Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dianna Update 10/15/09

Here is another update from Dianna - 10/15/09

Hey guys! I am absolutely loving your letters. It's fun getting handwritten ones but it's also fun getting Dear Elder ones because I get those the very day they are written. They print it out and put it in my mailbox. So either way is great. What way is NOT great is email. I only get 30 minutes on it a week and I want to use that time writing to you, not reading stuff....

So, I sang in the MTC choir this week! That was a neat experience! It was actually really fun. This is the biggest choir I have EVER seen. I think it even beat the Mo Tab. It was about 100 Sisters and 6-700 Elders AND you could still hear the girls! The Spirit is just incredible in firesides and devotionals, especially when we are all singing. There are over 2,000 missionaries here, so you can only imagine. You'll even hear people singing from their new language hymn books so it can get interesting at times.Thanks for the prayers. I can tell that you are praying for me. One day was really rough but then I remembered all of the support I had, from family, friends, and Heavenly Father. Being a missionary is fun but can get really rough sometimes because of all the studying and being critiqued when we teach, it can get you down sometimes.

So, my District is really cool we all get along really well. None of us can believe that we leave in just a few days! We got our travel itineraries last thursday evening. The Edmonton Elders and my 2 companions also going to Edmonton all leave Monday morning at 5 am. Then us going to Halifax leave Tuesday morning at 6 am. This means I will have a replacement companion for a day. I wonder what it's going to be like. I heard that I get to call home while I'm traveling. I don't know when, but I guess I will give you a call on tuesday. I'm flying to Halifax with a stop in Chicago. Just getting colder as I move north and east!!!I really hope I don't freeze to death! Also, my bags are too heavy now because they gave us so much stuff. So I will most likely be sending you a package of some clothes. Most of it will be stuff I can't wear anyway. It's stricter than I thought.

OH! I went to the Provo temple. It's a lot bigger than I thought. But it's not as pretty on the inside as the Mesa temple.

Well, my time is up. LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!

Sister Nicholls

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