going to send me an email with pictures of all your comps, and you with the family????

Well this week we only had 5 investigators in church, but we had 2 FAMILIES come, and some of the family members could not come, but will come next week, so we are totally expecting like 12 next week! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! I hope I stay another change here, with Lind or any comp, because I want to see these souls being baptized!!!! I always miss baptisms!!! So my convert is doing amazingly well in Linderos, and everyone is totally impressed with our gold find. Thing is, all we did was a contact to find him. EASY BUCKETS. Let`s see... what happened this week... Nothing really. There has ben a lot of conflict in the house lately, between the other companionship in the house. It`s an Elder and his son, and they bicker and argue and yell a lot. Sad, because he is his trainer, he should be like the ultimate best comp ever. So I completed my 15 months this last week. I now have half of Dianna`s mission left before I end my mission. 9 months. Wow. Sound like a lot, but at the same time nothing, because I have 15 done, and only 9 left. Wow. in 4 more weeks, I will be 2/3 done. Right now I am 62.5% done. A big fat D. Chuta. (Pronounced choo-ta). I am drinking pineapple juice right now. I am totally bored. Nothing too exciting happened this week. No baptisms or anything. I just want to hear about Dianna... Well, until next week I guess, chao chao!

-Elder Nicholls

I am tired, and I have no time - 7 March 2011

I spent so much time looking for an email that I sent to Dianna, that I have no more time to write. Shoot. But I have one funny story-

So we found a LOT of new investigators this week, and put 4 baptismal dates. We went by three of them in the morning to walk with them, and they were all asleep. They told us that they had been up until 5 am just talking and watching TV!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!! So we run in, and start shouting and clapping, banging pots and pans, and telling them all to GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 minutes later, all of us are walking to church together, smiling, and excited. 4 investigators went to church, and they all loved it, and plan on coming back next week. They are really excited for our next appointment, and really want to learn more, and read and pray. Sweet.

My comp and I are still doing great, and we are just whipping out these new investigators like rice in Panda Express. I was surprised at how many people were willing to let us in and learn. We even had a girl pray and she said that she felt the spirit, and knows that these things are true, and is really sure about her baptismal date. They really understand the whole need for a prophet thing, and only need to keep praying to know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. Things are just awesome on the mission. I got letters today that gave me updates about the superbowl, the girls deciding to stay at their school, and Matthew a bit, and I also got a little dearelder from the grandparents. AWESOME. Well, sorry about the shortness, but I need to go. Bad. I smell. We had an activity this morning, and I was sweating like a champ. And this Saturday, we had a soccer activity with the ward, and I scored 4 goals, and my comp scored 1. And we won, 5-2. Haha. We totally owned everybody there, which is funny, because they are all chileans and always make fun of the gringos. HAHA!!! En tu cara Chile! Well, I hope everyone is well. I will be writing more next week. Chao chao!

-Elder Nicholls

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