Sunday, March 6, 2011

Andrew Update - 6 March 2011

Dianna is going to die!!!!! - 28 February 2011

Oh my goodness, Dianna is going to die so soon!!!! Before you know it, I am going to be writing my last few words! I CANNOT believe how fast this mission is going! Dad, how long did your mission seem to you? Did it go by as fast as it is going for me? Sometimes, it feels like I get out of bed, and immediately lay right back down. But then when I look back, I remember all the things we did during the day, and can never believe that we did SO MUCH in a single day. For example, we wake up erly one day to instal tiles in our bathroom, in the shower. Then we have weekly planning, then lunch with a member and her friend, teaching a lesson, and finding a new investigator. We then shower at home, and go out to work, doing 38 contacts, teaching 6 lessons, and finding 4 new investigators, then go home to clean up the house, plan, write in my journal, area book, and play with my toy helicopter. There are just so many things we do during the day! Also, very often we sweet up someones porch as a quick act of service to convince them to let us come in to teach, or we wash their dishes, or we just do SOMETHING. We are always so BBBBUUUUSSSSSYYYYY......... My comp and I are just PUSHING our rear ends off to really show the Lord that he can trust us with his children, so we can teach the, and baptize them. For example, we saw some evidence of God`s trust yesterday-

A sister from the ward randomly took our arm, and begged us to come over that night. So we go over, and it turns out that her husband is an excommunicated member, who has been praying, reading, and pondering with his wife, and says he is ready to come back to church after many years. So now we are going to work with him, and get him baptized again. We are just whipping out lessons, and talking to every single person we see. Things are going great.

Elder Butler and Cope have written me a few times, and it is just so inspiring to hear their testimonies, and see these people, my best friends, my closest trusts, and they are out there serving with all their heart, might, mind and strength, just to help other people come unto Christ and accept his true gospel. Now that the finish line is accelerating rapidly to my face, I am really trying to pull out of third gear, and getting it into fifth. I am honestly trying harder than ever to be completely obedient, punctual, friendly, and diligent. I am trying to do what Mommy told me. I am always throwing on a smile, and trying to put a few things down in my journal daily of the things that I really am grateful for.

I do not have much more time, because we had an activity as a zone, and we have stuff to do today, but I want everyone to know about how thankful I am for their letters, emails, thoughts, and prayers. I really can feel you all lifting my feet when my legs just cannot do it for me. I really do feel Mom`s hand pulling me out of bed when I am just "too tired to get up". I hear Dad`s voice whispering into my ear, saying the things that I should say, and how to treat those who hate us. I see Kristen, Carolyn, and Lauren`s smiles and great attitudes, and nice sense of humor in the members that I influence, and I am constantly reminded of those that love me, and are doing all they can to make sure I am here, and not there with them. I am constantly told to go home by others, and told that I do not love my family, because I left them. Little do they know that this is the best thing I can do for my family at this point in my life. The Lord is doing all I could ever want, and more with those that are closest to me. Why would I betray him, and cut off His divine love and guidance? I love you all, and hope to see you all again one day, and pray for your health and safety. Until next week, chao chao.

-Elder :) Nicholls

Wow, 5 minutes left - 21 February 2011

Well, after reading the 30 emails from the mission, and finally writing my president using this cruuuudy keyboard, I have 5 minutes left. The only real news is that me and Lind are together for another change, and an Elder that lived in the house with us, is now our zone leader. Oh great. He always liked bossing us around, and now he is going to have ANOTHER excuse to just boss us around more. SIGH......... I have been thinking a lot about living with Mathew after the mission. Actually, we had stake conference yesterday, and Boyd K Packer spoke, and D Todd Christofferson spoke, via satelite.

Well, gotta go. I love you all, and hope you are well. Chao!

-Elder Nicholls

Lindo y nick - 14 February 2011

Hey Fam!

Whats goin on? So this week I was able to do a lot of work, and sweat a whole lot. Weird to hear that, huh? While you guys are all out there being cold, we are BURNING UP. Not much really happened this week. We did not even have investigators in church. But we do have two baptismal dates, but one guy is not married, so his date is almost for sure going to be lost. I heard that with permission from the Mission President, we can MARRY people! I mean, I could legally pronounce someone husband and wife. Crazy huh???? That would be soooo cool! So we are definitely going to work a little more with this guy. Well, I actually spent a lot of time writing my mission pres, so this letter is short. I got more emails from the family though, meaning dearelders, and it was great to read more about all of you guys! About school, sports, friends, braces, dog healing, and all that cool jazz. Wow, Dianna is going to be home SOOO soon! I cannot believe that Marcus is going to go out on a mission too! You HAVE to tell me where he is going to go! Or have HIM write ME. Well, I love you all, and we gotta get going. Since we are super low on money, we have to walk a lot, and we are far from home, and it is hot. Fun. I always remember you guys in my prayers, and think about you often, and the testimonies you have shared with me. You have always been great examples, and I always use you in giving my testimony. Chaito, nos vemos!

-Elder Nicholls

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