Saturday, December 26, 2009

Andrew Update 12/26/09

Andrew has checked into the MTC (12/9). Here is his MTC address:

Andrew Nicholls
MTC Mailbox # 206
CHI-RAN 0209
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Here are excerpts from the letters he sent this week:

Letter 12/20 - Well everybody is so awesome here! Such good teachers, and this guy Brother Priest is soo smart! He's and anesthesiologist, and a quantum physicist! I have never met another man with so much knowledge! It blows my mind! So my companion Elder Kimbal and I are totally best friends. Our teachers Hermano Mortimer and Hermamo Taylor are so awesome too!

So Dianna is doing well? Good =) I cannot believe I've only been here 10 days! Awesome. I'm more than 1/70 done with my mission! Woot! That's like 1.3%! Hahaha... I miss you all tons. Please ask EVERYBODY to write me on Love you all lots! Hope you all are just as silly and goofy as when I left!

- Elder Andrew Nicholls

Letter 12/23 - I finally have a chance to write a letter! It's been like forever since I've gotten here! But it's awesome here, and everyone is so cool in my district! My companion is District Leader, so I'm here to help make all the decisions. Kinda like a 1st counselor. And what's cool here is that since there's only 6 Elders in my district, my companion and I have the 4-person dorm to ourselves! Awesome! I'm totally being a lifter-upper mom =) I'm helping everybody to be their best, including myself =) So I can pray, testify, and do door approaches in Spanish now =) It's AWESOME! They feed you so much here! I'm trying to not fall into temptation of eating too much! Haha. I'm praying for you guys too, and I know the Lord will protect you while I'm on his errand. I love all of you!

Even though it's under 40 many times, it doesn't feel cold. It actually feels HOT a lot haha =) Don't worry, I'm so busy and focused I'm not distracted AT ALL from my duties to the Lord. Food - too much, Companion - VERY spiritual, Sooo awesome. I've already learned so much from him. We're like a perfect companionship it's awesome. We get along so well. and benefit from each other. Plus we both have the same situation with home life! I'm excited for Chile! So I memorized our purpose in Spanish, and can pray and testify in Spanish. I love you all and think about you guys siempre!

- Elder Andrew Nicholls

email 12/23 entitled, "So.....Much......Food...." My companion has already gained 7 pounds. Wow. I'm afraid to check the scale. So this place is pretty cool I'd have to say. There's ALWAYS a general authority here for firesides and devotionals. Even Neil L. Anderson came last night!! My companion is pretty much the cream of the crop. He's the DL. The RC is my favorite thing here!! You can call people and talk to them about the church, and even send missionaries over to their house to talk! DearElder is pretty much the hit around here. I've already gotten like 20 from DearElder, and I love reading them at night before bed! I'm so surprised about how much Spanish I'm learning! We pray, testify, greet, and give talks in Spanish! Everything is going awesome! I can't wait to get out there and teach the good word! Well I hope to hear from you all soon. Thank you for all the goods and treats that i received today. I love you all and appreciate all your support. Write you more next week :)

-Elder Nicholls

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