Saturday, January 29, 2011

Andrew Update - 29 January 2011

Well, that did not last very long - 24 January 2011

So, first off, I am already no longer a Father. My comp started having problems, and was scared or something, wanted to go home for a little while, had thoughts of suicide a bit, and other things like that, so we went to the psycologist in Santiago, and he also had an interview with the president, and they sent him to a sector in the south, where it is way calmer, and not as dangerous whatsoever. He went to my last zone, but in a different sector. My last sector is going to have a missionary branch president (highly probable), and with my new companion Elder Lind, we are tearing this sector up.

Dianna, I understand how you feel. I am on my tenth companion, and only in my ninth change (transfer). I have also done divisions at least 20 times, so I really have been able to teach the message of the restoration with 30+ other missionaries. Learning this new sector together in the whitewash has been awesome, and a lot of hard work. I received news that Alessandro got baptized! ALL the missionaries from my last zone talk about how awesome he is. He also talks a lot about my comp and I, and how we were such good examples for hard work and teaching with the spirit. He is so excited to go on a mission. I was thinking, if we really do come back to do that tour in my sectors like you guys have been telling me, we might be able to go to some kind of farewell party for Alessandro if we time it right! That would be sooooooo awesome! Also I talked with an Elder who was in Chepica, and that family I left there talks about me ALL the time apparantly. They say "Elder Nicholls is the coolest missionary that exists!" And they always ask where I am, and announce that there are going to visit me wherever I am. awesome.

Well I still have not received any package or dearelders, but everything is fine with me. I am just quite upset for losing this chance to be a Father, and hope I have another one. SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER lame what happened this week with losing Elder Monks. SIGH................................................... But Elder Lind and I are getting along so well, and we get lots of work done, and teach a lot, and find a lot of people. People are just so irresponsible, and are almost NEVER there for their appointments. No sense of committment here. That is one of the things I will NOT miss from Chile. So how is Matt doing? Has he found a job yet? And Jennifer with their new house and two boys? Is Carter walking or talking yet? And Carolyn played some more soccer? How is Kristen doing? Lauren getting excited to date? I hope she is excited to have rides every morning to seminary on the back of her big brothers Suzuki GSX-750 of Honda CBR-RR 600... Because I DEFINITELY AM! Sooo awesome. And how is Pops and Mom doing? Dad is just working like normal? How is his back, and other operated parts of his body? How is Mom and her little sunburn? Well, I need to get back to the house, because I am making PEANUT BUTTER CHEWIES TODAY!!!!! The members are going to LOVE us. Well, until next week. Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

My o button is broken - 17 January 2011

Just s0 y0u kn0w, since my 0 butt0n is br0ken 0n this keyb0ard, I am g0ing t0 use the zer0 fr0m n0w 0n in this letter. W0w, I use a wh0le l0t m0re 0´s than I th0ught! Why s0 many!!!! This is s0 embarrassing! Well, I am sad that I g0t n0 resp0nse t0 my excited letter ab0ut how I n0w have a s0n.... Oh well... S0 n0w that Dianna has pday 0n m0nday, I am n0t guaranteed t0 see a letter fr0m her... Sad day... :(

S0 h0w is everyb0sy in the h0use? I have n0t received any mail f0r a while, n0r the package... Mail is s0 sl0w... Being in a whitewash is really fun, because you do not know anything, nor anyone, and you get lost a lot. So, our sector is this place called Las Araucarias, and the area is called La Pintana. This is a very famous place for drug dealing, shooting, and killings. In the night, we often here gunshots, and there are a few streets that we cannot enter after 7pm. Fun huh? I cannot wait to be mugged and robbed! My comp is totally chill about it all, no fear. Elder Monks is his name, and is from St. George Utah. Tall, brown hair, big, basically a lot like me, just brown hair. He is having a nice struggle with the language, just like I did when I first arrived here... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Well, that is about all I have to say, because I do not have any info to run on. I hope to receive some mail soon, and some gringo candy :) Dianna, I hope everything is awesome with your comp still, and that your investigators are still incredible. I love you all a lot, and look forward to seeing you all again in less than a year :) HAHAHA!!!!! I can finally say stuff like that now! I am getting so old here! I love you! Sorry i am n0t writing m0re, this keyb0ard is just terrible. Cha0! Wena wena!

-Elder Nicholls

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