Saturday, October 10, 2009

We received our first letter - here is an excerpt about life in the MTC:

...I got those AMAZING cookies this morning. I haven't eaten one yet but I'm excited! So are my companions! That's right, I said companions. I have 2. They are both going to the Canada Edmonton mission though. We are the only 3 sisters we have found going to Canada and only 2 other Elders going to Halifax. But there are a few that just left for Calgary and a BUNCH of Elders going to Edmonton. My companions are so great! Sister Burgi is the cutest little thing. She is 5 feet and half an inch! She is so sweet. I think it's mainly because she is the 5th of 14 kids! WOW! She is good with people.Sister Weston is 5 foot 9 so we make Sister Burgi look even tinier :) Sister Weston is so fun. She is the odd ball of the group. She always has questions about EVERYTHING. But they're good ones.
We have had 3 mock teaching appointments so far and they just keep getting better, which is good because we did REALLY bad at the first one and were kind of put off. Our spirits are building again though. It's rough working with 3 minds but we hear that we are doing it exceptionally well, so that's good news. Also, we spent an hour in the Referal center yesterday where we call people and confirm that they got the free gift they ordered. Sister Burgi and I only got answering machines but Sister Weston talked to this one guy for 13 minutes! It's pretty scary at the beginning but the more answering machines I got the more I really wanted to talk to someone.
The schedule here is SO busy! We get up at 6 or 6:30 depending on if we are going to shower, then we have to be in class from 7-7:45 and then breakfast, then class from 8:15-11, gym until 12 (LOVE IT! They have the coolest gym EVER!), Lunch, class from 1:15-5:30, dinner, class from 6:15-9, plan the next day with your companions 9-9:30, get ready for bed, quiet time at 10:15 and lights out at 10:30. Phew! Those class chunks are broken up every so often for Large Group Meeting or teaching appointments. But my teachers are really fun! They are Brother Vallett (rhymes with Ballot) and Brother Brame (rhymes with frame). They have helped me a lot.

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