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Dianna Update - 6 March 2011

Adventures in Halifax, Nova Scotia!!! - 28 February 2011

Hello family!

Sorry about last weeks email, I was feeling a little scatter-brained that day. I have so much to tell you this week though!!

First off, mom, you wanted me to bring home my winter clothes right? boots broke. The zipper on my left boot will zip, sometimes, but it doesn't latch closed, it will just slide up and down, sometimes, and will stay open, so what I have resorted to doing is zipping it up about half way so that it will at least hold closed enough for me to use it. It actually works pretty well, the only real downfall is that there is a slight breeze upon my foot. Also, Sis. Billings left a pair of boots that I wear when they're being stubborn. So, I don't think I'll be bringing those home. Also, I discovered that my rain boot has a hole in it... It's on the side so I found out when I stepped in a really big puddle and my shoe filled with water. That was quite shocking! To solve this problem I'm just avoiding puddles with my right foot and it's working out rather well so far. So yeah, that's my shoe drama.

Our Branch is having these 5 weekly firesides given by a service mission couple. They're SO cute (The couple, not the firesides). The firesides though are on marriage and dating. We went to the first one and we wanted to laugh almost the entire time. What were 2 sister MISSIONARIES doing at a dating fireside?! Needless to say, we now plan on not attending. It was fun while it lasted though.

Funny story: We were street contacting the other day (surprise, surprise) and it was sunny out so all the snow was melting and the buildings and the trees were dripping. While we were walking we would often be beamed in the head by a massive water droplet and as a result would flinch. There was this one time though that Sis. Hanson felt a drop and nearly screamed. She said it was a big one. I just laughed about it. THEN about 10-15 minutes later, I looked at her!! She had BIRD POOP on her hat, coat and backpack which were all black! I couldn't stop laughing then, we just had to head to a washroom so that she could wash it off. We have fun remembering that experience.

Okay, here's the big news. An investigator is getting baptized TOMORROW!!! This kid had really thought about it. It was a joyous day at church yesterday when it was announced, everyone was really excited for him to FINALLY take this step. It's going to be a really good service I'm sure.

The other big news is that we have another investigator on date for March 19th. He's pumped! I'm so excited for him because he has to make quite a few lifestyle changes but he's ready and willing to make them. He just found out yesterday that I'm going home soon though and that made him a little sad. I also found out this week that an investigator I found and taught over in Kingston is getting baptized on the 12th. This is going to be a great month!

In my Book of Mormon reading this week I've been in the war chapters in Alma and when I started my first thought was "Man, not the war chapters, I usually get lost and bored as a result." BUT that's not the case this time. I'm captivated by each chapter and really think about the people fighting in the armies and try to imagine what they were thinking. It's quite exciting when you get into it. I find myself enthralled as I learn about their tactics. The Book of Mormon is awesome!!!!!

Well mi familia, I shall let you go now and enjoy your week. If you could do me a favor though, next week will someone let me know what the weather will be like on friday night so I'll know what I should be prepared for? Most likely I'll be really hot because it's FREEZING here, but who knows? Just let me know, please.
Thanks mucho!
Sister Nicholls

Death Certificate - 21 February 2011

Well, I got my death certificate today. I die Friday March 11, 2011 at 12:30 pm in Halifax, go through Chicago AND Denver and finally arrive at my final resting place, Tucson, at 9 pm (midnight in Halifax). That's a slow and painful death if I do say so myself. I'm going to be POOPED! Hopefully my adrenaline will keep me awake enough to be excited to see you. I'm sure it will. Also, I need to be set apart. Is President Polley going to be awake still to set me apart that night? Or am I going to have to stay a missionary?! Details...

Hey! I just remembered, while I was reading in Alma this week I came across some verses that may be how our reunion will be. You should look it up: Alma 27:16-18!!!

This week has been fun. No real adventures until today though. We went and saw a woman's hockey game!! It was for the Canada games. It was Newfoundland vs Alberta. Alberta won. I was wondering how many of them were LDS since like 70% of Alberta is. We went with the Sisters in Eastern Passage, it was fun. Sadly though, my camera died before I took any pictures...

Guess what?! We have an investigator who is going to be baptized on April 4th!! It was really funny, we asked him why he picked that date and he said it was his father's birthday...How ironic.

I'm sorry that I don't have much to say. There really isn't anything new really. Everything is the same except for the fact that everyone knows I'm going home soon and decide to keep reminding me. I didn't realize it was going to be this hard to finish. I want to remain completely focused but people keep bringing it up, then it's hard to refocus and it gets harder each day. AGH!!!

Sorry again that this email isn't much to read. Hopefully I'll get better at this by next week.

Love you bunches still though!

Sister Nicholls

Whoa! Where did all the love come from? - 14 February 2011

When I opened my email I had 15 new messages!!! That's ALOT! Andrew, I LOVED the pictures! They really made my day. Everything made my day actually! Happy Valentine's day! It doesn't feel like it when you're a missionary though. I guess I can show my companion some extra love today. We're great together already though, so I'll really have to go out of my way for that one.

Guess what. The Canada Games are here!!!! It's being hosted right here in Halifax. That ice rink I told you they built right outside our place is the place for speed skating. There are quite a few more people around than normal, but surprisingly, not that many. I thought it was going to be super crazy to try and ride the bus but it's been normal. We were so excited to talk to everyone. It's not over yet though, it goes on for 2 weeks! Sweet!

Mom and Dad, I have a message to deliver. Our Branch Presidency practically commanded me to tell you thank you for letting me come out here. They are much appreciated of my service. They say thanks for sharing me with them. (yep, I felt as prideful typing that as I thought I would, but I did my job.)

Oh Andrew, I met someone from Chile!!!! It's too bad he was hungover and we woke him up. He didn't stay to talk, but we did get out of him where he's from. So now I feel even, you met someone from Canada awhile ago, now I've met someone from Chile. Why are people so crazy as to go from Canada to Chile and vice versa?

Sorry my thoughts are random, I guess I don't have much to say. Ummm...we have a new investigator, a GIRL!!! And she came to CHURCH with us! AND the member we brought teaching with us, a boy, has a crush on her now. It's so cute. I LOVE teaching YSA!!!!! Another investigator, who we haven't seen for a couple weeks finally hit rock bottom and feels like he actually NEEDS the gospel in his life. Hallelujah!!! I mean, it's too bad that things are going so bad for him, BUT now he can progress spiritually.

Sis. Hanson and I have a thing going on that if we slip we have to buy the other person hot chocolate. Did I already tell you this?? Well, anyway. Sis. Hanson has already bought me 2 cups and owes me one more. And so far, I'm at zero. I sure hope that didn't just jinx me...

Something shocking did happen this past tuesday though...we went the entire day...AS PLANNED!!! I couldn't believe it! None of our appointments fell through or anything! I did a little happy dance on the way home that evening. Life's just great sometimes.

I guess the last think I have to say now is that I love you more than you could possibly imagine! Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. I can't wait to see you all soon (with the exception of Andrew I guess) (about the "soon", not the "can't wait"). But I also COULD wait forever to leave Halifax. I love it here with my whole heart. I'm sad to have to see it go. (geez, I sound like I'm leaving tomorrow). Anyways...Know that I love you lots and there is much anticipation for the days to come.

Sister Nicholls

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