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Dianna Update - The Last One! - 9 March 2011

Dianna returns home this week and will be speaking in Sacrament Meeting. We have loved her stories and rejoiced in her experiences. We hope you have also enjoyed her spirit and testimony through the letters she has written. We are grateful for your support.

Can you say "White out"? - 7 March 2011

So, do you remember how last winter you all started referring to me as white out? Well, are you ready to see it? I am pretty white. It has been a winter full of coats, scarves, gloves and toques. The only thing that has seen the sun (when it makes an appearance) is my face (and only a little bit of it). Just don't laugh too hard okay? JK, I'm pretty sure I was pale before I left anyway.

Unlike any other week, we had many adventures. I, unlike other weeks, would LOVE to tell you about them. One unique experience took place during personal study early last week. I was sitting at my desk and reading my Book of Mormon and Sis. Hanson had just gotten up to use the washroom, when I heard someone saying "Help! Help!" from the hallway. (I live in an apartment building that feels like a hotel, you can hear EVERYTHING in the hall). I went and opened the door to see what was going on. There was this lady standing there, not too far from our door and she asked me to help her down the stairs (Our elevator had been broken for a couple days). I told her I had to put my shoes on (and grab my companion) and I'd be right back. I went in, turned off the fan to the washroom, the switches are on the outside, and told Sis. Hanson to hurry and that I would be in the stairwell. She was confused, but I just went and helped her anyway. It was quite the adventure. She was a very disheveled older woman. She was carrying a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and was dripping it everywhere because she couldn't hold it upright all the time. This clued me in that she couldn't have been there very long, but she said she had been stuck up there for a couple days! I think she isn't right in the mind. I helped her down the stairs but with each step she would lift her leg REALLY high and then grab onto me and the railing really hard and finally plant her foot down. When we'd reach the bottom of a set of stairs she's crouched down low and try to take another step. I laugh about it now but in the moment I was just shocked. We got to the main floor and I went to show her the door, but then she informed me that she lived at 105, which is down in the basement, so I helped her down another flight of stairs and lead her to her hallway, and she saw 101, and said "104 should be down here, thank you." I was worried at that point because I swear she had said 105 the first time...Anyway, she wouldn't go anywhere until I turned and left so I don't know what happened to her, but when I got back to my hallway, Sis. Hanson finally came out and our neighbor was out seeing what was going on. I asked her if she knew that lady and she said that she's seen her wander around several times. Weird.

Last week I informed you of our baptism! Well, that was quite the adventure! Monday we went with him to the church for his interview with our District Leader. We took the bus with him but it was snowing so it took us AN HOUR to get there!!! While we were there the snow turned to rain so when we walked to the bus and also home, the sidewalks were filled with slush that was holding puddles. So practically, we walked home in a river. We were wearing our snow boots too and they got soaked straight through! Sis. Hanson and I laughed most of the time because, being a missionary, we get stuck in unfortunate weather situations ALL the time, but our convert didn't seem too impressed. We were all ready to be home and dry by the end of it. When we did get home we had to take off everything and hang it over the tub. Most of our stuff dried by morning, but our boots were GONNERS!!! Mine were just heavier than anything and Sis. Hanson's have a thermal liner that she took out and RANG OUT!!! There was SO much water in our shoes!!!
So, that was the first leg of his baptism journey. On tuesday we had to be there early to fill up the font. We wanted it to be warm too so we had to be there around 3. We kept ourselves entertained by playing the piano, making phone calls, reading letters, and we even brought a less active member with us and she and Sis. Hanson painted. Then people showed up, and it was a WONDERFUL baptismal service! The water was warm, the spirit was strong and the room was PACKED!! He even bore his testimony at the end and it was AWESOME!!! He is already part of this Branch family. Then on sunday, I could NOT stop smiling! That's when he received the Holy Ghost. Everytime I saw him I would just burst out in smiles!!! I love that child of God!!!

Yesterday was the BEST testimony meeting I've EVER attended. Andrew, the recent convert from December, got up to share his testimony for the first time ever and it was great!! Sis. Moses (the Branch President's wife) got up and bore testimony about missionary work, she talked about her son and then about ME. I have to admit, that was a little weird. A couple testimony's later, I got up because Pres. Moses had made me promise I would because it was my last week and they couldn't assign me to speak. So I did, then everything got AWESOME!! Everyone testified about missionary work (not mentioning us in particular, thank goodness) and THEN our investigator, Matt, got up and bore the most memorable testimony! He talked about how he has been hooked to the Book of Mormon ever since chapter 4 when Nephi pwned Laban!! The entire congregation laughed and Pres. Moses turned bright red! (Someone might need to fill Mom and Dad in on what that means) He went on about that for a minute but then he said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that he feels like he has found his calling in life. This kid is golden. I just LOVE teaching him. When I told him I was leaving he was really upset. He said he wanted to change his baptism date so I could be there, but that's not possible because he still lives with his girlfriend. They moved into different rooms and have been apartment hunting but haven't had much luck. He is doing so well though!

Also yesterday there was an 8 year old baptism and the Elders were filling up the font right after the YSA Branch finished and we stayed to help set up and things, we're familiar with the girl and her family. We had talked to the mom earlier that day and she made me promise to make sure the Elders had the water warm. They were there sufficiently early for it to be possible BUT when it was about 2 feet deep one of the Elders leaned in to feel the water AND HE ACCICENTALLY PULLED THE PLUG!!!!!!! It drained remarkably fast! He hurried and took off his shoes and rolled up his pants and jumped in to plug it, but he was too late, they were now really far behind. They ended up having to do the old boiling pots of water trick. It turned out okay, she was really little so it didn't have to be so full. She even said it was kind of warm. That's better than it being at frozen lake we had to cut a hole in!!!

Last but not least, the trunky business.... Just a few minutes ago, the MFRC (where we volunteer and email) staff came in and gave me a gift (another red shirt and card) and a cake! We mingled for a little bit and said our goodbyes. So yeah, it's official, I'm having to actually say goodbye now! I need to get moving on them to because I really only have until wednesday because I go to the mission home on thursday and I'm a gonner on friday!!! I can't believe Kristen is counting down the hours!! I was wondering if you had a paper chain or something. I can't wait anymore now! It still hasn't really hit me because I still feel like I'm going to be here forever, but I'm anxious to see everyone. I wonder when it will really click that I'm not coming back. I'm thinking it might happen when I'm at an airport in the States and realize I'm no longer in Canada...We'll see.

I'm excited to see everyone and I still hope that I'm not tired and grouchy when I get there or anything. Have a good week and I'll SEE you on friday!!! Except for Andrew, I'll talk to you, from Arizona, later! Stay busy, it's the best way!!!

SISTER Nicholls!!!

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