Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dianna Update - 16 Januray 2011

What happened?! - 10 January 2011

What happened there in Tucson?! It's all over the news in Canada! The TV I saw didn't have the sound on so all I could see was the headline "Mass Shooting Five Dead" and then something about US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Then someone told me that she is going to recover eventually. Where did this happen? I think you should tell me more.

Anywoot, How was Kristen and Carolyn's birthday and their party at Pump It Up? I hope it was all fun and no fighting. How was Young Women's?! I still can't believe how old you are! This isn't cool. I won't know anyone in the Primary Program anymore, at least until Liam is in one.

So, I don't know if Matthew ever gets to read this, but Happy Birthday! (on saturday) Also, I heard, via Andrew, that you past your test. Congratulations! That's awesome! Now you just have to find a job? Good luck! (someone pass this on if he doesn't read this, thanks mucho!)

SNOW DAY!!! Yesterday was awesome! We have an investigator that is 34 so he has to go to the family ward and he wanted to go to church yesterday. Yes, HE wanted to go. We couldn't get him a ride so we rode the bus with him. This week was ward conference so it started at 9 instead of 10 and the YSA Branch started at 1 instead of 12:30 so there was no overlap. Then there was also a CES fireside at 9 pm. So, we had a whole day planned at church, meeting with members and stuff. Okay? Well, we woke up, called our investigator to make sure he got up and then got ready. We caught our bus at 8:10, met up with Kuol (the investigator) and then got on another bus with him. We got to church by 8:40. At this point there was NO snow! Just after the sacrament ended however Sis. Crofts told me to look out the window and I couldn't! There was SO much snow coming down, and so fast too! By the time sacrament meeting was over, the cars were buried. During Sunday School someone came and plowed the driveway leading to the church and they cancelled RS and Priesthood meeting so people could get home safely. Also, the YSA branch was cancelled because most people took the bus to get there and the buses were unreliable. (Thank goodness our investigator went to the family ward.) They also decided to cancel the fireside. So, this left our day COMPLETELY BLANK and it was only 11:30!!! We didn't have any backups because church never falls through! We hitched a ride home with the Elders, ate lunch, made new plans and decided to have our study hours because we missed them that morning. Our plan was to hike our way to people's houses that we were having trouble getting a hold of because we knew they'd be inside, no one wants to go out in that weather! On our way out the door (literally) our District Leader called and told us that no one was allowed to drive anywhere. That's fine, we don't have a car. Let me just say, we went out regardless and pretty much the rest of the mission stayed inside. It was good to go though because we got a hold of a couple people and were able to teach 2 lessons, both of which called us! We know the Lord was blessing us because we chose to act. I know he saw that we wanted to work, not just take the day off, so He gave us something to do. We even got a member to come with us to one of the lessons. I love Halifax! I love being a missionary! I love my life!

So yeah, we just got really wet yesterday, but it was an adventure. We also learned that we walk twice as slow in the snow, so that's good to know. We'll have to plan better when we're catching buses though...

Well family, I don't think I have anything else to say besides I love you! Have a good week!

Sister Nicholls

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